Medina Family

The PRCC and all of its programs join in the condolences to the Medina family on their loss of their beloved eldest brother Marcelino Medina. The visitation information is the following:


Thursday, March 27


Rago Brothers Funeral Home

7751 W. Irving Park Rd.

March 29th, 2014

7pm Academy Recital

8pm-10pm Bombazo

2547 W. Division

Move for Life 

Outreach Day!

Saturday, March 29, from 11am to 2pm. Meeting at DEC, 2753 W. Division St.


The objective:  to

mobilize the community to attend our Free services at Diabetes Empowerment Center the weekend after this outreach.


If anyone needs to complete volunteer hours or if you have students that need to complete community hours, this would be the perfect opportunity!


Volunteer Dates:

Saturday, March 29, 2014. Outreach Day from 11am-2pm

Saturday, April 5, 2014.  Move for Life!  Shift 1, 10am-3pm Shift 2,  12noon-5pm  (Actual event is 12n-4pm)  

Centro Infantil 

Consuelo Lee Corretjer

Open Registration * Day Care Program * Head Start

We offer:

* Full day, Day Care for children 15 mos. to 3 yrs.

* Full day Head Start for children 3 to 5 yrs. 

* Research based curriculum

* Family involvement

* Nutritional Meals

* Parent workshops

Download the leaflet here.


"Still Dreaming": Available at Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Autographed copies of "Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill" by Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez, are still available. Contact Alejandro:
Paseo Boricua Apartment Listing

3723 W. Grand

2 BD $750



1700 Block of Spaulding

1BD $850



Armitage at Monticello

2BD $850

Text 312-841-6534


Cortland at Pulaski

2BD $875

TEXT 920.843.7507


North and Humboldt Blvd

Studio $895



1124 N. Wolcott

2 BD $950



2646 W. Potomac

1 BD $950



Mozart at Chicago Ave

2BR $975



Maplewood at North Ave

1BD $1000



Cortland at Drake

2BD $1100

(312) 508-3131


1635 N. Spaulding Ave

2 BD 1 bath $800

(773) 269-1450


1408 N Maplewood

3 BD 1 bath $1650

(773) 559-7215


3153 W Augusta

2 BD 1 bath $1025

(773) 235-5160


2611 W Wabansia Ave

2 BD 1 bath $925

(773) 677-7418


1742 N Humboldt Blvd

Studio $895

(707) 731-7587

  California and Evergreen

2 bedroom 1 bath $1200  773 510-2210


2 bedroom 1 bath $950 1632 N Fairfield 

773 904-7476


Studio 1 bath  $895 

1850 N. Humboldt blvd. 312 445-9583


1 bedroom 1 bath $750 Augusta and Kedzie 773 697-4474


Los Tequis

Memorize this! Use it!
Tell Students about it!
Las manos en el cristal: Serie de Cartas de OLR a su nieta Karina


COINTELPRO 101 is a 56-minute educational film that will open the door to understanding this history. This documentary will introduce viewers new to this history to the basics and direct them to other resources where they can learn more. The intended audiences are the generations that did not experience the social justice movements of the sixties and seventies

                                      Friday March 28, 7pm

From Puerto Rican Cultural Center programs

Humboldt Park Affordable Care Act Registration and Forum a Success!

On Tuesday, March 25th, about 200 people attended 4th the Humboldt Park Community Forum and Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment event hosted by 4th District State Representative Cynthia Soto in collaboration with the PRCC and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  The PRCC team enrolled community members, provided education, and made appointments for individuals to come to our office to enroll.


PRCC's Executive Director, Jose Lopez, welcomed the participants to the forum and spoke about the importance of having health insurance as a human right. The forum's moderator, Enrique García Fuentes, proceeded to present the panelist, including our Navigator- Rocio Kanan - and representatives from UIC and Get Covered Illinois. Media from National Public Radio (NPR), Al Jazeera America, and Azteca TV were present at the event. The PRCC Navigators stayed until 10pm until they enrolled the last person that was in line.


Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ends in only 5 days. There are just 5 days left for consumers to apply for and enroll in quality, affordable coverage. If you don't have health insurance and don't begin to sign up by the deadline-you can't get coverage again until next year. Just like Election Day, if you are in line when the polls close, you get to vote.  We won't close the door on those who tried to get covered and were unable to do so through no fault of their own


Visit our Humboldt Park office with extended office hours - 1112 N. California Ave. or call us at 773-227-7794 for an appointment. We also have an office at the Hermosa community (4046 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-661-9077). This weekend, our Navigators will be located in various facilities until midnight.

