Help wrap gifts for our annual Three Kings Day Celebration! 

On Monday, January 6 we will be distributing hundreds of toys to children in the community. Help is needed to wrap hundreds of toys on Thursday, December 27th and Friday, December 28th from 10am-4pm at the Teresa Roldan Apartments. Please contact mattr@ for more information.


Thank You!

Jan Susler sends thanks for all the love and support during her recovery from minor surgery, having missed only a minute in the struggle for Oscar's release.

"Still Dreaming": Available at Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Autographed copies of "Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill" by Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez, are still available. Contact Alejandro:
Paseo Boricua Apartment Listing

North Ave & Kedzie

$895 2BR



1530 N Kedzie

$895 2BR



2714 W Division

$900 2BR



1143 N Rockwell

$950 2BR



Augusta and Kedzie

$950 2BR



Fairfield & North Ave

$950 3BR



3240 Augusta Blvd

$975 2BR



2504 W. Division

$1000 3BD



2618 W Division

$1200 3BR



1402 N. Maplewood

$1200 2BR



1438 N Kedzie

$1200 2BR


Centro Infantil 

Consuelo Lee Corretjer

Open Registration * Day Care Program * Head Start

We offer:

* Full day, Day Care for children 15 mos. to 3 yrs.

* Full day Head Start for children 3 to 5 yrs. 

* Research based curriculum

* Family involvement

* Nutritional Meals

* Parent workshops

Download the leaflet here.


Los Tequis
New at the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School!

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Las manos en el cristal: Serie de Cartas de OLR a su nieta Karina

Campaña por la excarcelación de OSCAR LÓPEZ
La trigésima edición de los premios Derechos Humanos al periodismo se sumó a la Campaña 
El Movimiento de Justicia y Derechos Humanos (MJDH), la Rel-UITA, la Orden de Abogados de Brasil, seccional de Rio Grande do Sul (OAB/RS) y la Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos y Cinematográficos de Rio Grande do Sul (ARFOC/RS*), adhirieron a la Campaña por la Excarcelación de Oscar López, en el marco de la trigésima edición de la entrega de premios Derechos Humanos al periodismo. Siga leendo aqui.


Alderman Maldonado Joins Festivities
Asalto Navideño en Paseo Boricua

It was a cold and rainy Saturday evening, but that did not stop those who took part in the PRCC's annual Paseo Boricua Parranda. This annual event attracted over 100 people who paraded down La Division along with pleneras y pleneros while proudly singing traditional Puerto Rican aguinaldos (parranda songs). The parranda gathered at the Hispanic Housing Teresa Roldán Senior Apartments, where residents kick off their holiday celebration with the parranderos, and where Alderman Maldonado attended with his wife, Nancy and family, and spoke to the residents. It culminated at La Bruquena Restaurant where families and friends gathered for dinner. The parranda participants were treated with delicious garlic-topped tostones from Papas Cache, hot chocolate and quesitos from Café Colao, coconut martinis from COCO's, and güineos y morcillas from La Bruquena. 


The parranda would not have been possible without the continued support of the Division Street Business Development Association, Hispanic Housing Teresa Roldán Senior Apartments, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, La Bruquena, Café Colao, La Casa de Don Oscar y Doña Blanca, Papas Cache, Jayuya Barbershop, Yauco Liquors, Luquillo Barbershop y Lily's Record Shop. Special thanks to Ivellise Díaz, David Rivera and all the musicians who continue to keep las tradiciones puertorriqueñas alive. 


Clemente Seniors Celebrate Completion of the First Semester of College Pipeline Program

  On December 18th, a group of 65 freshman and senior students from Roberto Clemente Community Academy (RCCA) celebrated the completion of the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year. The celebration marked a successful completion of the freshman's first semester, and the seniors' completion of 3 1/2 years of their high school careers. The event was hosted by the PRCC's College Pipeline program. The College Pipeline is a program that mentors students through the final year of high school and their first two years attending college. Mentors Alyssa Villegas & Rebecca Rios (NEIU), Maria Borrero (UIC), and Matt McCanna (Columbia College) distributed certificates of achievement to all the seniors to highlight their hard work and dedication through the first semester of their final year. 

