In Sun-Times article

Ald. Moreno reiterates support for 

Community Effort to Refurbish 

Von Humboldt and DuPrey School

By Sergio Rolon

On Friday, March 14, 2015, CPS announced its intention to sell several building that were shuttered in 2013, including the 3 story, 100 year old located at 2620 W. Hirsch. In response Ald. Joe "Proco" Moreno announced his intention to fully support the refurbishing of these buildings for housing and education ao uses including the creation of a teachefrs village and a possible middle lab school.

In the article, the reporters note the following about the entire effort: Equally intriguing about Moreno's plan is the proposal to create housing for current and retired teachers. Like the LGBTQ senior affordable housing on the site of the Old Town Hall Police District at 3600 N. Halsted, the project would market to teachers so it wouldn't violate fair-housing laws. It would also be not-for-profit despite interest fom private developers, he said.

Puerto Rican Cultural Center director José E. López said his organization was pulling together together a bid with the Illinois Facilities Fund to create a "Community as a Campus."

There would be space for parent and teacher training, and some housing that teachers could afford as the gentrifying neighborhoods rent rise, López said, describing it as "a little educational hub" where the 11 elementary schools feeding into Roberto Clemente High School also could interact.

From La Voz del Paseo Boricua Newspaper

 26th Ward Organization Shows its Power

Alderman Maldonado Handily Beats 

2 Challengers with 1209 votes over closest opponent

  • By Sergio Rolon
  •    On Tuesday, February 24, the voters of the 26th Ward overwhelmingly re-elected Roberto Maldonado as their alderman.

       Despite the vicious attacks on the Alderman by his detractors, Ald. Maldonado prevailed with an advantage of 1209 over his nearest opponent by popular vote and won 41 precincts out of 49.

    Ald. Maldonado proved that his record of delivering services to his constituents, his tireless commitment to improving the quality of life of the residents of the 26th, particularly in the area of housing, education, city services and safety. He has been embarking on framing the housing question in the community with a new vision based on specialty housing. Examples of this are the Paseo Boricua Arts Building, which will provide live and work spaces for artists, and the Borinqueneers Veterans housing project at Norwegian American Hospital.

       Under the guise of progressive politics and good government, a wholesale attack was launched against the empowerment of our community. In this election veiled racist attacks launched against Ald. Maldonado by the supporters of Adam Corona were joined by the echoes of Juanita Irizarry's followers (so-called progressives) who come into our community as the deliverers to save the Puerto Ricans and Latinos from the evil designs of incumbent Roberto Maldonado. These proved baseless, but more importantly, they were rejected by our community's support for Ald. Maldonado.

    Ald. Maldonado is looking forward to 4 more years of community driven growth and development. With his support, the Consuelo Lee Corretjer Daycare and Head Start program will soon be housed in the former Parent Child Center at 1345 N. Rockwell St. to serve the more than 100 pre-schoolers.

       The Alderman has recently met with several businesses and banks to increase investment in Paseo Boricua corridor, as well as, to insure that three more businesses will open shortly. In his own words, Ald. Maldonado states: "I look forward to building on the work we have accomplished since I took office in 2009. Providing the best educational options for our children, keeping our streets safe, and encouraging economic development will make Humboldt Park and the 26th Ward one of the best places to live and work in the city." 

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    From Puerto Rican Cultural Center & Programs

    Exciting New Events Planned by!

    Humboldt Park Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition

    By Maria Borrero, Barrio Arts, Culture and Communication Academy

    The Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition met last Wednesday March 18th to prepare two thrilling upcoming events:

     * North Grand Bilingual Parent Fair- On March 27th the Coalition will be representing and sharing efforts with North Grand HS community to engage bilingual parents in alternative ways of celebrating cultural events with tasty alcohol free options. If you're interested in participating please contact Maria Borrero

    * Batey Urbano and the Coalition Underage Drinking Prevention will be engaging community members to join us in a Ping Pong tournament as well as water bottle distribution. The main focus is to provide alternative fun ways of being proactive that don't require alcohol. This will be part of Muévete Conference on Saturday April 4th from 10am-1pm at the Diabetes Empowerment Center. If you're interested in participating, please contact Cristian Roldán-

    Move for Life! Coming April 4th


    By Leony Calderón

    Move for Life!  is an annual one day community-driven outdoor event to kick-off the Spring/Summer physical activity seasons. Saturday, April 4th 2015, from 12:00pm-4:00pm. Join us as we Kick-off the Spring with an afternoon of physical activity; walking, biking, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, games, boot camp, nutrition information, music, games and much more.

