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Concern vs. Control

We all face an ever-growing pile of concerns. The economy, crime, interest rates, gas prices, repair or replace, buy now or wait for a sale... the list goes on and on. Our "list" of concerns is far longer than our "list" of what we can control. 


In this issue of the Trends, we want to help you focus on a few things you can control in your buildings, so that your list of concerns can get just a bit shorter.


We have included articles and tips that can help you get control of your building and your energy expenses, and then keep you in control over the life of the  building. 

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Everything Gets Old: 
Dealing with the inevitable obsolescence of your building control system

Obsolete Computer Many of the systems that go into any commercial building are anticipated to have a long lifetime.  We expect the steel or concrete to last for the life of the building. Yet there are parts of the building that have fairly short lives like the carpet, paint and much of the IT gear.  Where the walls may last generations the IT gear (PC's, Printers, Networking equipment) may have only 2 - 5 years before it is functionally obsolete.

So where do building controls fit in this mix?  Since they are part of the mechanical system, it seems reasonable to expect them to last for 12-20 years. In reality, the vast majority of the control system is more similar to IT gear than mechanical equipment and is going to have a much shorter life span.  How short?  The answer is "it depends".     READ MORE

Simplify Service Calls with

Web-based Controls 


 Web-Based Access to Building Controls

Shouldn't your service technician start trouble-shooting the problem with your building before they arrive at your building? What about receiving customized alarms for each piece of equipment so you can direct repairs or investigations to specific areas, saving time and resources? Web-based building automation systems (BAS) are the future of building management and operations.  READ MORE

R-22 Rationing Begins
R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out graphicA recent EPA notification announced additional limits on the importation and production of the R-22 refrigerant to only 39 million pounds resulting in price spikes and severe rationing of the supply.  As an example, COAC was recently buying R-22 by the pallet (40 jugs per pallet) and now we are limited to 2 jugs per order. Additionally, in the last 6 months the price of R-22 locally has spiked 240%. In some parts of the country, the rate is double that increase.
DuPont, manufacturer of the Freon brand of R-22, temporarily suspended all orders of Freon until the supply situation was stabilized and the EPA notifications could be fully digested.


If your building's HVAC equipment uses R-22 don't panic but now is the time to plan for the eventual phase out of that equipment. Please contact COAC with your questions or concerns about this rapidly evolving shortage.  Contact us at 916.381.4611 or


Visit COAC's R-22 Update Page

Building Operations Are The First Place To Look To Improve Energy Performance


Improve building energy performance The enduring fact remains that no matter how good a piece of equipment is, no matter how well a building is designed and no matter how much money is spent, all it takes is one override of the HVAC controls to throw off energy efficiency efforts.     READ MORE
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Everything Gets Old
Web-based Controls
R-22 Rationing Begins
Improve Energy Performance with Operations
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Retrofits vs Behavior Change?

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Crossroads of behavior vs retrofits
Which is Better for Efficiency: Behavior
Change or Retrofits?
A new study shows how simple behavior changes can drastically lower energy use in commercial buildings. How does that square with the need for retrofits?

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