Destiny Ares, a student in the Pipeline, and Sikarra Nicholas a student from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos represented the Barrio Arts Culture Communications Academy (BACCA) to address the student body about the Anti Underage Drinking Campaign and reflected about their negative relationship with alcohol. After their reflection students performed spoken work and musical sets. To culminate the event, Professor Jose E. López spoke about the importance of establishing a culture of excellence in the Humboldt Park community and stressed the weight of coming back to the community with the knowledge and skills they gain in college to help transform the community.The celebration took place in Batey Urbano to intersect RCCA with the community. The students look forward to having their own events and critical discussions in the future.



PRCC Navigators Stefanie Rodriguez and Manases Rivera attend Illinois State Senator's William Delgado Holiday Celebration.  The PRCC Navigators have been providing education and enrollment services at Delgado's office. The PRCC will continue our collaboration during the following months to provide culturally relevant services to our community. 

Clemente Juniors Prep for ACT

As preparation for their MOY practice ACT exam, Clemente juniors participated in a mentally and physically stimulating day of test preparation and team building activities on Tuesday, December 10th 2013. 

Shortly after 1st period ended, the junior class made their way up to the 7th floor of Clemente to attend various content specific test taking strategy seminars with their ACT teammates.   Students rotated between sessions where they were taught content area specific test taking strategies or had the opportunity to practice their newly learned strategies using retired ACT passages. 

To reward students for their hard work and to reinforce the importance of camaraderie, students attended a 3 on 3 basketball tournament followed by an ice cream social and IPOD raffle.  After 5 single elimination rounds, Team Heavy Hitters beat Team One Goal  7-4.  Despite the losses, Chef L and his awesome crew of culinary students made things a whole lot sweeter by dishing out ice cream and various sundae toppings to the entire junior class!

PRCC Staff Celebrate Holidays, Staff Birthdays and Graduates

On Saturday, December 21 the PRCC Staff had a holiday party at Nellie's Restaurant. The PRCC provided the staff with some Puerto Rican Christmas food. The PRCC's Executive Director, Jose E. López also prepared his traditional jengibre con leche to share with the staff. The staff enjoyed some Puerto Rican cake made by Nellie's very own Doña Carmen. The cake was made to celebrate staff birthdays including Alejandro Luis Molina and Alyssa Villegas' birthdays, and recent graduates including Jessica Fuentes, who completed a B.A. from NEIU, Jason Gaya, who completed his Master's Degree from NEIU and Luis Rodriguez, who completed his B.A. from UIC.  As a thanks to the PRCC staff for their hard work all year, the PRCC staff also received gift certificates to spend at various business on Paseo Boricua.  Following the party, PRCC staff joined the Parranda on Paseo Boricua to celebrate the holidays with various businesses on Paseo Boricua. 
Puerto Rican Cultural Center Technology Hub Ushers in New Year & Direction

At the meeting last Friday, representatives of most of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center programs gathered at the Division Street Business Development Association as part of it's 1st Tech Hub meeting.


The Tech Hub is the PRCC's effort to make the creation and curation of content for its online presence, including social media, a more collaborative effort. We are trying to incorporate staff and partner programs, not only in the production- the writing of content- but also in the web and multimedia aspects of content curation, including short, intensive trainings in photography, video and audio skills.


Present at the first meeting were representatives from El Rescate LGBTQ Transitional Housing initiative, Centro Infantil Corretjer Daycare, La Voz newspaper,  Diabetes Empowerment Center and National Boricua Human Rights Network, as well as Puerto Rican Cultural Center Executive Director José E. López. The meeting, convoked by Puerto Rican Cultural Center Board Secretary Alejandro Luis Molina aims, as José said,"making the PRCC one of the premier community-based organizations at incorporating technology in a collaborative fashion." We are adding representatives from Batey Urbano and Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School for the next meeting.


The next meeting of the Tech Hub will be Wednesday January 8th at 1:30pm at the DSBDA conference room.

"Crime Against Humanity" Travels to Mexico,

It was 9:45am when the first spectators arrived to watch the play Crime Against Humanity; although, doors were scheduled to open at 11:30, and play was to begin at 12:00 noon sharp.


Many arrived in company of their entire families, while younger crowds gathered all enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning in the front garden of El Centro Cultural de Coyoacan.


The cast made of very young Mexican and Puerto Rican artist has been rehearsing for days, and while building the set enacted and continued to memorize the last minute line of the play.


