Is "City Manager" your career aspiration?
Have you thought about what it might be like to be one?
What kind of experiences, professional circumstances, and challenges would take you there?
Thanks for making the ASPA/ULV event a Success!

Matt Ballantyne, City Manager, City of Chino, shared a compelling story about being a city manager at two distinctly different cities, pursuit for his education, and balancing work and family life.    

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"As a current Masters of Public Administration student and future public administrator, this ASPA/ULV event with Chino's City Manager, Matt Ballantyne, was a great learning experience.  His speech confirmed my passion for public service.  This event was rewarding to students like myself because we got a better understanding of our career path and how public administration as a field of study makes an impact on our society. A special thank you to ASPA for this great opportunity as I continue to grow and serve the public."
-Paula Afanador
"After the speech, I went up to Mr. Ballantyne and mentioned that I was a student at Don Lugo High school in the City of Chino. I told him that when I graduated, we did not have a stadium, so we had our graduation ceremony at a Chino High School nearby. Now, there is a beautiful stadium at Don Lugo. I told him that I have noticed many positive changes happening throughout the city.  He confirmed that the city has been doing a great job. His speech helped me tie concepts learned in class to reality. This was my first ASPA event and I saw the value in the integration of professional networking with us as students at ULV."
-Consuelo Villa
"The event was extremely insightful as to what the everyday life of a city manager was like.  Mr. Ballantyne was a very personable speaker.  Being able to meet him made attaining a high position in city government very realistic and encouraged me to continue working towards completing the MPA program."
-Rogelio Espinoza Jr.

"This was my first ASPA event, and I was very impressed by the speaker and networking opportunities.  We have decided to pursue a profession with vast disciplines.  Professional organizations like ASPA help to bridge gaps between theory and practice. This event was extremely informative on one person's path and struggles in public service."
- Timothy Boyer
"City Manager Matt Ballantyne shared his experiences of challenges and how he overcame obstacles to inspire future leaders of public administration. I liked the fact he was an MPA alumni from La Verne giving back to the University community."
- Alexia Arevalo

"It was a great experience to hear first hand from a local public servant how we, as public managers, can work in our communities and make an impact. Though it is time-consuming and tough work, the overall challenges of working in public administration make the career rewarding."
-Katrina Beltran
"As a first year MPA student, I found the event beneficial to learn about potential career destinations.  Matt Ballantyne shared a story of his journey to get to his particular destination, which inspired us to keep progressing towards the completion of our graduate program.  His narrative provided a good sense as to the types of personal and vocational experiences that we will find in progress towards a successful career."
-Frank Chavez
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