March, 2013

 As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we are proud to announce the new Hueller Construction webpage. Just click on the Big H to go there!
With a new look, it is designed in Wordpress to provide fresher content to help you make your remodeling decisions, more examples of or work, and easier/more ways to contact us.
We would like to thank our "Web Guy", Vic Parker of 6 foot 8, LLC for his creative talent!
WIth a garage to build, a kitchen and bath to remodel, and a roof to install, we are looking forward to a busy spring and a busier summer.
Kurt Hueller


General Contractor & Certified Remodeler




Window and Siding Issues?
We have been getting quite a few calls in the last year or two from clients in our area having water intrusion problems on their home. A large part of these are turning out to be improperly installed windows and/or siding on homes from 5-10 years old.
Because this such a widespread issue, the process for window and siding installation has been refined with new materials and even code requirements over the last several years. It often comes down to sloppy workmanship issues on the part of the previous installer (yes, a little care can go a long way). The picture above is a window we worked on last month that had improperly installed flashings which actually drove the water into the house rather than to the outside!
If you suspect your home might have a water intrusion issue, (i.e. you see moisture/staining on the inside of window jambs, bubbled paint or gaps on siding or a neighbor with a blue tarp over one or more of their windows!) give us a call to come take a look.
About Hueller Construction:
Hueller Construction, Inc. is a full-service remodeling company that has been serving the needs of the Santiam Canyon and Central Willamette Valley since 1996. We are current members of the Oregon Remodeler's Association, NARI, our local Chamber of Commerce's, and  Energy Trust Trade Allies.



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Window and Siding Issues?
Discover Local Business Expo
"1st Annual Discover Local Business Expo"
Come see us at the Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce Local Business Expo on March 15 from 1pm - 7pm at the Stayton Middle School.
We have been involved with the predecessor to this expo, the Santiam Marketplace for many years and really enjoy getting in front of the community and discussing remodeling with both new and old clients.
Don't have a big activity planned this year, but I do know that we will have some tasty snacks if you happen to stop by our booth!
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In keeping up with the current trends, we have set up Hueller Construction on Houzz, which is an online platform for home remodeling and design ideas.
People love to look at pictures and we are thinking of this as another resource to help our clients communicate with us during the design and planning phase of a project ("Do you think you could do something like ...?")
OK, it sounded pretty good, was free to sign up, and provides us with yet another avenue to showcase some of our best work. Go find us there!