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* Full day Head Start for children 3 to 5 yrs. 

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Los Tequis

Google's Smarty Pins Game Tests Your Geography Knowledge

Google unveiled a fun new game this week that tests players' geography and trivia skills.

Called "Smarty Pins" the game starts players off with 1,000 miles (or 1,609 kilometers if they're not based in the United States), and asks them to drop a pin on the city that corresponds with the correct answer to a given question. If the answer is incorrect, the player's miles are reduced by the distance the answer was off. For example, if the answer to a question was Philadelphia but the user chose New York City, Smarty Pins would subtract 94 miles from the total score. The goal is to correctly answer as many questions as possible before the number of miles reaches zero. Players can also gain bonus points if they answer in the first 10 seconds without using hints.

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Las manos en el cristal: Serie de Cartas de OLR a su nieta Karina

¡Escribale a Oscar!
Oscar Lopez Rivera #87651-024
FCi Terre Haute
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, IN
"Puertas Abiertas" National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture Fundraiser Thursday, Sept. 4

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From Puerto Rican Cultural Center programs

Se Celebra 5ta Misa Jíbara:

En un ambiente de espiritualidad y hermandad boricua

Bajo un sol candente, el padre Raúl Morales Berríos, acompañado por el grupo musical Aromas de la diócesis de Caguas, Puerto Rico, ofició la quinta Misa Jíbara así dándole inicio a la 21ra Fiesta Boricua el sábado 30 de agosto de 2014.


Más de 300 personas --principalmente feligreses de las iglesias católicas del vecindario incluso San Marcos, St. Eduviges, San Aloysius, Maternity BVM, San Silvestre, entre otros-- se dieron cita en el Paseo Boricua para celebrar en un ambiente lleno de espiritualidad y hermandad boricua, un servicio religioso totalmente informado por su puertorriqueñidad. Una amplia delegación de sanloreceños --tanto de Chicago como de Puerto Rico-- dijeron presente.


El Padre Raúl recalcó la importancia del contenido social de la misa Jíbara, como también la forma de celebrarse en un espacio abierto. El Padre también recordó el mensaje del Papa Francisco de llevar la iglesia a la calle y de salir del templo, añadiendo "aquí estamos en la calle".

Yova, Olivera, Pirulo and Zenón

Puerto Rican Music Legends Close 21st Fiesta Boricua with Call for Oscar López's Freedom

The 21st Fiesta Boricua (de Bandera a Bandera), the two day festival on Paseo Boricua, closed with the captivating sounds and rhythms of Puerto Rican legendary musical figures Yova Rodríguez, Hermán Olivera, Pirulo and Miguel Zenón. With deep feelings and contagious emotions, they performed and improvised a musical tribute to the Puerto Rican patriot Oscar López Rivera calling for his release. This totally engaging experience moved the thousands of participants to wave their Puerto Rican flags and fans with Oscar's image in unison. From the screen on the stage, Oscar's image could be seen for blocks on his beloved "La Division" --all the way to Roberto Clemente Academy, which he helped to open 40 years ago.


Fiesta Boricua 2014 - Final performance
Fiesta Boricua 2014 - Final performance


It was indeed a powerful ending to two days (Saturday and Sunday August 30-31) filled with Puerto Ricanness, particularly its many musical genres produced and executed by the likes of Chicago's Bomplenera, AfriCaribe, Bomba con Buya, and the Clemente High School Steel Band; from San Lorenzo, Decimanía and Rafaelito Muñoz y su Trío; also from Puerto Rico, Pirulo y la Tribu, Alambre Dulce, Aromas, and Son D'Yavu; and from the Bronx, Hermán Olivera and Yova Rodríguez, with a very special appearance by the jazz musician and MacArthur Genius Award winner, Miguel Zenón. (See the 9-3-2014 Chicago Tribune Article (registration required) here: "Saxophonist Zenon gives 36th Jazz Festival its Pinnacle"


Miguel Zenón's Solo at Fiesta Boricua 2014
Miguel Zenon's Solo at Fiesta Boricua 2014