PRCC Board of Directors Extends its Thanks  

On Friday, March 21 over one hundred people gathered to pay their respects to Bertha Molina de Alanis, bilingual teacher pioneer educational in Chicago's Pilsen community for over a quarter of a century, and mother of Berta McCanna and Alejandro Luis Molina, PRCC Board Secretary.


Against the backdrop of a large poster collage depicting her over the last 60 years and set off by two books produced by the Molina family of her life on each side of her coffin.


The impromptu program began at about 6:30pm. Bertha, who had suffered over a year and a half from ALS, more popularly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, was surely present as Alejandro told a short story about the values he and his sister Bertha grew up with as a result of being so loved by their parents.


Alejandro thanked everyone for coming and for their condolences- over 200 messages, emails, texts, voicemails from across the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico were received by the family. Those present included leaders of Chicago's not-for-profit community such as Barbara Popovic from CAN- TV, Jaime Delgado from the Diabetes Empowerment Center, Linda Hannah, President of the Board of Directors of Youth Connection Charter School as well as Sheila Venson, Executive Director and her leadership staff. José E. López and Militza M. Pagan, Executive Director and Deputy Director of the PRCC were present. Marvin Garcia and Michelle Morales from the Alternative Schools Network were present as was José Luis Rodríguez. Former Puerto Rican political prisoners were present in force: Ricardo Jiménez, Edwin Cortes, and Luis and Félix Rosa. Jan Susler, Oscar Lopez Rivera's attorney and Clarisa Lopez, his daughter were also present. Dozens of friends and family, including Bertha's siblings and nieces from Mexico were also present.


A warm and wonderful tribute by Ada Lopez ensued. Ada, one of the many teachers that Bertha mentored, spoke glowingly of her love and respect for Bertha and called her a hero when they were very few heroes and role models for young Mexicans/Latinos in the early 70s. José E. López also paid tribute to Bertha by speaking of her legacy- her love for her community and for social justice that her children and nephews and grandchildren inherited.


On behalf of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center Board of Directors and it's staff we would like to thank everyone for their support and help through this difficult period.

Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez to read from his memoirs at UPRS 20th Anniversary Pa'lante Conference 

The Union for Puerto Rican Students (UPRS) at UIC is proud to announce its 20th annual Pa'lante conference. With the theme "We have made the path by walking --Promoting our culture and building bridges to our community," the UPRS seeks to focus on the legacy of Puerto Rican student activism on UIC's campus.


During the 1970's, Latino activists from the predominantly Mexican community of Pilsen and the predominantly Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park, along with a small number of Latino students at UIC came together to demand changes on UIC campus. Today Latino students can celebrate that legacy through the existing programs such as the Latino-Latin American Studies program, the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES), the Rafael Cintron Ortiz Latino Cultural Center, and soon the transformation of UIC into a Hispanic Serving Institution. It is in the spirit of that struggle and in celebration of those achievements on this campus that UPRS rejoices in inviting all to participate in the 20th annual Pa'Lante Conference to be held during the week of April 7th through the 11th.


Pa'Lante is the Puerto Rican expression for the word "Forward." This year's conference is dedicated to the centennial of two towering Puerto Rican figures: the legendary Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos and the Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Collazo.


The highlight of the conference will be the presence of Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez who will read from his memoirs: Still Dreaming from the Barrio to Capitol Hill. His presentation will be held in Student Center East (SCE), East Terrace room from 3:30 to 4:30 on Monday, April the 7th.


Download the agenda for the entire conference.


