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Super Bowl 48th Special Edition                

Issue #25January 31, 2014
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Hey 12th Man!


Are you ready for the big game?    


This month's edition of the Seattle FoodNut Newsletter is devoted to energizing You for Sunday's Big Matchup. 

With the Best Defense going against the Best Offense, this could be a real close battle. The Seahawks need your support from kickoff until the final whistle blows. Eat Smart & Cheer Loudly!


Go Seahawks! 


Pregame: Set up a Hydration Plan



Drinking 16 oz of water two hours before kickoff will help ensure you are well hydrated & able to cheer loudly the entire game.


Keep a water bottle handy throughout the game for frequent sips.


Alcoholic drinks can be dehydrating so drink a glass of water in between each glass of wine, can of beer or mixed drink.


  1st Quarter: Pace Yourself  


Food is fuel; but it doesn't need to be a nonstop activity. Here are some simple tips to help you slow down even when the game heats up:


 * Serve peanuts & pistachios in the shell.


* Create food free zones.


* Alternate between higher & lower calorie foods.


*Take an occasional time out from eating.


2nd Quarter: Make it a Soup-er Bowl
Chili is a classic meal for game day Whether you prefer yours with meat or not, here are two varieties that are simple to make, tasty and also good for you.  Take your pick:  Vegetarian Chili  or Tailgate Chili
Halftime: Get Moving
Ok--Time to stand up and stretch! Jog in place or dance to Bruno Mars.

3rd Quarter: Stay Focused


Find your concentration and focus on the game starting to slip? It may be time to reach for the guacamole. Avocados, a major component of guacamole, are packed with monounsaturated fat which works to heighten communication between brain cells.
Click here for a Simple Guacamole recipe to serve with whole grain crackers.

4th Quarter: Crunch Time


Nervous Energy? Feeling a need to munch? Pull out a tray of fresh vegetables and start crunching.  Slices of red bell pepper, carrot & jicama sticks along with sugar snap peas provide vitamin A, C, and folate along with the crunch. Need a bit of a kick with your crunch, then squeeze lime juice on jicama sticks followed by a sprinkle of chili powder.