Don't get overwhelmed by life.....take the next best step. 

Happy 2016!  I love a New Year because a feeling of hope and excitement seems to surround it.   This year I want to focus on the fact that each day gives me that same opportunity, to start over, and I don't want to waste another is a gift and should be lived that way.  

This newsletter looks a little different as I have changed my brand and simplified my own life.  My website is still under construction and hopefully I will be able to share that with you in my next newsletter!  My goal is to continue to focus on giving you valuable content to help you live your life more intentionally and free of physical and emotional clutter.  

This newsletter is all about clearing out your closet - your physical closet and your emotional closet. I get up close and personal as I share my own closet clearing journey.  I even show you pictures of the process - not pretty, but real.  

Keeping it real is the whole premise of my business.  We have all seen the beautiful before and after pictures in the magazines, but that is not real life.  Kids can make a mess, dogs and cats make messes, dishes get dirty, paper piles up and life gets hectic, harried and hurried.  We don't live in magazines, but we can have a home that is orderly, welcoming and functions well for our family. 

I look forward to sharing with you in 2016.  Let's start getting rid of the unnecessary to make room for the necessary! 


I am conducting a one day seminar on February 13, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The City Laundry in New Bern, NC.

This seminar is focused on helping women live life more intentionally.  Too many of us go through life and simply react to what is happening or go through the motions of life without paying attention to where we are going.  One day we wake up and realize we have been in a fog!  

This day will help you focus on who you really are, what you believe about yourself, clearing some of the emotional clutter and looking at where you want to go.  This day is about day to focus on you is worth it, right?? 

Workbook, lunch and fun are all included. 

Registration and tickets are available here:  Registration

Closet Clean Out

This picture is a picture of my closet.  Are you surprised?  Not what you thought an organizer's closet should look like, is it?  
I can promise you this is real and one day I woke up and thought, enough.  I knew it was going to take a while to do it right.  This was not going to be one of those doing a little here and there projects.  This was a full on attack and I was prepared to take a full day to do it and do it right.  Click the link to see how it went!  Text Link
Emotional Closets

We are all very good about shoving our clutter in our closets before company comes over.  We hide what we don't want others to see.

Unfortunately, we do the same thing on an emotional level. We hide what we don't want others to see or what we don't want to face. I find that many times the emotional clutter is linked to the physical clutter and we first have to take a long look at our emotional clutter in order to deal with the physical clutter.  None of it is easy, but it is worth it.  Click here to read more about Clearing Out Those Emotional Closets.  
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I am passionate about helping women strategize to simplify their lives and feel more happily satisfied. I am a Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Life Coach and a sought after speaker. My work brings clarity to physical, emotional and mental clutter. My speeches provide encouragement and guidance on clearing your internal and external lifetime clutter for the amazing life you really want. 

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