El Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño, la Escuela Superior Puertorriqueña Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos y la Red Nacional Pro-Derechos Humanos le desea calidamente la más pronta recuperación al Padre Dario, cuyos esfuerzos a favor de la liberacion de Oscar Lopez Rivera han sido clave a la proyección de la misma.

Esau Melendez!
The PRCC and NBHRN congratulate Esau Melendez, the director of Immigrant Nation, on his acceptance in to the "Diverse Voices in Docs" program at Kartemquin Films.

Puerto Rican Peoples Parade Starts Planning!

The first PRCC in-house People's Parade meeting will be held next Tuesday, February, 4 at 3:00pm at the Diabetes Empowerment Center.



Thank you 
Pres. David Potash!
Dear Jose: Thank you very much for the visit today- You were extraordinarily generous with your time and expertise. And delicious time and oatmeal, too. I very much look forward to working with you and the community-
With appreciation,
David Potash

"Still Dreaming": Available at Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Autographed copies of "Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill" by Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez, are still available. Contact Alejandro: 
From the 8th Day Center for Justice
Dear Alejandro and Jose, Thank you for your faithful support of 8th Day over the years. In solidarity and with blessings galore,
Kathleen Desautels



The Puerto Rican Cultural Center and Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School extend their deepest condolences to Elvira Alvan, formerly of the Family Learning Center, on the passing of her mother,  Maria Blanca Alvan.


Paseo Boricua Apartment Listing

Augusta & Kedzie

2BR $850



2515 W. Division

2 BR $850



Kimball & Wabansia

1BR $875



2957 W Division

1BR $900



Fairfield & Wabansia

2BR $950



3603 W. Le Moyne St

2BR $1100



Hamlin & Augusta

3BR $1100



1438 N Kedzie

3BR $1200



1402 N. Maplewood Ave

2BR $1200


Centro Infantil 

Consuelo Lee Corretjer

Open Registration * Day Care Program * Head Start

We offer:

* Full day, Day Care for children 15 mos. to 3 yrs.

* Full day Head Start for children 3 to 5 yrs. 

* Research based curriculum

* Family involvement

* Nutritional Meals

* Parent workshops

Download the leaflet here.


Los Tequis
Libraries are Good,
Libraries are Wise!

Check out Overdrive and start checking out Books, tales, videos, and more with your smartphone and iPads! Thanks MMM for the tip o the hat!
Visit our Social Media

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(NBHRN) #free_olr


Las manos en el cristal: Serie de Cartas de OLR a su nieta Karina

BACCA collaborates with Clemente Community Academy on service learning project

BACCA is collaborating with Roberto Clemente Community Academy on service learning projects for Freshmen and Sophomores in the upcoming months. On Wednesday, December 18th, a freshmen class of 15 students from Clemente Community Academy visited Batey Urbano and engaged in a discussion about the history and purpose of the space as well as the Barrio Arts, Culture and Communications Academy.

Students are able to express how alcohol has influenced their personal lives as well as conceptualize the issue of alcohol in their communities as a larger problem. They also got to talk about community and how alcohol affects their individual lives as well as their communities. Through this service learning project, the students will learn social marketing, graphic design, writing, film and communications skills. Rebecca Rios, Director of BACCA, met with the Sophomore Students on Wednesday, Jan. 29 and is now working with both groups on their respective projects. The projects will culminate in a Parent/Community Forum in which students will showcase their work and open up a critical discussion on underage drinking and alcohol in our communities. 

ACA Hosts Successful Enrollment Event

On January 22, 2014 the Affordable Care Act staff joined Thresholds and The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless to provide enrollment assistance at the Willow Chicago Ministry Center.  Consumers were eager to obtain bilingual assistance in enrolling in health care coverage and learn about the new option available to them through the Affordable Care Act.  For more information about our services please contact us at 773-227-7794.

CIC Children Explore Their First Greenhouse!

by Hope Poirier

Staff and Centro Infantil kids exploring the Albizu Campos high school greenhouse, just upstairs from the daycare. This was the first visit for them so they were really excited. They are used to going to the park in the summer and seeing plants and things outside but never inside. Maria (Teacher in the blue) was telling the children what kind of plants they were and also telling them how what is being grown relates to what they eat. The children asked a lot of questions.  As 1 and 2 year olds they are very curious as to what everything was.


Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School FINALS!!!!
by Jose R. Morales
Finals are done and a lot of the students are aware of the new semester beginning next week. By having Unity class yesterday and saying goodbye to the January graduates, the school is getting ready for upcoming STAR test! New students are coming to Albizu Campos and we need to help them NOT feel overwhelmed. STAR testing is going to begin next week and we are looking forward to seeing improvements in our young Abayarde Scholars! Many students are excited with their new schedules and intend to keep making progress until the end of the year. 
Clemente Students Perform Service at Casa Central

At the end of 2013, nine senior students braved the elements for a service trip to Casa Central with Mr. Buss and Ms. Pooley.  It was a brisk walk, but all were in good spirits as the sun shone and we made our way to the community center.  While many opportunities exist for service work with senior citizens at Casa Central, our students had the chance to assist in the daycare with 3-4 year old children.

Clemente students read to the boys and girls, played games, taught them to make snowflakes from paper, and assisted with snack time and anything else the teachers asked of them. All in all it was a very good time had by all, and a rewarding day of service.  We may even have some natural teachers within our student population!

PRCC Tech Hub to Broaden Tech Collaboration, Training and Online Content
The Puerto Rican Cultural Center's Tech Hub, now meeting for the 3rd time, is composed of representatives of each of the PRCC programs, and affiliate organizations have their sights set on an ambitious goal: cross-program training, collaboration and ultimately online excellence for their web and social media presence. PRCC programs Centro Infantil, Affordable Care Act, VidaSIDA, GenL, El Rescate, BACCA, Diabetes Empowerment Center, Puerto Rican Peoples Parade, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, National Boricua Human Rights Network, and La Voz del Paseo Boricua meet bi-weekly to discuss and learn the different skills necessary to take pictures, write short briefs, and curate content for their social media pages. In the near future, video shooting and editing, and podcasts will be added to the repertoire.
Free Nutrition and Weight Control Classes in Humboldt Park!

The Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center is now offering a new class focused around Nutrition and Weight Control. This class also serves as a support network where participants discuss strategies to implement healthier practices in their lives. Participants get an opportunity to check-in weekly with their peers on questions or ideas about their healthy goals or progress, difficulties and begin to think about solutions together. 


The Nutrition and  class is FREE and open to the public. The class is facilitated by Diana Chen and Jalia Tucker, both medical students at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.   


The Nutrition and Weight Control class is facilitated in English and Spanish. Healthy snacks are provided. Class takes place every Monday from 5:30PM to 6:30PM at The Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center located at 2753 W. Division St.


Please feel free to call 773-342-0855 for further details and to sign up for the class.

Meet the PRCC's Affordable Care Act Navigators!

Every Wednesday, you can find Raul Maldonado at the Logan Square Public Library. Raul is available to assess an individual's health insurance needs and to give presentations to groups visiting the library. Raul was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is certified to provide as a Navigator.  The next time you visit the Logan Square Public Library, be sure to see Raul and learn about your health insurance options!


The Logan Square Local Library is located at 3030 W Fullerton, Chicago IL 60647. Please call our 1112 N. California Ave. office at 773.227.7794 for more information and to enroll in a health insurance plan.


This past Saturday Vida/SIDA's Mpowerment program Generation L along with The C.R.U., Calor A.C.E,  and Project PrEPare held "Noche De Fiestas" at Latin Rhythms . A night full of music, food, raffles, and a drag show by many Chicago drag performers.  The night was intended to bring HIV prevention and awareness to LGBTQ youth of Chicago.  


Vida/SIDA's very own Milani Ninja was one of the hosts along with Zumiyah Rayne. Pedro Mercado was the photographer of the night. This was the first time all the Latino Mpowerment programs collaborated together. It brought youth of all ages and different communities together in a fun night. HIV testing & counseling was provided by Vida/SIDA as well as A.C.E. & The C.R.U. This night showed the strong unity of the Latino LGBTQ community of Chicago as they closed the night with dancing and laughing together. 

Diabetes Empowerment Center Offers Free Screenings

The Keep Your Heart Healthy initiative is hosted at The Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center (2753 W. Division St.) every Saturday from 10AM-2PM.  We encourage community residents to come and take a FREE heart health screening with our medical residents and learn your risk for heart disease or heart attack. This screening only requires your weight, height and blood pressure be measured followed by a short survey. All participants will have access to referrals to our partner hospitals or clinics and those found at risk are eligible for assistance with making an appointment for follow-up care. While participants wait to be screened they may participate in a number of activities ranging from nutrition education, healthy cooking demonstrations with recipes and food samples or fun Dance Aerobics and Zumba group exercise.