Among the highlights of the 21st Fiesta Boricua was the press conference held on Friday, August 29 at Clemente Community Academy in front of the mosaic of the great ballplayer. There, Alderman Roberto Maldonado formally welcomed the San Lorenzo delegation --representing this year's "Lo Mejor de Nuestros Pueblos"-- headed by its mayor the Hon. José Román Abreu. Maldonado read Mayor Emanuel's proclamation declaring August 30 and 31 "San Lorenzo Days" in Chicago . Clemente Principal Marcey Sorensen welcomed all the participants to Clemente and invited them to participate in the 40th anniversary celebration of the opening of the school, which will be held on September 19 and 20, 2014. The 21st Fiesta Boricua was dedicated to this anniversary. Mayor José Román Abreu underscored the coincidence of the 21st anniversary of Fiesta Boricua with the #21 of Roberto Clemente's jersey as a member of the Pirates.


During Friday evening, Noche Jíbara/Guayabera Gala was held in the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. This event was attended by nearly 200 people including Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez, State Representative Luis Arroyo, Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr., Alderman Roberto Maldonado as well as some of the Fiesta Boricua sponsors. The evening's high point was the formal recognition of the San Lorenzo delegation. Mayor José Román Abreu delivered a strong, engaging message and presented a motivational video about San Lorenzo's panorama and achievements.


The musical groups Decimanía and Rafaelito Muñoz y su Trío delighted the public and even sang to celebrate Alderman Maldonado's birthday and Paul and Ida Roldan's 43rd wedding anniversary.


Saturday and Sunday became two days of total immersion in Puerto Rican music, artistry and food. It was a family focused celebration, which also included Misa Jíbara. Without a doubt, the 21st Fiesta Boricua was truly a huge success.

At Fiesta Boricua 2014
Network Obtains Signed Petitions To Obama Demanding Oscar's Freedom 

During the 21st anniversary of Fiesta Boricua, Oscar's presence was felt both on the stage and on Division St. At the National Boricua Human Rights Network kiosk, youth staffed the Oscar table, the interactive 6x9 cell, and an participatory Oscar mural. 


Members of the community, including former Puerto Rican prisoners Ricardo Jiménez and Edwin Cortés, entered the cell until they each raised 33 dollars in donations. Volunteers  walked among the crowd asking attendees to sign petitions to President Barack Obama calling for Oscar's release. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, NBHRN was able to raise almost $600 and obtain almost 900 signed petitions during the festival. 


In addition, the Network debuted a 25-foot wide Oscar mural detailing some of the issues he was involved in. This mural will aid the Network in its educational work and will travel to the different chapters and contact cities. Lastly, another 25-foot high Oscar banner was mounted on the side of building facing the main stage at Fiesta Boricua where tens of thousands of onlookers were exposed to it.

Fiesta Boricua's Youth Corridor - An Expression of Arts, Activism and Community Awareness

This year's Youth Corridor had the mission of expressing and promoting all the services that are directed towards Humboldt Park's youth development and educational services. The National Boricua Human Rights was well represented by Alyssa Villegas and Matt McCanna who, among many other tasks, were in charge of collecting petitions, distributing flyers, and educating the public on Oscar López Rivera. In total, more than 900 petitions and over $600 were collected in our "jail challenge", where the audience had the chance to experiment what it was like to be inside a prison cell and collect $33, representing the 33 years of Oscar's imprisonment, in order to be released. 


The BACCA program was also represented by youth leaders Michelle Guzmán and Mia Espinosa, who raised more than $130 in water bottles for our anti-underage drinking campaign under the leadership of Program Coordinator María Borrero. The Union for Puerto Rican Students (UPRS) was also present with the new UIC Chapter President Ian Torres and Que Ondee Sola's Editor in Chief Alyssa Villegas and NEIU's chapter member Rebecca Ríos. A gentrification model designed by UIC's architecture student Joel Aguilera and Gustavo Varela from Generation L was one of the main attractions, since it showed an artistic reflection of our community's struggle to maintain all the amazing Latino services and resources that we offer. 


The University of Illinois at Chicago brought representatives from the Latino Cultural Center and the LARES program, making the youth corridor an amazing arrange of educational and artistic presentations. In total, the Youth Corridor raised more than $1,500! All these efforts were  a success thanks to the collaboration of the leaders mentioned above, who feel a strong commitment to our community's future. 


Knowledge Exchange Recap: Education Reform in Humboldt Park

Pictured below l-r: Marvin Garcia, Boricua College's Dr. Raquel Ortiz, former BPI intern Militza Pagán, and José E. López.