    Free and For all Ages!

    Service Providers join us and showcase your physical activity, nutrition program to the community. To register or volunteer 773-342-0855


    Health Education at the 

    Diabetes Empowerment Center Every Wednesday!

    By Leony Calderón

    Health Education Every Wednesday, from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

    Manage, Control and Prevent Diabetes.  Ask Doctors, Residents, Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Dietitian Your Pressing Health Questions.

    Weekly Topics

    • *       Diabetes 101
    • *       Medication Education
    • *       Nutrition Class
    • *       Intro to Diabetes & How the Body Works
    • *       Protecting Your Eyes
    • *       Protecting Your Feet
    • *       Oral Health
    • *       Using The Glucose Meter & Meds
    • *       Heart Health Education
    • *       Physical Activity and Diabetes

    Diabetes Empowerment Center, 2753 W. Division St. 773-342-0855

    Free and Bilingual.


    Educación de Salud todos los Miércoles de 12:00pm a 1:00pm

    Manege, Controle y Prevenga la Diabetes. Haga Preguntas a los Médicos, Residentes, Nutricionistas, Farmacéuticos y Dietista Acerca de Su de Salud.

    Temas Semanales

    • *       Diabetes 101
    • *       Educación Medicamentos
    • *       Clase de Nutrición
    • *       Introducción a la Diabetes y Cómo funciona el cuerpo
    • *       Proteja sus ojos
    • *       La protección de sus pies
    • *       Salud Oral
    • *       Uso del medidor de glucosa y Medicamentos
    • *       Educación para la Salud del Corazón
    • *       Actividad física y la diabetes 

    Gratuito y Bilingüe.

    Centro de Empoderamiento Contra la Diabetes, 2753 W. Division St. 773-342-0855


    Batey After School Program Flourishes

    By Cristian Roldán, BACCA

    The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is delighted to present the Batey Urbano after school program for high school aged students in the Humboldt Park community and surrounding neighborhoods. The purpose of the after school program is to improve the academic performance of youth from Clemente Community Academy and Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School and help them orient themselves towards a better future. Batey Urbano provides a safe and educational space where youth can do their homework with assistance from tutor mentors, and with access to computers and the internet. With tutoring focused on math, Spanish, english, and essay writing, (3 P.M. to 6 P.M. Monday-Friday) as well as yoga, the student participants are encouraged to become self-actualized learners with increased engagement in their educational process. With the collaboration of the local restaurants Café Colao and Nelly's, students are offered delicious food daily. Batey Urbano would like to welcome high school students to come study with us and to bring friends along to take advantage of this excellent program!

    CICLO URBANO is Expanding This Spring

    By Eduardo Arocho, Executive Director, DSBDA 

    Ciclo Urbano is a full service Bike Shop that has expanded their show room at the Paseo Boricua Business Center (2459 W Division St.). This expansion will allow Ciclo room to display over 80 used/refurbished bikes, as well as, new model bikes for sale each with the same warranty and 60 days of free adjustments and tune-ups valued at $75.00. Several new apprentices who have gone through West Town Bikes Youth Programs will now be starting as Bicycle Mechanics this Spring. They are Deorey, Hector and Max, in addition to the return of Anthonly Cruz as a full time Senior Mechanic. All have great customer service skills and are talented mechanics that speak Spanish and English. Ciclo Urbano was opened in 2009 and since then has been one of the most successful new businesses on Paseo Boricua.

    New Spring hours are: M-Th 11:00am to 7:00pm

    F-Sat  11:00am to 6:00pm

    Sun     11:00am to 5:00pm


    For more information visit: or call 773-772-4870.

    New Tax Season 

    Special Enrollment Period!

    By Geniz Hernández-Rosado, PRCC Affordable Care Act staff

    While the Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment period has come to an end, there are still options! The federal government announced a new Special Enrollment Period for tax season, from March 15 to April 30, 2015. This was done so that people who were unaware or didn't understand the implications of the individual Shared Responsibility Payment can enroll in 2015 health coverage through 

    Individuals are eligible for Special Enrollment Period through if they:

    * Currently are not enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace for 2015;

    Attest that when they filed their 2014 tax return they paid the fee for not having health coverage in 2014; and

    * Attest that they first became aware of, or understood the implications of, the Shared Responsibility Payment after the end of open enrollment (February 15, 2015) in connection with preparing their 2014 taxes.