2nd Annual Unified Puerto Rican People's Parade to Honor 40th Anniversary of Clemente Community Academy and Borinqueneers
On Sat June 14th at 2pm, the 2nd annual Puerto Rican Peoples Parade will start on Division and Western motivated by the huge success of last years unified efforts, the organizers from Casa Puertorriqueña and the PRCC are extremely excited about this years upcoming celebration. They have decided that the parade will highlight the historic Puerto Rican Borinqueneers/ 65th Puerto Rican Infantry Regiment of the US Army- whose valor and courage is being memorialized by a major housing and health project for Latino veterans at Norwegian American Hospital, sponsored by Hispanic Housing Corporation.  
The Parade will also showcase the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Roberto Clemente Community Academy. And, particularly, its new focus as an International Baccalaurate (IB) school, which will transform it into the jewel of the crown of the community's quest for creating a culture of educational excellence. The parade organizers are inviting Clemente students to submit their artwork for a poster competition for this years parade poster, which will integrate the themes of education, the 40th anniversary of RCCA and the celebration of the community's cultural expressions.
Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center Raising Money to Expand Edible Garden

by Abel Fernandez


We want to expand the Humboldt Park/Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture Edible Garden to eradicate the food desert and reenergize the community with wholesome, organic produce!  We are looking for sponsors to donate $10 to $200.  In exchange, those donors will receive an equivalent amount from the harvest, fruits and vegetables produce from the edible garden. 

The concept is to build mound-beds and incorporate fruit bearing trees, which will increase the growing area to from 1,114 sq ft. to 3,114 sq ft. The original garden was founded in 2009 by a group of students from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School and the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC). 

The Edible Garden will be a learning site for parents and families to reconnect with traditional food cultivation and identify organic gardening practices and build home gardens.

This engagement will reinforce the commitment to sustainable food production in our community. In addition, the community partnerships will extend the practices of agricultural sustainability that will benefit our community.

Help us make this the central edible garden for our community! Please donate to this effort.

El Rescate contributes to community

On March 18th, for the primary elections, El Rescate residents were given the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the community by partaking in participatory democracy. Six El Rescate residents served as election Judges in the 26th ward, and 2 other residents participated in the GOTV campaign. By getting involved in the electoral process the residents experienced the first stage of the political process. There are many ways of getting involved and through the participatory democracy process the residents became part of the decision making political matters that will hopefully teach them how the world around them works.

From Our Community Partners

Paseo Boricua welcomes back Elvira Arellano


PSA Basta Ya!
¡Basta Ya!


On Sunday, March 23, 2014, members of the Humboldt Park community welcomed back Elvira Arellano at Alberto Church. The church was packed with supporters. Community members made reflections on Elvira's behalf. Elvira spoke about her activism in support of undocumented people in the US but also her work with Central American undocumented people in Mexico. Elvira, Emma Lozano and others made a call to continue fighting for immigration reform and encouraged people to participate in an action at ICE headquarters on Thursday, March 27. They demanded that President Obama extend deferred action to all undocumented people in the US. The event was widely covered by the media including live transmission on Channel 5 and Telemundo and the Chicago Tribune and Hoy Newspapers.


Elvira stated at the rally: *I have come back to the struggle here to stop the deportations and separation of families...


*I have come back to tell President Obama to extend the deferments he gave the dreamers to their parents and the parents of U.S. Citizen Children...


*I truly believe that God has made it possible for me to return because WE CAN and WE WILL END THE DEPORTATIONS THIS YEAR;  WE CAN and WE WILL REUNITE OUR FAMILIES FROM ACROSS THE BORDER THIS YEAR!


Download the leaflet for the Thursday rally.

David Potash President of Wilbur Wright College, visits Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School and Paseo Boricua

On Monday March 24th, Mr. David Potash President of Wilbur Wright College and Maureen Fitzpatrick Community liaison visited Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School (PACHS). Joining the meeting were two seniors of PACHS who are dually enrolled at Wright College earning college credit while still completing their high school diploma along with assistant principal Danette Sokacich, principal Matthew Rodríguez and Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center José López.


The meeting was organized to further the partnership between both educational institutions as they align themselves to support the students and their families in finding their college and career paths in life. Several exciting ideas were born in the dialogue, all focusing on the potential of more students and their families earning college credit and career credentials while engaged with Albizu Campos and the Community as a Campus framework developed by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.


All participants in the meeting were excited to outline next steps and set up a follow up outline for the future. We hope for the continued success of all participating institutions as they continue to innovate new ways of engaging students in culture, community, college and career.

