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Digital Clutter is a relatively new phenomenon that has come about from our new found age of technology.  We have become a society of  digital hoarders!  We have information saved we can no longer find.  We have photos on so many different devices we don't know where to find a photo we know we took.  Our email inbox is out of control and we can't locate that all important email.  Here are a few tips to get control of all of your massive overload of digital files. 

1.  Email Clutter - I am not a zero inbox kind of organizer, but I am a fan of putting emails in folders so I can find what I need when I need it. Take some time to do a search of emails you know you want to keep.  Then "file" those emails in a folder you have created.  Just like a paper filing system, don't make your filing system too complicated or specific.  

2.  Documents - How many documents have you created that you have to go "search" after you have created them?  Again, you need to create a simple filing system so you can easily retrieve the documents you need.  Of course, you should delete any documents that are no longer relevant. 

3.  Photos - This is where we really get into trouble.  We take pictures because it is easy, but then we don't do anything with them.  Now is the time to get those photos deleted, backed up and organized.  There are several places to save your photos - a hard drive, Carbonite, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Dropbox,  or Google Photos.  The key is to delete the photos that are not worth saving and back up and organize the rest.  Photos are just not any fun sitting in a phone or other electronic device. 

4.  Desktop Icons  - Look at your desktop?  Do you know what all those ICONS are?  Are they purposeful and useful?  If not, delete them.  Having too many desktop ICONS is like looking at a messy bulletin board where nothing makes sense and it is all cluttered up with things that are no longer useful. 

Digital clutter is just as overwhelming as physical clutter.  Schedule time to focus on the digital clutter and you will once again feel the freedom that comes with purging unwanted clutter out of your life.  



What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for? 

I would love to help you de-clutter your paper, time, space and mind.  Let me know what I can do to help you!


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