What's a good way to socialize with your classmates, get inspired about the profession and the career you have chosen, and get tips on how to get a foot in a door?
Thanks for making the ASPA/Cal State University Dominguez Hills event a SUCCESS!

I hope you were one of those fortunate participants at our Student-Professional Dinner Event at California State University Dominguez Hills on October 4th!

The event featured Vincent Plair, Sergeant at LA County Sheriff's Department and an adjunct professor at CSUDH, and Carla Williams, Senior Human Resource Manager at LA County Department of Human Resources.  Both speakers shared their stories on different life events leading them to various career paths, and how staying open-minded and being prepared opened so many doors of opportunities.   

"The APSA student night dinner was absolutely helpful for me
 as a student. I was able to socialize with my classmates
 outside of the classroom area, and talk about peer related issues.  I loved the fact that I was also able to catch up with my old professor who has been a mentor since my junior college days, and has assisted me with great career and life advice. His speech was also moving and seemed to inspire other peers as it did to me they listened to his life and career struggles." Brian Davalos

                                                          "The ASPA Professional
 Student Night was a great experience for me as a student
 because it reminded me of the struggles I have gone through in my life to get to where I am now. Professor Pilar intrigued me with his life stories as I see myself also experienced similar hardships.  His story encouraged me that everything is possible and that everything that happens in life is a teachable moment." Alejandro Hererra

"I thought it was a great experience for students because we gain valuable information from professionals. 
Also this event motivated me to not to
 give up on completing my education. Thank you for this experience and for hosting this special event."  Geovanni Rodriguez

"As a Sociology major, I did not know what to expect. I absolutely loved the event that was put on by the APSA! What I appreciated the most were the guest speakers who shared their insight and gave us very good recommendations as we continue on with our education and professional endeavors."  George Mailat

"What it would be like to work for Los Angeles County never crossed my mind until I heard Ms. Carla Williams speak tonight.  The county offers such diverse services that are all very important to our daily lives.  Her enthusiasm about the value that the County offers was so contagious.  I also appreciated that she went through various ways that students and professionals may seek employment opportunities at the County." Akiko Yamagami

Click HERE for more photos from this event.  

The So Cal ASPA Chapter is planning on expanding on our program offerings to reach wider network of students, young professionals, and experienced professionals in the public administration to help you expand your network of colleagues.