University Volunteers Help Clean Paseo Boricua


by Eduardo Arocho, DSBDA

Students from the University of Missouri took time from their Spring Break to join Alderman Roberto Maldonado (26th Ward) and the DSBDA (Division Street Business Development Association) to clean Paseo Boricua (Division ST). The volunteers were provided brooms, rakes and shovels and the swept the street and several of the empty lots. The record snowfall kept layers of litter and dirt stuck to the pavement. Volunteers were able to help clean up the street. DSBDA is planning another clean up day on April 10th.  For more information please visit


The 4th Annual Season Kick-off Event "Move for Life" Coming to Humboldt Park

Move for Life! Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 12 Noon-4:00PM in Humboldt Park, (Luis Munoz Marin Drive) corner of Division and California.


Now in its 4th year, the purpose of Move for Life! is to kick-off the Spring/Summer season by promoting and supporting an active lifestyle and encouraging the community to participate in physical activities. Whether it's walking, jogging, cycling, dance-aerobics, Zumba, basketball, or soccer the idea is to get people moving. To motivate our community, Move for Life! brings together communitybased organizations, agencies, and individuals to interactively showcase their various free or low cost physical activity programs available to everyone in the community throughout the year. 


For more information on Move for Life! or to participate in the event contact the Diabetes Empowerment Center at 773-342-0855 or email us at

Join US at MOSAIC on May 8th!

José E. López to be honored as Outstanding Community Leaders!  Please join us on Thursday, May 8 for the fifth annual MOSAIC: A Celebration of Chicago's Communities, and celebrate the many diverse voices that comprise our one unique Chicago! 


This year, MOSAIC will be held at the Zhou B Art Center, which is leading a new artistic renaissance in the Bridgeport neighborhood. 

At MOSAIC, you'll be able to experience the cuisine and music from several different countries, meet and mingle with people from all over the world who support Chicago's cultural diversity, and participate in a truly one-of-a-kind silent auction with items provided by Chicago's ethnic museums and their supporters. The Chicago Cultural Alliance will honor its Chicago Cultural Champion and two Outstanding Community Leaders. MOSAIC attendees are encouraged to wear business attire or their national dress.   


DATE: Thursday, May 8, 2014


TIME:  6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

             VIP Reception begins at 5:45 p.m.


LOCATION: Zhou B Art Center 

                      1029 W. 35th Street, Chicago


TICKETS:  $75 Core Member ticket

                    $150 single ticket

            $200 VIP ticket,

                    includes pre-event VIP reception

Clemente Students Paint New Mural

During this quarter, Art II students investigated public and street art. We studied mural artists such as Jack Ramsdale and Keith Haring along with the street artists Banksy and Faith 47.  During this research, we observed and analyzed what made a mural effective. Are the murals telling stories, persuading the public, or beautifying a public space?

Murals are prominent in Humboldt Park. When students walk down the Paseo Boricua they can see the rich culture and history of neighborhood. Humboldt Park's murals highlight the importance of political statements, expressions of cultural pride, and a shared history.  After researching different artists each student created a sketch for a mural design. The class then voted on one mural to paint in the school.


Our mural design has no clear subject. It is an abstract painting that explores shape, color, balance, and movement. This painting allows the students to express themselves and work collaboratively. Each student had a part to play to complete the design. We all worked together toward a common, artistic goal. 

Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School Students Learning at Unprecedented Rates

Our beautiful students are THRIVING! Amidst three polar vortex', ongoing trauma, obstacles to learning and challenges in life, Albizu Campos Students showed that they have what it takes to RISE TO THE CHALLENGE!


At the mid-year point in our school year, similar to Chicago Public Schools (CPS), our students are assessed using the Renaissance Learning Star Assessment. Over the years, our students have struggled with this exam. In fact, coming into this school year, the average performance level of students was at the sixth grade level in mathematics and the seventh grade level for reading.

See more.
Two Weekends Left! Support Local Theater!
There are only two weekends left to catch the Midwest Premiere of Desi Moreno-Penson's Devil Land. If you haven't purchased your tickets, we highly encourage you do so. The space is intimate and seating is limited. 


This Thursday, we continue showcasing the local businesses on Paseo Boricua in Humboldt Park with Latin American Restaurant & Lounge. When you purchase your ticket in advance, you receive 15% off your pre-show dinner.  