In August, BPI hosted a Knowledge Exchange with Jose López, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, and Marvin García, Director of the Alternative Schools Network of Chicago Praxis Project. They discussed the Community as a Campus (CAAC) initiative, a plan conceived by the community in 2009 and adopted by the Community Action Council of Humboldt Park Chicago.

The CAAC initiative is rooted in the work of Paulo Freire, who viewed education and community development as a transformative process. Mr. Lopez believes that education is not the transfer of knowledge from an expert to those who are less knowledgeable. Instead, education emanates from the knowledge and experiences of both students and community members, facilitates a critical analysis of the social, economic, and political structures that shape everyday experiences, and then applies that knowledge to take civic action. Continue reading here.

El Rincón 3rd Annual Gala Presents

José E. López with Lifetime Achievement Award

Hipólito "Paul" Roldán, the Executive Director of Hispanic Housing, Hilda Frontany, a Board member of El Rincán Family Services, and José E. López, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center were presented with awards at El Rincon's "Community of Care" Gala on Friday, August 22, 2014. The Gala took place at El Rincón's new administrative offices at 3710 N. Kedzie. El Rincón is a community organization established in 1972 by community residents and recovering substance abusers who were struggling to address the challenges of psychoactive drug abuse. It has the distinct history of being one of the first Latino focused substance abuse treatment centers on the west side of the city of Chicago. It is located in the Humboldt Park community and enjoys a well-established history as a leading provider of substance abuse treatment services.


José, Hilda and Paul received the award from Rolando Correa, the Executive Director of Rincón Family Services (RFS) after a well-received presentation on the new building. A delicious, local, catered dinner was served buffet-style while ED Correa spoke about the past year: its obstacles and successes, as well as his personal health challenges,


With over 40 years of experience, El Rincón has expanded its mission to address the needs of the larger community, with an emphasis on the families and significant others impacted by substance abuse. El Rincón provides services in the areas of Behavioral Health Treatment and Prevention, Traffic Safety Education, DUI services, and Specialized Counseling.


Thank you to Annette Nieves for the use of her pictures.

Contact her at: photos@annettenieves.com

El Rescate Photo Project

These photos feature Roxy Pelagio, a resident of El Rescate who is currently enrolled at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, studying to become a pastry chef. They were taken by Michelle Kanaar who has been working with El Rescate on a photo project for the Chicago Reporter profiling some of its residents and their journey. 


(Photos by Michelle Kanaar)

Help Vida/SIDA in the AIDS Walk/Run!
Did you know that each week, 40-50 Illinoisans become infected with HIV? I believe that all families and individuals affected by HIV deserve access to care and you can help me ensure this by participating in the 2014 AIDS Run and Walk. 90% of the funds that we raise collectively for Team Vida/SIDA will be given back us to facilitate programs and improve services access in our community.  
  1. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center needs you to be part of Team Vida/SIDA this year.


    The online registration for the 2014 AIDS Run and Walk is open.


    Our team, Vida/SIDA is live and we are feeling pretty lonely since we are the only ones registered so far.


    Register now and start fundraising!  The following the registration link:


    2014 AIDS Run & Walk


    After you click the website link above, click the tab labeled REGISTER, then search for team Vida/SIDA and follow the registration instructions.

ACA Staff Participates in Health and Education Fairs

On Friday, August 8th, the PRCC's Affordable Care Act program participated in State Representative Cynthia Soto's "First Health Fair." The ACA staff, Raúl Maldonado and Rebecca Rincón, promoted our services while educating community members of their affordable health insurance options. 


On Friday, August 15th, the ACA staff participated in State Representative María "Toni" Berríos "Back to School Fair". This event was also a great success because our Navigators were well received by community members. Some important questions that they were able to answer were regarding the Special Enrollment Period for the Marketplace (private health insurance), which is open for people with Life and Income changes in their lives, such as getting married or divorced, moving to Illinois, changing jobs, and losing health insurance coverage, among others. To learn more about options for yourself and your family, please visit one of our two offices at Humboldt Park (1112 N. California Ave. phone: 773-227-7794) or at the Hermosa community (4046 W. Armitage Ave. phone: 773-661-9077). Services are offered in English and Spanish, and we have extended office hours. 

