January 2015 

February is the month of LOVE, so I am going to show you 5 products I LOVE to use when organizing.  
Here is the problem with organizing products........you have to use them!  
The products don't just magically make you organized.......sorry to say. 

1.  A Clear Shoe Box
This is one of my favorite organizing tools because it is inexpensive, it keeps "like things" together and you can see through it.  Take a look at the few ways I use it around my own home. 

2.  Over the Door Shoe Storage
This is also a very versatile inexpensive organizing tool.  Look at all the ways it can be used.  The hats and scarves picture is from my hall closet. 

3.  Shelf Risers
These are essential in cabinets or the pantry, if you want to see what you have and to create more space.  There are two different kinds that serve two distinct purposes but both of them are very useful.

4.  Magazine File
These are not just for keeping your magazines in order.  These can be used on desks for papers that need attention, for dividing up your children's school papers or I have even seen them used for spaghetti storage!

    (see how the magazine files are on the desk with active files in them)

(this one is used for bills, coupons and receipts)

5.  Trays for Drawers
These are also inexpensive but keep things in a drawer from getting all commingled and willy nilly.  I use them in my utensil drawers, my junk drawer and in my bathroom drawer. 

Hopefully you have seen something here that will be useful to you.  What organizing product do you use, around your home, that you love?
I'd love to hear about it. 
Life Coach Moment

Believe it or not, self talk is one of the greatest deterrents to success.  
What are you saying to yourself? 
Try talking to yourself in a better more positive way and notice how much more you get done and how much better you feel! 

Please let me know if you need help with any of your physical or emotional clutter.   It is what I love to do!


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Certified Life Coach

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