On Friday, April 4th, there will be a talk-back following the performance with our literary manager, Juan Castañeda along with the playwright, Desi Moreno-Penson who will be joining us from New York City for our closing weekend. Saturday, April 5th is a benefit performance. $25 includes: your ticket, a delicious home-cooked Puerto Rican meal by Mama Vega following the performance and an opportunity to connect with the cast and playwright of Devil Land. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Campaign to Free Oscar López Rivera

"Un Homenaje al Patricio Oscar Collazo López"


Orador principal: 

Lic. José Enrique Ayoroa Santaliz


Invitado especial: Cesar Hernández Colon


presentacion musical con canto-autor:

Emanuel Cruz


Viernes, 11 de abril de 2014, 6-8pm

donativo $10-$25


Casa Puertorriqueña

1237 N. California Ave.


 auspicia: Red Boricua Nacional Pro-Derechos Humanos

Support Documentary on Oscar Lopez Rivera, "The Last Prisoner", and get free complimentary ticket for dinner forum April 11th!

The Last Prisoner
The Last Prisoner

We are urging everyone to support the fundraising effort by Producer Esau Melendez and together we can make his dream of a documentary on OLR a reality. The goal is $42,500 and we only have 24 days left. Donate $25 or more and you will receive a complimentary ticket for April 11th honoring the centennial event of Oscar Collazo to be held at Casa Puertorriqueña at 6pm featuring a musical presentation by Emanuel Cruz, directly from Puerto Rico.


The Last Prisoner  tells the story of Oscar López Rivera, the sole remaining Puerto Rican political prisoner. The decorated Vietnam veteran and community organizer who would subsequently work for the independence of Puerto Rico is now at the center of a struggle to set him free from a long and difficult imprisonment. He has been in prison since May 29, 1981. Twelve of those years were spent in solitary confinement despite the fact that Oscar was never convicted of crimes that resulted in deaths or injuries or ever accused of any act of violence.


The fight for Oscar's freedom has united Puerto Ricans and many others from across the United States, Puerto Rico and around the world. In 2013, artists, politicians, famous athletes and ordinary people went to symbolic prison cells on the anniversary of Oscar's incarceration. And the cries for freedom are growing louder: Five Nobel Peace Prize winners including Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa have all joined the call for his pardon and release.


Click here to contribute to this exciting effort!

33 HNO (33 Hombres Negros por Oscar) en Aguadilla

por Carlos Delgado Lasalle

33 HNO se celebró el pasado domingo 23 de marzo en la Plaza de Aguadilla, y simultáneamente en plazas de Humacao, Loiza, Mayagüez, San Juan y Ponce. Doña Mercedes López Rivera, hermana de Oscar, dirigió un bello y emotivo mensaje a nombre de su hermano, agradeció la actividad a nombre suyo, de Oscar y su familia y exhortó a continuar la lucha por la excarcelación de Oscar.


De momento desde la esquina de la Farmacia Ferrari, un negro grande, muy grande, de 6' 6" para ser exactos, entró a la plaza, amarrado con cadenas en sus manos y una cadena triple que le cubría su frente y parte de su cabeza. A cada paso de Ángel Carlos Parrilla, que es como se llama, los barriles sonaron en mensaje de lloro, el negro circunvaló el interior del círculo de los manifestantes, acompañado de dos jóvenes que tenían sus manos amarradas. Se detuvieron en el centro de la plaza, donde en un gesto veloz y sincronizado, soltaron sus cadenas, lanzando un grito estruendoso de ¡Libertad, Libertad, Libertad! y lanzaron las cadenas al "zafacón de la historia" un zafacón previsto que por los cuatro lados tenía el mismo mensaje. Los manifestantes contestaron ¡Libertad, igualdad, Justicia, Dignidad! mientras Tati Quiñones, lanzaba las 33 palomas al aire. La manifestación fue silente, todo el tiempo, sólo al final hubo los gritos contenidos en las consignas. Luego el grupo "Bomba Pa' Ti" se quedó con el canto.

La actividad comenzó con los manifestantes divididos en cuatro columnas, desde los cuatro puntos cardinales, formando una cruz. Mientras Raymond Gómez, mantenedor, presentaba la actividad, y el Rev. Cesar González Grajales, ministro protestante, hacia la invocación. La iglesia Católica sonó los 33 campanazos, previamente, el Padre Delroy Thomas Scott, en su homilía había exhortado a los feligreses a solidarizarse con la actividad y la excarcelación de Oscar López. Conjuntamente con las campanadas, comenzó, la marcha circular, la columna de la derecha comenzó a marchar contrario a las manecillas del reloj, mientras las restantes tres columnas, marcharon hacia el frente, siguiendo la ruta de la primera columna hasta formar un círculo.