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From Our Community Partners

Experience the legend of Roberto Clemente

Don't miss the Chicago Premiere of "Clemente: The Legend of 21" opening August 22 and running through September 14 at Stage773, 1225 W. Belmont. Experience the legend of Roberto Clemente. Beginning on the day of his death, this heartfelt musical tells the powerful tale of struggle and triumph for one of baseball's greatest players. Facing poverty at an early age, language barriers as a rookie and racism on the field, Clemente rose above it all to make a difference for generations to come. Driven by uplifting Afro-Caribbean beats, this musical celebrates the life of a man who helped so many and was a symbol of inspiration around the world. Baseball is just the beginning. NightBlue Performing Arts Company in partnership with New Yorks ArtoCarpus proudly presents "Clemente: The Legend of 21" August 22 through September 14 at Stage773 located at 1225 W. Belmont. For Tickets call 773-327-5252 or visit www.Stage773.com


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$5 off


Campaign to Free Oscar López Rivera
FCI Terre Haute, 
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, IN, 

Pinturas entregadas

"Alida, Zenón está en Puerto Rico", dijo la voz de Clarisa López a través del teléfono. Ese fue el pie para echar a correr y tratar de planificar una pequeña reunión donde le pudiéramos hacer entrega de una pintura que hace dos meses le envió el prisionero político Oscar López Rivera a su hija. Hace unos meses también otra pintura para el Niño de Trastalleres, Andy Montañez, llegó a sus manos.


En principio, pensábamos hacer una actividad en los predios del periódico CLARIDAD para cumplir nuestro compromiso de hacer llegar las respectivas pinturas a los artistas, el poco tiempo que el saxofonista Miguel Zenón iba a estar en Puerto Rico no permitía organizarla como ambos se merecen. No quedó de otra, organizamos una velada en casa de Andy y Xiomara y allí finalmente entregamos las pinturas. La fotógrafa Alina Luciano documentó el momento, aquí algunas de estas fotos para Oscar y para la historia.

Mujeres por Oscar, Funcionarias de Gobierno

Mensaje Secretaria de la Gobernación, 

Ingrid M. Vila Biaggi

31 de agosto de 2014

Buenas tardes a todas. Hoy nos damos cita aquí para unirnos a la campaña por la excarcelación de Oscar López Rivera, denominada Mujeres por Oscar. Somos funcionarias de gobierno - del Ejecutivo, corporaciones públicas, Legislatura y gobiernos municipales-, entre las que se cuenta precisamente Clarisa López, hija del prisionero político puertorriqueño que más tiempo ha cumplido en cárceles de los Estados Unidos. También nos acompañan hoy:


Rosana López, senadora  Carmen Yulín Cruz, alcaldesa de San Juan, Ana Ríos, Secretaria de Salud, Carmen Guerrero, Sec. De Recursos Naturales María de Lourdes Santiago, senadora, Liliana Ramos Collado, directora del Instituto de Cultura y Sonia pacheco representante, entre otras.


En unos momentos, todas las funcionarias habremos de cumplir un acto simbólico que consta de 33 minutos, cada minuto representando un año de cárcel cumplido por Oscar. Oscar fue sentenciado en 1981 a cumplir una condena de 70 años por el cargo de conspiración sediciosa. Según su sentencia, podría salir en libertad para el 2023 (¡9 años más de cárcel!). Hoy tiene 71 años de edad y estamos convencidas de que ¡ya es hora de que regrese a casa!

Como portavoz de este acto, siento que debo enmarcarlo en  los principios básicos de justicia, humanidad y compasión, desde la perspectiva de los derechos humanos y de solidaridad con quien ya ha pagado con su libertad una condena que es, a todas luces, excesiva e irrazonable.


Resulta inexplicable e indignante que Oscar López continúe en prisión en un mundo donde se rechaza y se combate a diario el abuso político; un mundo que exigió y logró,  hace décadas, el fin del Apartheid y la excarcelación de Nelson Mandela; un mundo que rechaza con fuerza la opresión y el abuso. Resulta irónico que la nación que profesa y lidera la lucha en pro de la democracia e igualdad a través del mundo entero, sea la misma que no le permita libertad a Oscar López. Por esto, con respeto,  pero con fuerza y determinación, nos unimos al reclamo de miles de personas, en especial de mujeres de diversos sectores, que exigen la excarcelación de Oscar López.  Esperamos que el Presidente demuestre, antes que culmine su mandato, su capacidad de conciliar y lograr mayor justicia y democracia dentro de la propia nación americana, otorgándole a Oscar el perdón presidencial. Nuestro Gobernador, Alejandro García Padilla, así lo solicitó el 20 de febrero de 2013.


