Telecommuting 101 - Learn the tips & tools for building (and improving) your telecommuting business relationships.

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Telecommuting 101 -
Team Up To Add To Your Remote Possibilities

You're telecommuting or working remotely. Congratulations! You're part of the 3.3 million full-time professionals in the U.S., excluding volunteers and the self-employed, who now consider their home as their primary place of workBusinessman on a video call chatting to colleagues in a meeting visible on the screen of his tablet

Unlike meeting up in the coffee room or walking down the hall and popping your head in someone's office, communicating with your colleagues takes an extra effort when you're working remotely. Fortunately, there are lots of great tools that make staying in touch simple, plus building your own and the company's productivity much easier. There IS strength in numbers, so team up with your fellow colleagues/telecommuters! 

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