November 2015
A Focus On Climate Change

In recognition of the COP 21 Conference from November 30 to December 11 in Paris, LSF is highlighting some of R4R's 'top resource picks' that address climate change science, impact, mitigation and adaptation. You'll find the entire collection of climate change resources on where you can filter the search by grade, subject, curriculum unit and resource type.
If you send us stories, photos, and videos of what your

students are doing about climate change, we will see that the Honourable Catherin can share them with the world in Paris!! Email us, share on our Facebook wall, or Tweet at us. 

Exciting Professional Development Institutes coming near you! 

Learn how to transform learning to meet the needs of 21st century learner using the 7 interrelated strategies from our Connecting the Dots resource. Reflect on current teaching practices and explore how to bring about change. New opportunities taking place in Sudbury, ON and Winnipeg, MB this Fall/Winter. 
Looking for a unique Masters of Education Degree in Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation?

Cape Breton University (CBU), in partnership with LSF, is launching a new on-line graduate degree in February 2016. This program is designed to help you become stronger, more empowered leaders for sustainability education. Whether you are a formal or non-formal educator, administrator, classroom teacher, or an environmental/sustainability leader, this program might be just right for you!


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Best of R4R: Dirty Air and Bright Lights

This resource examines the impacts of bright lights and other intense uses of electricity on air quality and human health. Given the widespread practice of 'holiday lighting' at this time of year, students will reflect on their own values and practices as they develop and promote an energy use policy.

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