Mayor and City Council Pass Resolution in Her Honor
In Memory of Nancy Franco Maldonado
By L. Alejandro Molina, Puerto Rican Cultural Center
The City Council Chambers was filled to capacity Wednesday, January 13, 2016 as, among other matters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago City Council paid tribute to Nancy Franco Maldonado, the recently deceased wife of Alderman Roberto Maldonado. Close to one dozen Aldermen/women asked to be recognized in support of a resolution honoring the life of Nancy Franco Maldonado.

Alderman and Chairman of the Committee on Finance Ed Burke suspended the Rules of Order and Procedure of the City Chicago in order to introduce the resolution. He read and introduced a touching and respectful tribute to Nancy after which Mayor Emanuel recognized various Aldermen/women, Ald. Joe Moreno, Ald. Danny Solis, Ald. Ariel Reboyras, Ald. Milagros "Millie" Santiago, as well as City Clerk Susan Mendoza, Ald. Carrie Austin, Ald. Walter Burnett and Ald. Joe Moore, who all made moving statements uniting with the resolution and sharing painful moments of their own, while supporting Ald. Maldonado and his children, Rene, Roberto II and Raquel.

Fittingly, Mayor Emanuel spoke at the end, recalling the Jewish tradition during marriage of breaking a glass at the end of the ceremony, referencing the fragility of life and reminding all those present of the incredible strength of Roberto and the children in the face of tragedy. He then asked for a minute of silence and then, Ald Maldonado closed the circle, remembering Nancy as his inspiration and behind the scenes political advisor for his two successful campaigns for Alderman. Hers was the idea to name the Humboldt Park Library after Cong. Luis Gutiérrez and the North and Pulaski senior housing complex after Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who is serving his 34th year of imprisonment for seditious conspiracy making him as Roberto said, "the longest held political prisoner in Puerto Rico's history."

Among the myriad of organizations and leaders present from Humboldt Park were Puerto Rican Cultural Center Executive Director José E. López and Chief Organizational Officer, Juan Calderón, member Juanita Garcia and Board Secretary L. Alejandro Molina. Division Street Business Development Association (DSBDA) Executive Director Eduardo Arocho also attended the tribute.

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National Puerto Rican Agenda
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Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle for Puerto Rico's Future
The impoverished island turned to hedge funds to stave off collapse. Now someone has to pay.
The money poured in by the millions, then by the hundreds of millions, and finally by the billions. Over weak coffee in a conference room in Midtown Manhattan last year, a half-dozen Puerto Rican officials exhaled: Their cash-starved island had persuaded some of the country's biggest hedge funds to lend them more than $3 billion to keep the government afloat.
There were plenty of reasons for the hedge funds to like the deal: They would be earning, in effect, a 20 percent return. And under the island's Constitution, Puerto Rico was required to pay back its debt before almost any other bills, whether for retirees' health care or teachers' salaries.
But within months, Puerto Rico was saying it had run out of money, and the relationship between the impoverished United States territory and its unlikely saviors fell apart, setting up an extraordinary political and financial fight over Puerto Rico's future.
On the surface, it is a battle over whether Puerto Rico should be granted bankruptcy protections, putting at risk tens of billions of dollars from investors around the country. But it is also testing the power of an ascendant class of ultrarich Americans to steer the fate of a territory that is home to more than three million fellow citizens.

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