Days before a friend of the human rights cause used his radio program to promote the play, and were handing out tickets to callers that could answer the trivia questions pertaining to Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Within minutes dozens of callers would call simultaneously with the correct answer, showing once again the profound ties of Mexican people to the cause of Puerto Rican Freedom, and its fighters.


At 11:25 people lined up, seeking the best seats in the house, as it snaked through the garden and more people arrived. Doors open and a flock of youth made their way in. Bocafloja host of the event opened with his unique style of poetry/rap/expression. He was then joined by his brother who preformed one of many pieces addressing the new fascist policies in the Dominican Republic against its own people. Lourdes Lugo niece of Oscar Lopez Rivera spoke of his condition and case, as well as of the historical solidarity between the Puerto Rican and Mexican nations.


The play began, and the audience was so taken back that few moved out of their seats during intermission. At the end many stood, while others clenched their fist in tears, as they all realized the cruelty of the torture against the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners.

Instead of exiting the audience patiently lined up, signed the petition for Oscar's release, and stayed for another hour or so asking what they can do to support his freedom.


A special thanks to Bocafloja, Quilombo Arte and Michael Reyes for all of their work and solidarity with Oscar Lopez Rivera and Puerto Rico. Short videos can be seen here.


Oscar's Letters to his Granddaughter Karina now Available in English
Oscar with his daughter Clarisa, left, and
granddaughter Karina

The series of letters by Oscar Lopez Rivera to his granddaughter Karina published online by El Nuevo Dia are slowly becoming available in English. The first 5 of the 13 published thus far are available on the National Boricua Human Rights Network website, with the rest to be available early next year.

Los estudiantes de la Escuela José Gautier Benítez de Caguas visitaron la exposición del prisionero político Oscar López Rivera, Antesala de Libertad.Estamos publicando algunas de las cartas y trabajos que escribieron luego de la visita. 


Querido Oscar López Rivera:


   Espero que se encuentre bien. Le envío saludos desde Caguas. Soy estudiante de la Escuela Superior José Gautier Benítez y le escribo porque en mi clase de Historia visité la exposición de pinturas que usted hizo. Le confieso que cuando visité su exposición presté mucha atención porque era algo interesante.

   Ahora que conozco su historia he aprendido a admirarlo porque usted demuestra que cuando un ser humano tiene un ideal debe seguirlo y luchar por él y aunque no comparto su ideal respeto su lucha y las causas de su lucha. Es injusto que usted tenga que estar más tiempo en la cárcel, usted lleva demasiado tiempo porque su condena es injusta. Nunca se dé por vencido, siga luchando por su excarcelación. 

Su historia es conocida por muchas personas. Además, sus amigos seguirán luchado por su libertad. Usted siga hacia delante. 

Espero que pueda salir pronto ya que su amigos y amigas lo están esperando con los brazos abiertos. No se rinda.



Will Ríos Pereira

Derechos humanos y presos políticos

Publicado: martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Por Nelson W. Canales

No hay duda que el preso político más famoso del siglo 20 fue Nelson Mandela. Encarcelado en 1964 por luchar por la libertad de su pueblo, su nombre fue proscrito y se pretendió silenciarlo para siempre. Pero las fuerzas retrógradas del mal sucumbieron ante la determinación de lucha de un pueblo y la tenacidad de su líder. Mandela fue el Jefe del brazo militar del Congreso Nacional Africano. No obstante su lucha político-militar contra el apartheid, Mandela será recordado por la humanidad como un líder de los derechos humanos.

En Puerto Rico en 1936, Pedro Albizu Campos fue encarcelado por su lucha por la libertad de su pueblo. Mandela y Albizu eran abogados de profesión que pusieron sus conocimientos y destrezas al servicio del pueblo. Lucharon por los derechos nacionales de su gente por medios legales y legítimos.

Al igual que Mandela, Albizu era un amante de la paz que se vio obligado a tomar las armas por la opresión que sufría su país. Ambos presos políticos sufrieron la violación de sus más elementales derechos humanos. Que los dos sean negros juzgados por blancos debe significar algo.

Albizu fue condenado por un jurado antinacionalista en el Tribunal Federal de Estados Unidos de América y a Mandela un juez de un régimen racista e inhumano le impuso una cadena perpetua. En ninguno de los casos hubo un procedimiento justo ni se respetaron los derechos humanos o civiles de los acusados. En el caso de Albizu le negaron la protección de la Carta de Derechos de la Constitución estadounidense y en el de Mandela hicieron caso omiso a la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos.

