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  MARCH / APRIL 2013  
CE Pro Names Anthony Grimani as One of the Top Most Influential People of the Past 20 Years
CE Pro's recently-announced "Top 20" celebrates leaders who have had a dramatic impact on the direction of our industry for the past two decades. We applaud and congratulate Anthony Grimani
for being included in this illustrious group of pioneers and evangelists!
MSR Prescribes ZSound for Therapy Studios 

We recently reported on how PMI renovated the Mix room at Therapy Studios in record time, and we've just completed engineering and acoustical tuning installation in their Production room. For that space we installed a ZSound™ Trio system. According to executive producer Joe DiSanto, "With the expert engineering and project management from PMI, and the innovative acoustical 

Anthony Grimani, Joe DiSanto

solutions from MSR, we now have two rooms that sound better than we could have imagined, allowing us to create highest quality pro- 

ductions for our discerning clientele. Thanks to Tony and team for a job well done!"
MSR Delivers Dimension 4 Melody System for Totem Acoustics

Totem Acoustics is a highly-regarded brand of performance-oriented speakers. When its national sales manager Stephen Libin approached us to improve acoustical performance in his home office/demo room, we were happy to help. We analyzed the space and prescribed MSR Dimension4™ Melody system to improve sound absorption.


"The addition of the Dimension 4 Melody system was a revelation to me. I was expecting some level of sound improvement - but not as much as I got. The performance of my Totem 6.2 system showed improved imaging, more detailed bass and greater resolution of voice and musical nuances. And my wife approved of the overall look of the room. I couldn't be happier." Happy client and WAF, what could be better!

For more info on MSR's innovative acoustical solutions, please visit our website.
MSR Appoints North American Distributor and U.S. Dealers  

In January this year, we appointed our first North American distributor, Profit Line Distributing (Profit Line), based in Novato, California. Profit Line sells national brands and supplies electronic equipment to the audio/video, custom installation and integration industry via wholesale distribution.

According to owner Jim Haigh, "Although we have been in business for about 15 years, we resemble a grassroots organization of three veterans who have a combined 70 years of experience within the industry. In addition to solving problems, we love to build strong relationships with our customers by providing them with an extremely high level of support and service that will allow their businesses to thrive." 
Working with Profit Line will ensure that MSR's most popular materials - including their state-of-the-art absorbers, diffusers, and SpringTrap bass traps - will be readily available without any lead-time requirements. In cases where installers are up against tight timelines, Profit Line will be able to deliver quickly. Profit Line will offer a selection of MSR's Dimension4 acoustical tuning modules, including components from Melody, Sonata, and Symphony systems.

"For the first time, we're making our products available through a stocking distributor with the main purpose to provide easy access to some of our core acoustical tuning materials," said Anthony Grimani, president of MSR. "I constantly hear from installers how they didn't realize they had an acoustics issue until they actually completed a project installation, and of course at that point they need product ASAP."   

Bjorn's Audio-Video Home Theater in San Antonio, Texas has earned the right to be called "one of the best AV dealers in the entire USA" by virtue of their  frequent appearance in "Dealers of the Year" and "Best Dealer" awards year after year. So what would drive such an accomplished dealer to partner with MSR? Competition baby, competition. It seems Bjorn's recently lost a bid for a significant home theater project to a local competitor that boasted of "having acoustic engineering on staff."


So owner Bjorn Dybdahl met with Anthony Grimani at CES and discussed how MSR Acoustics and PMI Engineering could help out. With its own award-winning portfolio, it was clear that PMI could provide Bjorn's with the kind of design and engineering support they needed. Bjorn's is currently in the midst of a significant store remodeling process and PMI will be involved in this project from the start. We're looking forward to a successful partnership with Bjorn's! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


For over 53 years, Pflanz Electronics has been an institution in Sioux City, Iowa. President Vance Pflanz and his crew  recently defined a need for acoustical support with several installations; one of these is the addition of entertainment rooms for their local Boy's Club, while another is for an upscale home theater space. Pflanz Electronics and MSR are now teamed up and it's off to the races! 
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     First Impressions Theme Theatres of North Miami, Florida is the latest MSR specialty dealer to come on board. Led by industry icon Jeffrey Smith, First Impressions has crafted theater environments for discerning customers for more than 25 years. They are also a registered NCARB certified and licensed architectural and interior design firm with over 35 years of experience engineering, building, shipping and installing private theater interiors worldwide.

The photos below show Jeffrey's ingenious integration of MSR panels into wall structures that easily install into his latest theater design. These walls brilliantly create acoustically correct environments while incorporating a look that is as intriguing as it is functional. Welcome aboard, Jeffrey and team! 

We are excited about the exceptional level of expertise and commitment from our partners and we look forward to continued expansion in these markets.   

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MSR Supports TAD Demo Room at CES
At the massive 2013 International  
CES show in Las Vegas, MSR helped tune the TAD demo room at the Venetian Hotel, turning a typically boomy hotel suite into a premier audiophile environment. To help the TAD Evolution One speaker system sound its best, we used two MSR Audiophile First Aid Kits to treat the bass and sound reflection problems in the 500 square-foot room. 
We placed SpringTraps in the four corners to damp out the strong standing waves in the 60 Hz region. The Trifusers were mounted on display stands to keep the precious hotel room wallpaper intact. All who visited the room commented how great the speakers sounded - the combination of TAD's stellar loudspeakers and MSR's acoustical expertise created one of the best-sounding demos at the show! 

MSR Partners with Wisdom Audio to Tune Datasat Demo Room at ISE Amsterdam
At this year's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam, MSR partnered with Wisdom Audio to tune the acoustics of Datasat Digital Entertainment's demo room. Datasat created a home cinema showroom with a live demo to showcase their range of audio processors and amplifiers.


Helping to demonstrate this gear at its highest potential, Anthony Grimani attended the show and installed MSR's Dimension 4 Symphony 250 system. Not only did the system dress up the black room, it also tuned up the acoustics to optimize the space, creating a realistic and exciting soundfield.

The demo also featured award-winning Sage series loudspeakers from Wisdom Audio; the 7.2 configuration included three L75 biamped line source front speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen, plus six P38 biamped point source surround speakers, and four SCS active subwoofers.  


Other demo room partners included Projection Design (video projector), Screen Research and Tributaries Cable. Great demo, great show!

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We've been getting some great press this year - excellent reviews of our products, and thought-leadership from Anthony Grimani - click the links below to read more.

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