    There are also life-changing events (e.g. marriage, divorce, moving out of state, changing jobs) that may qualify you for a special enrollment period. Additionally, Medicaid enrollment period is open all year around! If you're uninsured or confused about your healthcare options, visit our offices and we'll gladly help you. Our services are offered free of charge in English and Spanish! Call us today to make an appointment at 773-227-7794 or 773-661-9077.

    On Sale Now

    November Chicago Magazine "Why José López Stands Between Gentrification and Humboldt Park"

    Be sure to pick up the November issue of Chicago Magazine, which features an interview by Puerto Rican Cultural Center ED José E. López conducted by Elly Fishman.

    Puerto Rican Cultural Center Calendar of Community Events

    Thur. Mar 26th 10am, Rollout of CPS Parent University with CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett at Roberto Clemente Community Academy, 1147 N. Western Ave. (By invitation only.)


    Thur. Apr. 2nd, 6pm National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture and Puerto Rico Tourism Company open exhibit "Calibán", 3015 W. Division St.


    Fri. Apr 3rd 2pm, Luncheon w/Nelson Denis, author, War Against All Puerto Ricans, $15 donation, Nellie's Restaurant, 2458 W. Division St.


    Sat. Apr 4th 12pm-4pm, Move for Life in Humboldt Park, sponsored by Diabetes Empowerment Center


    Mon Apr 6th Luncheon/Forum with President of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, Mark Bimbela and Alejandro Torres Rivera, 2701 W. Division St. ($15-$25 Sliding scale donation.)


    Apr 6th -10th  Pa'lante Conference at UIC/UPRS, "Puerto Rican Identity in the Age of the Diaspora."

    * Mon. Apr. 6th, 9-10am, Nelson Denis, author, War Against All Puerto Ricans, Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (LC-B2)

    * Tues. Apr. 7th, Cultural Presentation

    * Wed. Apr. 8th, 9-10am, Film, ISABEL, and presentation by Melissa Montero, filmmaker. Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (LC-B2)

    * Thu. Apr. 9th, 5:30pm, Noche de Poetas featuring Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Gabriel Miranda. Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (LC-B2)

    * Fri. Apr. 10th, 9-10am, Music/Forum featuring Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Gabriel Miranda. Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (LC-B2)


    Fri. Apr. 17th 6pm-7pm, Book Presentation by Dr. Edwin Meléndez, Puerto Ricans at the Dawn of the New Millennium at 2701 W. Division St.  Co-sponsor: Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College.


    Sat. Apr. 18th, 1pm, Luncheon, A Panel Discussion with Drs. Antonia Darder and Angela Valenzuela "Towards a New Discourse on Latino Pedagogy." Co-sponsor: National Latino Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAP) ($10-$15 Sliding scale donation). Nellie's Restaurant, 2458 W. Division St.


    Sat. Apr 25th Hostos College, 500 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY

    National Conversation on Puerto Ricans in the Age of the Diaspora on the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Albizu Campos with a community concert featuring Roy Brown and El Topo (leaving Chicago on Fri. Apr. 24th)


    Fri. Apr. 30th, 6pm, Rollout of CPS Latin American Curriculum with CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett at National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture, 3015 W. Division St.


    Tues. May 19th Naming of Dr. Steve Whitman Greenhouse at Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School. (Time TBA)


    Fri. May 29th Event commemorating Oscar López Rivera's 34 yr. Anniversary of his arrest, La Casita de Don Pedro & Doña Lolita, 2625 W. Division St.


    Sat May 30th NY Rally for Oscar Lopez Rivera's 34 yr. anniversary of his arrest (leaving Chicago on Fri May 29th)


    SAVE THE FOLLOWING DATES * 2015 Puerto Rican Cultural Center * Annual Events

    Puerto Rican People's Parade                    22nd Fiesta Boricua "De Bandera a Bandera"

    Sat June 20, 2015                                        Sept 5 - 6, 2015 * 12pm - 8:30pm

    Starting 2PM-Division/Western                Honoring: Cayey, Puerto Rico, Orlando, Florida


    Haunted Paseo Boricua, Sat Oct 31, 2015 

    West Town Bikes programs are growing by leaps and bounds
    By Andriana Vera, West Town Bikes

