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The One Thing You Need To Do To Get Organized

Ok.  Here it is.  The magic bullet you have all been waiting for.  You only have to do ONE thing to get organized.....just ONE!  

What do you think the ONE thing is?  Throw away all your stuff?  Buy cute bins, boxes and organizing tools?  Never buy anything?  Make sure your house looks like a magazine? Spend all your free time organizing and cleaning?  

Well, as you can imagine it is none of those things.  
The Story You are Creating

Every day we are creating a story about ourselves.  Someone doesn't wave to us......what is the story we tell ourselves.  Our spouse gets mad at us......what is the story we tell ourselves.  A co-worker stops talking when you walk in the room......what is the story we tell ourselves.  

Check out the dialogue going on in your head in any given situation and that is your story.  Is the story you are creating accurate or just coming from a place of insecurity?  Is the story more about the other person than you?  

Take a look at the story you are creating and make sure it is an honest accurate story and not one based on the lies you believe about yourself.  The first draft of your story is just that......a first draft.  Dig deep to find the rest of the story. 



Due to inclement weather, this seminar had to be rescheduled from the original February date! 

I am conducting a one day seminar on March 19, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The City Laundry in New Bern, NC. 

This seminar is focused on helping women live life more intentionally.  Too many of us go through life and simply react to what is happening or go through the motions of life without paying attention to where we are going.  One day we wake up and realize we have been in a fog!  

This day will help you focus on who you really are, what you believe about yourself, clearing some of the emotional clutter and looking at where you want to go.  This day is about day to focus on you is worth it, right?? 

Workbook, snacks, drinks, lunch and fun are all included. 

Registration and tickets are available here:  Registration

About Me, Peggy W. Barnes

I have been helping people strategically simplify their lives for over 8 years as a certified professional organizer and life coach. I am  personally familiar with the need to get rid of the clutter in both literal and figurative closets and I do it with warmth, humor, and straight-shooting strategies. My mission is to guide women to their best possible life filled with purpose.  

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