A pesar del sufrimiento y violación de derechos que padecieron esas cumbres morales de la humanidad, nosotros nos privilegiamos con su ejemplo. Albizu nos enseñó que el odio a nuestros opresores nos embrutece y con su vida nos demostró que la Patria es valor y sacrificio. Mandela nos legó la sabiduría de que es más valioso perdonar que odiar. Ambos patriotas nos confirmaron la sentencia de que el verdadero revolucionario está guiado por profundos sentimientos de amor. Coincidimos con los que han expresado que la promesa de poder lograr transformaciones sociales por medios no violentos es uno de los temas principales que debemos valorar.

Hoy día, mientras el Presidente Obama canta loas a Mandela, mantiene encarcelado a un boricua que al igual que Albizu y Mandela ha luchado por la libertad de su Patria. Nos referimos, por supuesto, a Oscar López Rivera, que lleva 32 años de prisión, cinco más que los que cumplió Mandela.

Además, en las cárceles de Estados Unidos languidecen decenas de prisioneros políticos pertenecientes a las minorías nacionales de ese país. Con largas condenas en las prisiones se encuentran luchadores por los derechos de los indígenas, de los afroamericanos, mexicanos y otros. Peor aún, EEUU es el país con la mayor proporción de su población encarcelada y la gran mayoría de los presos son de esas minorías nacionales.

Por otro lado, el Presidente Obama reclama la libertad del agente de la CIA preso en Cuba, Allan Gross, mientras mantiene encarcelados a cuatro ciudadanos cubanos que realizaban actividades antiterroristas en EEUU. Los agentes de seguridad cubanos investigaban e informaban al gobierno de Cuba sobre los planes terroristas de los grupos anticubanos que operan en EEUU. Me parece que si Obama quiere la excarcelación de su agente debe, como un gesto de buena voluntad, proceder a liberar a Oscar López y a los cubanos injustamente encarcelados.

* El autor es sociólogo y jurista. Fue un actor prominente en la campaña por la liberación de los cinco presos nacionalistas.

Celebran los 118 años de la bandera puertorriqueña

La comunidad de la parroquia San Francisco Javier, en Gurabo, celebró esta madrugada su tradicional misa de Aguinaldo, en honor a la bandera puertorriqueña, que cumple hoy, domingo, 118 años. 

Durante la misa, oficiada por el padre Pedro Ortiz, se destacó la historia de la monoestrellada, y se reiteró un llamado a la reconciliación nacional y a que, desde la iglesia, prevalezcan los esfuerzos por lograr la justicia social. 


Además, se hizo un llamado a la liberación del puertorriqueño Oscar López Rivera, el prisionero político más antiguo del hemisferio y quien lleva 32 años preso en cárceles de Estados Unidos.

"Oscar tiene que estar en nuestra casa puertorriqueña", expresó padre Pedro, provocando aplausos de los feligreses, muchos de los cuales tenían vestimenta u objetos alusivos a la bandera puertorriqueña. 

Ortiz defendió la importancia de la participación en esfuerzos que promuevan el desarrollo de una sociedad justa.  "Hay que insertarse en las luchas sociales, la iglesia tiene el deber de insertarse en esas luchas", insistió. Siga leendo.


La Unión de Abogados y Abogadas de Servicios Legales de Puerto Rico ha sido siempre fiel creyente y defensora de los derechos humanos no solamente para el pueblo boricua, sino para todos los pueblos del mundo. El compromiso con la justicia y la equidad marcan nuestra trayectoria y por ello buscamos alianzas con quienes comparten el sueño de que sean esos valores los que prevalezcan en la sociedad. No es casualidad que nuestro taller de trabajo sea la reivindicación de los derechos de la gente más vulnerable.

Como ejemplo del compromiso que tenemos con la defensa universal de los derechos humanos nos llena de orgullo dedicar la Asamblea de este año 2013 a una persona que por sus acciones, valentía, solidaridad, sensibilidad, sencillez, calidez humana y amor sin límites por nuestra Patria, ha logrado unir al Pueblo puertorriqueño en un sólido consenso por su excarcelación, el compatriota OSCAR LÓPEZ RIVERA. Siga leendo.