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Everybody wants to be cool. Whether it's cool in temperature or in style, we all have a desire for cool comfort on hot days and or to feel stylish and hip at certain times. This issue of TRENDS explores some aspects of cool. 

Delivering the cool!

Please take a moment to watch the new video of COAC delivering the cool in a spectacular way on the roof of the massive new Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, CA, its cool!


Are you delivering the cool efficiently with your building controls? Find out ways to drive your HVAC to even higher performance and keep the cool flowing by preventing problems with those controls.


Also, a researcher in Cardiff UK, answers the question "can going in and out of the cool air conditioning cause colds?".


And yes, COAC is cool. We are using very cool technology on construction sites to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our field crews by helping them communicate faster and with greater accuracy.  Our  new Blog (very cool) highlights one of these technologies.


Thanks for reading and as always we welcome your comments, thoughts and tips on coolness. 

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Can Going In and Out of Air Conditioning Cause Colds?  

How exposing the body to extreme temperature swings can lower our natural defenses

Does AC help cause common colds CARDIFF, UK - Summer often involves numerous daily shifts between outdoor heat and air-conditioned interiors. According to Ron Eccles, director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University in Wales, this exposure to extreme temperature swings can lower the body's natural defenses and make you susceptible to more colds.   (READ MORE) 

Drive Your HVAC System to  
Higher Performance
High performance HVAC operational efficiency boils down to three concepts
Cooper Oates Air Conditioning Flying HVAC Unit High by Helicopter Operational efficiency can be boiled down to three concepts: turn it off, don't heat and then cool, and operate just enough to get the job done. These principles can be applied to most any HVAC system.

A system with mostly fixed setpoints is not going to be very efficient. Computer-controlled systems make the task easier, but even with such tools in place, it may seem like a daunting task to do much optimization. Nevertheless, you can make simple adjustments two to four times per day and see the results in your next utility bill.   (READ MORE)
AB-1103, the Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking Regulation, has been delayed until Jan 1, 2014.
CEC Announces Delays in the AB1103 enforcement  
On August 14th, the California Energy Commission issued a postponement (again) of AB-1103, the Commercial Building Energy Use Disclosure Program, for buildings 50,000 sq. ft and larger until Jan. 1, 2014. These regulations require building owners to disclose the building's energy use benchmark score to potential buyers, leasers of the entire building and/or upon refinancing the building.

Benchmark scores are derived from comparing the energy use profile of your building to that of similar buildings (in size, usage type and location). The postponement is due to the technical problems integrating the national Energy Star Portfolio Manager database with various energy providers.

The current CA Energy Commission schedule for AB1103 implementation is:  


 -- For buildings larger than 50,000 sq. ft.
        enforcement begins Jan. 1, 2014.

 -- For buildings from 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft.
begins Jan. 1, 2014.

 -- For buildings from 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft.
          enforcement begins July 1, 2014.


California Energy Commission Postponement Notice California Energy Commission AB1103 information page



Tablets Proving Their Worth in the Field

Cooper Oates Air Conditioning Foreman On Amazon Roof with Ipad The construction industry is not known for embracing new technologies quickly. Any new tool or piece of equipment has to prove itself extensively in the field before it is considered worthy. Even then it takes time to move the construction mindset to new ways of working. Tablets, like the iPad, and the associated construction apps, like PlanGrid, are proving to be rigorous in the field and dramatically increasing the speed and accuracy of projects. (READ MORE) 
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September 2013
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Can AC give you a cold
Drive Higher Performance
Regulatory Update
Construction Tech
NEW COAC Airlift Video
Industry Veterans Join COAC
COAC Blog Goes Live
Preventing Controls Problems
Screen Capture of New COAC Movie Check out the new video all about the staggering airlift of 124 HVAC units onto the roof of the new Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, CA... 124 units one day and another 97 units two weeks later.
COAC Welcomes Industry Veterans

COAC is delighted to welcome two industry veterans to the organization, Cyndi Soares and Gary Storck, P.E. Cyndi joins the team as a Senior Account Manager while Gary takes on the responsibilities of Principal Engineer.   (READ MORE)
Cyndi Soares Cooper Oates Air Conditioning Senior Account Manager
Cyndi Soares
Gary Storck Cooper Oates Air Conditioning Principal Engineer
Gary Storck

COAC's Blog Goes Live!
Cooper Oates Air Conditioning has launched its official Blog. There you will find articles, insights and information about improving the return on your building investment.
COAC's Blog Home Page
Preventing Building Controls Problems  
Changing building controls can adversely affect efficiency Building control systems can make you aware of anomalies, and help you understand your building's energy intensity over the course of the day, but there are many things that can negatively affect the operation of the system.  (READ MORE)

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