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Finding Value


We all want to feel good about the money we spend or the time and energy we invest. We want to feel as though we receive a good value for what we have invested. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not we are getting the most for our investment. There are times when we have to delve deeper to understand what that real value is to us.


This issue of Trends deals with finding the value. Whether it is the value of cleaning HVAC coils, tracking tenants power usage, investing in training or volunteering to help kids with heart disease, finding the value is essential making good choices.


As always, our mission is to help you increase the return on your building investment and we hope this newsletter lives up to the mission and is valuable to you.


We value your opinions of the newsletter, if you have any questions or ideas about the newsletter please contact us at
Bob Knows: The Hidden Value of Cleaning Coils  
Bob Plotner COAC Service ManagerThe cost of operating dirty  air conditioning equipment is greater than you might think.

By:  Robert Plotner

COAC Service Operations Manager  

The coils in your air conditioning units are where heat is either removed or added to the space. How well your system transfers that heat is determined by how clean the coil surfaces are where the heat transfer takes place.


Dirty Clogged Condensate Pan When the coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime (as it inevitably will), it cannot provide it's designed or, in some cases, even adequate heat transfer, and that costs you in many ways.  READ MORE HERE  

Calculating Energy
Conservation's True Value 
You could be missing up to 31% of the hidden value of energy conservation, according to recent research.


Benefits such as decreased maintenance costs and labor, avoided capital investment, and reduced sales taxes and environmental penalties are easy to overlook, but contribute greatly to the value of your conservation projects, according to energy expert Eric Woodroof, a certified energy and carbon reduction manager.  READ MORE HERE 

Full Version of EnergyIQ Released Berkeley Lab's EnergyIQ Homepage screenshot 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has issued the first full public release of EnergyIQ, its web-based action-oriented benchmarking tool for non-residential buildings.
EnergyIQ enables you to move immediately from gathering benchmarking data to evaluating promising energy-savings activities based on those data helps eliminate the 'what now?' frustration that sometimes accompanies benchmarking.  READ MORE HERE
Power Tracking Captures More CAM  

COAC has pioneered and maintained an automated Power Tracking & Billing System called pTabs™. The Power Tracking and Billing System is particularly valuable for large buildings with Class A tenants since power is tracked for both lease hours and after-hours use. Building owners can recoup electricity costs by tenant for all or a portion of the space. pTabs™ provides building owners and managers with:

  • Track After-Hours Power Use
  • Recouping Electricity Costs by Tenant
  • Real-time Building Performance Data
  • Historical Tracking

Gain more control over your building utility expenses and capture more accurate power use billing with pTabs™.  READ MORE HERE  

Camp Taylor Logo
Camp Taylor: 
A Place Full Of Heart!

Camp Taylor Heart Camp (CTHC)
is an organization that offers programs for young people and families of children with heart disease who undergo major heart surgery or transplants. The issue of pediatric heart disease is near and dear to us at COAC and we are a very proud sponsor of this medically-supervised free youth and teen summer residential camp. CTHC provides kids from around the country a nature-filled, safe haven where kids shed their stigmas and just feel "normal" for a while.


Please join us on June 24th, when CTHC holds the "Colin Kaepernick - Against All Odds" Charity Golf Tournament. Tournament details linked here. 


In the coming months, COAC will be working with the staff at CTHC to offer volunteer services where needed. We will keep you posted well in advance of any volunteer projects. We encourage you to open your heart to helping theirs.

Amazon Logo On Tiltup Wall
COAC Construction Team Gears Up for Amazon Project in Tracy


COAC's Construction Team is in high gear on the new two million square feet Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, CA. The facility will be built on 90 acres off of Grant Line Road and be one of the largest projects in COAC's history. Right now the enormous walls are being tilted up, the ductwork is being delivered and the final planning details are being worked out. Completion of the facility is slated for this October, in time for the holiday shopping season. Look for future updates on our progress of this massive construction project. 


COAC Construction Trailer Arrives at Amazon Tracy Project

COAC Team Offloads First Batch of Ductwork for Amazon Tracy

Reviewing Mechanical Plans for Amazon Tracy


Cooper Oates Air Conditioning LogoAbout Us 
Cooper Oates Air Conditioning
is committed to increasing the
return on your building investment.


Cooper Oates Air Conditioning

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June 2013
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Bob Knows: Clean Coils
Conservation's Hidden Value
EnergyIQ Released
Capture More CAM
Camp Taylor Heart Camp
COAC Preps for Amazon
Ready for AB1103
Hydration Station Brings Relief

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6/20    BOMA Monthly Luncheon 


6/20    CREW Monthly Luncheon 


6/26    ABC Norcal Networking 

7/16    ACRE Broker Mid-Year


7/10   IFMA July Program - 

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7/17   Sac Builders Exchange BBQ 


7/18    BOMA Monthly Luncheon


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8/05   CREW Golf Tournament


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8/21   IFMA August Program - 
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8/22   ACRE Summer Social 

Building Benchmark Resource Center 
Ready for AB1103?

Just Released: The California Energy Commission has delayed enforcement of AB1103 (the Non-Residential Building Energy Use Disclosure) until Sept 1, 2013 for buildings 50,000 square feet and above. They explain the delay is due to the EPA's "Portfolio Manager" website being down until mid July. Enforcement dates for smaller buildings have not changed.

If you have any questions COAC's Benchmark Resource Center can guide you though the entire process. Contact our Energy Services Dept. at 916.3811.4611 or to get started immediately. 
Hydration Station  
Bringing Relief 
Hydration Station Table of Beverages

If you have participated in one of the many industry golf tournaments recently, then you are sure to have enjoyed the hospitality and fun of the COAC's Hydration Station. Beyond the refreshing beverages and tasty snacks, COAC challenged participants to a quick game of chipping skill to win raffle tickets for exciting prizes.
COAC's Bill Schmalzel Cooking Sausages
Bill Schmalzel cooking up sausages served at the Hydration Station.
Hydration Station Chipping Contest
Along with refreshing drinks and tasty snacks, all who visited the Hydration Station were challenged with our "Happy-faced-sponge-ball-chipping-challenge".
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