El Hon. Alcalde Carlos Méndez dio la bienvenida y en su mensaje exhortó a los presentes a luchar por sus derechos. Entre mensaje y mensaje un bombazo. Carlos J. Delgado Hernández, leyó la carta dirigida al Presidente Obama y exhortó a que todos la firmaran. Luego el señor Edwin Matos Cardona, asambleísta Municipal y gloria del deporte aguadillano (500 hits en la FBSAAPR) leyó la proclama, aprobada por unanimidad por la Asamblea. El joven obrero de AEE, Javier Nieves Pellot, tuvo a su cargo la lectura del mensaje central, el cual se leyó en las seis actividades. Mientras en cada pausa se hacía el culto a nuestro ancestros, " Reclamamos presencia y guía" y se leían los nombres de negros destacados, ya muertos, en todas las áreas del diario vivir. "Celebramos vida eficiente" se leyó los nombres de los vivos destacados, en todas las aéreas, la cultura, creación, arte, política, deportes.

El Padre Delroy se integró, dio un mensaje a los allí presentes y procedió a firmar la carta que se le entregará al Presidente Obama. Igual hizo el representante por Aguadilla- Moca Armando Franco, de quien hay que resaltar que marchó con su camiseta y su pancarta durante toda la actividad. El mensaje de bendición final, estuvo a cargo del diácono Herminio (Pucho) Blas. Lo demás, bomba por un tubo y siete llaves. Originalmente publicado en Claridad.

NYC Postcard Art Exhibition and Fundraiser for 

Campaign to Free Oscar López Rivera

The NBHRN is excited to invite artists to participate in postcards4oscar, an art exhibition and fundraiser for the freedom of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who has been in prison for over 32 years. We hope that you will consider participating in this important event that will help to raise awareness for Oscar's release and we invite you to contribute to this unique invitational exhibition, and sale of original art.


postcards4oscar is a fundraising exhibition showcasing artists' work from throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Artists will submit 4" x 6" works of art on a postcard that we will provide. The artwork will be exhibited anonymously (signed on back) and sold on a first-come, first-served basis for $50. Only after selecting and purchasing a piece will a buyer learn the identity of the artist. Artists may work in any medium or style and may submit more than one postcard if so desired.


The exhibition will take place in New York at the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center on May 24th, with an Artist Preview Event on May 23rd.


Final submissions of artwork must be received by May 12th.

For more info:

Calle 13 pide en Uruguay liberación de independentista Óscar López

Pidió al público uruguayo levantar sus teléfonos celulares para que, desde el escenario, se tomara una fotografía que, junto con otras de su gira, presentará al presidente estadounidense, Barack Obama, demandando la liberación de Oscar López

La popular banda Calle 13 demandó, en pleno concierto en Montevideo, la liberación de Óscar López, encarcelado en Estados Unidos "por luchar por la independencia de Puerto Rico", según resaltó el cantante René Pérez. Junto a Ernesto Cabra y sus músicos, pidió al público uruguayo levantar sus teléfonos celulares para que, desde el escenario, se tomara una fotografía que, junto con otras de su gira, presentará al presidente estadounidense, Barack Obama, demandando la liberación de Oscar López. El laureado grupo presentó canciones conocidas y también nuevas de su último disco "Multiviral" en un casi lleno Velódromo Municipal de Montevideo, con capacidad para 15 mil espectadores.


Calle 13 puso a bailar al público de varias generaciones, que coreó sus canciones más conocidas, como entre muchas otras Un beso de desayuno, Fiesta de locos, El baile de los pobres, El aguante y La cumbia de los aburridos. Residente y Visitante, junto a su media hermana PG-13, cantaron, además, Adentro, Digo lo que pienso, El tango del pecado, La Perla y Calma Pueblo. Los uruguayos bailar hasta las últimas canciones: Muerte en Hawaii y Latinoamérica.

Oscar's Letters to his Granddaughter Karina now Available in English
The series of letters by Oscar Lopez Rivera to his granddaughter Karina published online by El Nuevo Dia are now available in English. All 15 published thus far are available on the National Boricua Human Rights Network website.