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Every year the holidays come upon us and every year we swear we are going to do it differently to make it simpler and easier.  Well, this really can be the year, but it is going to take you making real changes.  
Here are 3 ways to have a simpler and more joyous holiday season.  

Let Go
Let go of perfection
Let go of the way you have always done things
Let go of grandiose expectations
Let go of trying to impress
Let go of the things that really don't matter

Decide what is really important
Decide to focus on the people, not the things
Decide the real goals of the holidays 
Decide to be a little bit different than your family, neighbors or friends
Decide which traditions you feel are worth your time and effort 

Do the things you know will bring treasured memories instead of stress
Do the activities that focus on your goals for the holidays
Do feel free to say no to things that are going to create stress instead of joy
Do minimize gift giving.  Stuff never has brought lasting joy
Do spend less money and spend more quality time. 

How does all this sound?  Too easy to be true?  Well, it's not unattainable. You really can have a simpler holiday if you will make some mindset changes and have a real desire and willingness to change.  Try it and let me know how it goes! 


What do you nonapologetically need to say "no" to? 

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