    West Town Bikes youth programs are growing by leaps and bounds this spring! We're proud to be launching five new programs at middle schools along the Bloomingdale Trail (dubbed the '606') in time for its much-anticipated grand opening this June.  We look forward to engaging new 6th-8th grade participants at Stowe, Yates, Moos, Funston and McAuliffe with our diverse programs focused on safe cycling, basic bike mechanics, health and wellness, and social responsibility. Ultimately, we hope these programs will help spread enthusiasm for the trail and prepare our local young people and their families to take full advantage of this new community asset. Instructor training is currently underway: we are excited to say that half of our new middle school instructors are young men and women that graduated from our own youth programs; other instructors were selected from our dedicated community of apprentices and volunteers. Please donate your new/used tools, bikes, or school supplies to help us start these programs, and join us for the opening of the 606 on June 6th!

    Los Tequis

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      • Small-Business Accounting
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    • Download Gnucash
  • From Our Community Partners

    Clemente Nears the End of 

    IB Authorization Journey

    By Elizabeth Kelley, Roberto Clemente Community Academy

    Back-to-back IB Verification Visits in March marked the final active steps in Clemente's journey to become authorized in the Career-related Programme (CP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP).  On Wednesday, March 11 the school was visited by two evaluators from the IB CP who spoke with teachers, students, parents and LSC members, and toured the facilities for Broadcast Technology, Allied Health, and Culinary Arts.  Upon authorization, the Career-related Programme will provide a combination option for juniors and seniors who want to pursue career education but also challenge themselves with IB Diploma Programme classes.

    On March 16-17, the verification team for the IB Middle Years Programme visited the school and conducted a similar review process.  In addition to the steps for the CP, they also met with MYP (grades 9-10) teachers from every subject area, participated in 24 classroom observations, and reviewed unit plans and samples of assessed student work.  They were eager to hear about sophomores' experience working on Personal Projects this year, as well as the many service projects students have engaged in.

    The teams' reports are part of the evidence that will be used by IB Americas and the IBO to make a final determination on authorization in these two programs.  Both teams left with high praise for the school's inclusive approach and the culture that has been established at Clemente in recent years.  Roberto Clemente Community Academy is an IB World School authorized to offer the Diploma Programme.

    Bomba as We Know It-"Buya Vive"

    By Brenda Torres Figueroa, Art Teacher, PACHS 

    Bomba has been at the heart of the Puerto Rican community in Chicago for many decades dedicating cultural spaces for its presentation, education and community engagement. The exciting history of bomba particularly written and celebrated in our streets, community centers, and events by bomberas/os from all walks of life has served to frame a process of healing and to communicate the histories of perseverance of our community.

    Buya is a Chicago-based ensemble that aims to preserve and advance Bomba, Puerto Rico's oldest surviving African-rooted tradition. Buya means 'good spirit' in Taino, the language spoken among Puerto Rico's indigenous population, and the group strives to embody this idea while sharing the tradition through concerts, workshops, and community engagement. This includes artistic dialogue with historians and performers from Puerto Rico, and collaborative work with various Chicago-based groups such as Jarochicanos (Mexico), Laruni Hati (Belize), and Tamboula Ethnic Dance Company (Haïti). The ensemble celebrated its fifth anniversary this past November, but members of Bomba con Buya have been committed to studying and sharing the Bomba tradition for more than twenty years.

    After five years of performing and touring, Buya a Chicago-based bomba ensemble has recorded its first album, "Buya Live." The album captures Buya's innovative yet traditional approach to bomba along with the ensemble's infectious live performance. Buya is pleased to announce its new album "Buya Live" with a release concert at the legendary House of Blues in Chicago at the end of March 2015. This historical event for the entire Puerto Rican community celebrates the imaginative, hardworking and inspiring group and their extraordinary journey years in the making, one that has been highlighted in Windy City Live, B96 radio and recently with exciting performances at Cumbiazazo, Trinity United Church, Mr. Browns among others. For more information, please visit:


    The Campaign to Free Oscar López Rivera has 

    its own e-newsletter- The Water's Edge/La Orilla del Mar

    Published every two weeks- next issue will be published 3-24-2015


    WRITE TO OSCAR LOPEZ, #87651-024

    FCI Terre Haute,  PO Box 33

    Terre Haute, IN,  47808 

    Puerto Rican Cultural Center
    o. 773/342-8023 f. 773/342-6609

    "Live and Help to Live"