April 2015

April is here, spring has sprung and all is right with the world!

I talk a lot about clutter.  I talk to people about why they have clutter, what to do with the clutter, and how to organize the clutter.  What I don't talk enough about is how much clutter costs.........financial costs and emotional costs.  So, this month, let's talk about the real costs of clutter. 

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Many people just see clutter.  They forget to pay attention to 
how much clutter is really costing them, not just 
in dollars and cents but the seemingly 
intangible emotional cost. 

Let me say this, before I get into any of the real costs 
of clutter. None of what I write is to shame, berate 
or guilt. It is only my attempt to help you take an
 honest look at how you are currently living your 
life and how you want to live your life.  
Clutter is not terminal.
There are ways to get out from under it and get
control of it, although it takes true commitment, 
hard work and perseverance.  I have seen it done
over and over, little by little and have seen lives 
and families transformed. The
first step is simply getting real and honest about
your situation. 

So, what is clutter costing you?  Let's look at some of the 
costs and you decide how much clutter is costing 
you and your family. 

Peace of mind.  When you look around your home do the
words peaceful, enjoyable, or calm come to mind?  If not,
it is time to make some changes to create that kind of 
atmosphere in your home and for the people in your home.

Frustration.  How aggravating is it to look for something you 
know you have?  How frustrating is it for you to trip over
 "stuff"? How frustrating is it to not be able to enjoy 
what you do have?

Embarrassment.  How mortified are you when someone 
drops by unexpectedly?  How do you feel when your 
kid's friends come over? 

 Marital/Relationship Problems.  Clutter causes untold 
problems in relationships. Is your clutter worth the stress
 and strain it puts on your relationship?

 Diverts your focus.  When you spend so much time dealing 
with stuff, you lose sight of your dreams, goals and 
enjoying life.  I consider this one of the highest 
costs of clutter......you only have one life!

 Time.  When you spend time looking for things and 
dealing with stuff, you are paying the price with your
 time and time is a precious commodity. 

Money.  Clutter is costing you $$$$.  You buy things
you know you already have.  You are paying for storage units
full of stuff.  You are buying more stuff because 
it is "on sale" and a "good deal". 

So, how much is clutter costing you and is it worth it? 
If not, begin today,  just 15 minutes, to clear out one corner 
of your world and begin to  control your clutter instead 
of it controlling you! 

These are wise words.  
Be careful about the words you speak,
be present in the moments and 
be careful how you spend your time. 

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