In participating in our FREE Keep Your Heart Healthy screenings, participants can also ask doctors or medical residents questions about their health and consult on advice on their future medical care.


Keep Your Heart Healthy will be hosting healthy heart screenings at various organizations and agencies in the Humboldt Park area. If you'd like for us to host a Keep Your Heart Healthy Screening event at your agency please contact Magdalena (Maggie) Nava at magdalenan@prcc-chgo.org or 773-342-0855.



"Realistic comedy at its funniest"



Date:   2/14/2014

Time:   8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.)

Tickets: www.vinceacevedo.com

or call: 773/701-2692



Vince Acevedo, a comedic veteran has put together a "one-night" show on Valentine's Day.  Vince will headline his "What was I Thinking" show at Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago on February 14, 2014 - doors open at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are selling fast. 


Musical guest:

Pete Galanis, featuring Nate Manos (Nothing but the Blues baby!)


Guest comedians include:

Host TuRae Gordon from Philadelphia (downright hysterical.)

Tyson Karrasch from San Diego (dry humor with a twist.)

Lucky Luciano from Chicago (Dominican version of Bill Cosby.)


Venue Information:Corpernicus Center, 1,900 seat venue, with plenty of free parking,  adult beverages (bars,) Balcony and main floor seating. 
Comite Pro-Derechos Humanos de Puerto Rico, Oscar Lopez Rivera Y CELACDurante el Foro Por un Puerto Rico Libre e Independiente, celebrado en el Teatro Nacional, el presidente Nicolas Maduro, acompañado por Eduardo Villanueva, activista de Derechos Humanos en la Isla, reitero que propondra a la cumbre de la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños, CELAC, entre el 25 y 29 de enero, la incorporacion de la colonia gringa a ese organismo impulsado por el comandante Hugo Chavez. Asimismo abogo por la liberacion de Oscar López Rivera, independista puertorriqueño encarcelado en Estados Unidos hace 33 años por su lucha a favor de la libertad de la isla. Baje la entrevista del compañero Eduardo con NotiCel.

A Coalition of Progressive People Protest Against the New York Post 

A coalition of progressive people, community activist and leaders with the waving of Puerto Rican flags,  alarmed about recent epitaphs printed in the "New York Post",  protested in front of the main offices on 47th Street in Manhattan under the extreme cold on January 20, 2014. They were outraged by defamatory statements of several articles published during the week against  the Puerto Rican community. Strangely, the New York Post flagrant discriminatory statements against recently elect speaker to the New York City Council, Melissa Mark Viverito, a Puerto Rican woman,  takes place while the city, the nation and the citizenship honored Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.  We can vividly remember Dr. Martin Luther King's famous quote "Do not measure a person by their color of their skin (or national origin), but by the content of their character".  


It seems the New York Post has missed the boat completely and is still living in pre-reconstruction era. The protestors were extremely upset how the New York Post has spoken against Melissa Mark Viverito's because she supported Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera.  In 2011, Mark Viverito supported the parole hearing of Oscar Lopez Rivera by writing a letter in his favor. Puerto Rican patriot Oscar has been  in prison for more than 32 years on charges of "seditious conspiracy" ,sentenced to 70 years and his release has been widely supported by the whole of the Puerto Rican society, international community and Noble prize winners. If anything the "New York Post" should write about it is of the exceptional moral stature of Mark Viverito's character and how consistent it is with what Dr. Martin Luther king was referring to when he pronounced his famous quote.


Con la participación del Obispo Rubén Antonio González Medina

Día de ayuno y oración por 

la excarcelación de Oscar López Rivera

El día de ayuno terminará con un acto de oración de

7:00 pm a 12:00 de la medianoche en la Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesús de Caguas. Contaremos con la participación del Obispo Rubén Antonio González Medina y otros y otras distinguidos/as participantes.


"Estuve preso/a y me visitaste". Mateo 25:36

"Bienaventurados/as los/as perseguidos/as por causa de la justicia, porque de ellos/as es el Reino de   los cielos". Mateo 5: 10  


Oscar's Letters to his Granddaughter Karina now Available in English
Oscar with his daughter Clarisa, left, and
granddaughter Karina

The series of letters by Oscar Lopez Rivera to his granddaughter Karina published online by El Nuevo Dia are slowly becoming available in English. The first 9 of the 14 published thus far are available on the National Boricua Human Rights Network website, with the rest to be available early next year.