La liberación de Oscar López rebasa divisiones políticas. Aquí hay un pueblo que reclama acción del Presidente con la misma fuerza y vigor con la que reclamó la salida de la Marina de Vieques. Este reclamo, esta lucha, no debe cesar hasta lograr su objetivo. Reafirmamos nuestra solidaridad con Oscar y le decimos: ¡aquí te esperamos, pronto serás libre! 

Laureado escritor reitera su demanda por la liberación de Oscar López Rivera

Por: Natalia Ramos Malavé

El reconocido escritor puertorriqueño, Eduardo Lalo, reiteró su reclamó por la liberación del boricua Oscar López Rivera; encarcelado en una prisión estadounidense hace 33 años.


El autor de varios libros de textos  hizo estas expresiones durante una disertación,  en la Vigésima Séptima Lección Inaugural de la Facultad de Estudios Generales de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR).


"Por ello en un lugar como éste,  donde pervive la memoria de nuestro pueblo,  aprovecho la oportunidad de que me dirijo a ustedes,  para reclamar una vez más la liberación de Oscar López Rivera, que lleva más de 33 años en una prisión en Estados Unidos",  señaló el dramaturgo de "Simone",  novela ganadora del Premio Rómulo Gallegos 2013.


Este galardón es uno de carácter internacional y se concede en Venezuela,  Argentina,  Colombia, España, México, Chile y Perú.


Al insistir en su petición,  Lalo emplazó al Rector del Recinto de Río Piedras (RRP),  Carlos Severino Valdéz, y al claustro de esa institución, para que den el primer paso y sean ejemplo a seguir de otras universidades públicas y privadas.


 "No estaría así la UPR señalando el camino para que otras instituciones,  privadas y públicas,  contribuyan a liberar a un hombre inmerecidamente castigado. Y  para mostrar que la valentía institucional debe ser parte de la vida institucional. No se encuentra aquí también el liderato ético que debería ejercer nuestra institución",  expresó el también autor de varios libros de texto y novelas",  enfatizó Lalo.


"Me pregunto si no será una de las funciones de esta Universidad,  la de unirse clara y abiertamente a la campaña en favor de la excarcelación de alguien que ha sacrificado su vida por la existencia cultural y política de Puerto Rico", cuestionó.


Lalo sostuvo que el gobierno de Estados Unidos y su presidente Barack Obama,  han ignorado "entre otras, el clamor masivo y general  de los puertorriqueños y de muchísimos ciudadanos de todo el mundo,  que exigen  el término de la injusticia que se comete con Oscar".


El también profesor de la UPR,  insistió que al final,  la verdad siempre triunfa cuando señaló que "el coloniaje siembra interrogantes y  ofrece siempre la oportunidad de rehacer el territorio".  A pesar de ello,  "la historia permite descubrir a los responsables y se desestabilizan  así  las ambiciones de impunidad de la historia oficial e impuesta",  apuntó.


Con su novela "Simone",  este importante académico sacó a Puerto Rico de la invisibilidad internacional,  trayendo un nuevo aire de reconocimiento mundial.  

El merecido galardón Rómulo Gallegos fue  entregado en 2013 por el Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela,  Nicolás Maduro.


Lalo es autor de "Ciudades e Islas" (1995), "La inutilidad" (2003) "Los Países Invisibles" (2008),  "El Deseo del Lápiz" (2010) y "Necrópolis" (2014);  entre otras.


El profesor Eduardo Lalo, lleva 27 años dedicados a la enseñanza en el Departamento de Humanidades,  de la Facultad de Estudios Generales de la UPR-RP.

Oscar's Letters to his Granddaughter Karina now Available in English
The series of letters by Oscar Lopez Rivera to his granddaughter Karina published online by El Nuevo Dia are now available in English. All 15 published thus far are available on the National Boricua Human Rights Network website.