September 2013
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Welcome to the September Seattle FoodNut Newsletter!


I hope you enjoy this month's wellness ideas!


Activity of the Month: Mud Runs
Tired of regular 5K or 10K races? Wanting to challenge yourself mentally as well as physically? Grab a couple of friends and start training for a mud run. 
Mud runs consist of a 5-10km course or trail that contains military style obstacles. Your strength, will power and endurance will be tested as you climb through, jump over or crawl under these obstacles while slip-sliding on mud.
To prepare for a mud run, incorporate some core strength training including planks and push ups into your running routine. Also, be sure to dress appropriately including moisture wicking socks and lightweight shoes with mesh
Have fun!
Sports Nutrition Gem:
Almond Milk vs. Cow's Milk

The latest darling in the dairy aisle these days appears to be almond milk. Not too long ago "milk" choices were limited to cow's milk (whole, 2%, 1% or nonfat) and soymilk. Now, many more "milk" options are available including almond, hemp, and rice milk to name a few. However, among the options, almond milk appears to be the front runner to challenge cow's milk.


Adding almond milk to a healthy, balanced food plan has many benefits. With fewer calories and no saturated fats, it can help with weight management and decrease the risk of heart disease. A one-cup serving also contains 30% of the daily value (DV) for calcium and 25% of the DV for vitamin D to help maintain strong bones.


However, a  few words of caution if you are wanting to replace your intake of 1% or nonfat cow's milk exclusively with almond milk. First, almond milk contains little protein (1g per cup vs. 8g per cup for cow's milk). Second, while nonfat milk can be an effective high carbohydrate, moderate protein preworkout snack, almond milk  is not a wise preexercise drink due to its 4g of fat per cup combined with low carbohydrate and protein content. Finally, be aware that while unsweetened almond milk is low in  carbohydrates, flavored almond milk can have 20 or more grams of added sugars.


Almond milk  and cow's milk both can contribute a variety of benefits to a healthy meal plan. Be sure to read labels to ensure adequate nutrient content and to know what you are drinking. 

App of the Month: SuperSize Me
Looking for accurate nutrient information for fast food and national restaurant chain menus? Are you a fan of the Super Size Me movie? If so, then you will enjoy using the New Super Size Me app. Use it to obtain valuable nutrient information on many fast food and chain restaurants. Plus, the process is quite entertaining. In addition, you can view clips from the Super Size Me movie by unlocking special features on the app. Click on the logo to learn more about this app.
Disclaimer: I consulted with General UI on the nutrient content of this app.

 Available on iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch devices
Free iTunes Song Downloads to Get You Moving 

 The Partnership for a Healthier America has just  released "Songs for a Healthier America" an album to get you and your family moving. Click on the logo for the list of songs.. Download one or more for free today (9/30)

Be sure to look for our October issue in a few weeks. We will be sharing a CrockPot recipe as well as strategies for keeping health in mind in the midst of  changing weather and upcoming holidays.

All the best,
Amy Reuter
Chief Nutrition Officer
Seattle FoodNut
Featured Recipe:  Apple Walnut Muffins
apple walnut muffins
A tasty and satisfying midmorning or midafternoon snack With  fiber from the apple peel  & protein from the Greek yogurt this muffin will help keep you energized .
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