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June-July 2014Vol 5, Issue 8






It is my pleasure to have a second opportunity to thank the officers and members of SILA for a wonderful year. The officers were great support and efficient in their positions to keep us on track and moving forward in the correct direction.  Each Committee Chair performed beautifully and drew the membership to successful accomplishments. The members always stepped forward to provide support for each activity to bring our events and tasks to the expected conclusion.  We had a great year because of the dedication and contributions of each member. It was my opportunity and privilege to serve as President to such a group. Thank you all.



I also wish to extend my best wishes to Joyce Jacob as she assumes the position of President.  I offer her my help and am sure that the SILA membership will step forward for the next year as the always have in the past.


We celebrated at the Installation dinner at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.  SILA Past President and Region Governor-Elect Ginger Cole was very creative as she installed and challenged the new Board and membership.  May we toast the 2014-15 year! 



President Bev 
In This Issue
Important Dates 2014-2015
In with the New
Computer Ed and Safety Tips
History of SILA at Fern Dell
Vancouver Bound
Member Update: Joan Johnson
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2013-2014 Board


President: Bev Johnson
1st VP (Programs): Joyce Jacob
2nd VP (W&M): Jessica Washington
Secretary: Daphyne Howell
Treasurer: Teresa Harvey
Director 2012-14: Diane Vernon
Director 2013-15: Julie Mairs
Contact Information


For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:


President Bev Johnson at or 818-563-3775.
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438;
Webmistress Ann Read at or 626-919-9202
Important Dates 2014-2015                                     


The dates of several important recurring events for the next 12 months have already been set. Put them on your calendar NOW to avoid future conflicts.


July 19, 2014 - SILA 92nd Birthday at Fern Dell

August 2, 2014 - Summer Planning Retreat

December 20, 2014 - 1736 Holiday Party

March 21, 2015 - Awards/Fundraising Luncheon


May 9, 2015 - SILA Cooks Breakfast at DWC

 In with the New                                         

SILA's Installation Dinner Meeting at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on Wednesday, June 18 was an opportunity to recognize last year's Board of Directors and all members and to install the 2014-2015 Board.
Camino Real Region Governor-Elect Ginger Cole  "uninstalled" the old board and installed the new.
Vice President and Incoming President Joyce Jacob  acknowledged Outgoing President Bev Johnson's eclectic interests as she presented Bev with a unique orchid plant and a gift card to be used on any of those varied interests.
The 2014-2015 board members are
Joyce Jacob, President; Carole  Oglesby, 1st Vice President;
Daphyne Howell, 2nd Vice President; Bev Johnson, Secretary; Teresa Harvey, Treasurer; Barbara Jury, Director 2014-16; Julie Mairs, Director 2013-15. The delegates are Joan Johnson, 2014-16; Carole Oglesby 2013-15; Jeri Durham Alternate Delegate 2014-16; and Jessica Washington Alternate Delegate 2013-15.
A good indicator of the what can be expected next year: Joyce's theme for the 2014-15 year is ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Computer Ed and Safety Tips                                               by Joyce Jacob


Do you know the answers to these questions? 

1) Is this the end of Windows XP?

2) What is the Heartbleed Bug?

3) What are Facebook Burglars?


SILA Program Speaker on May 7th was Jim Henderson, HJR Computer Consultant.


This was his second presentation and each member present was very interested and concerned about the above questions and many more that Jim answered.


How to deter Facebook burglars? 1) Stop using Facebook as your only means to communicate. 2) Go on vacation and update Facebook when you return home (or Twitter or Instagram and all the others). 3) Do all the things you used to do before Facebook invaded our lives: get a house sitter; tell a neighbor to collect your mail, etc.


Jim publishes a quarterly newsletter with tips and information for and about computer usage and safety. If anyone would like to receive a copy, just send your e-mail address to and make the subject line "Opt-In for Newsletter" and he will add you to his distribution list. Your e-mail will not be used for any purpose other than to send the newsletter or for highly important computer warnings if the information cannot wait for the next published newsletter.

History of SILA at Fern Dell                                             by Joyce Jacob    


May 21st was the last SILA Program Meeting for the year and what a great opportunity to have an outstanding speaker, Mariam Dodge, 1st VP and Secretary for Friends of Griffith Park.


Mariam provided a broad history of Griffith Park, the water issues that are developing today, what kind of animals live in the park, how they are tracked, and their future.


Then she gave a wonderful history on Soroptimist Grove in Fern Dell, including two articles from the Los Angeles Times.


1932: SOROPTIMIST TO CELEBRATE CLUB FOUNDING. Tuesday will be a gala day for the Los Angeles Soroptimists when they celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of their organization with the presentation of the bench, the dedication of the Soroptimist Walk and Grove, and the planting of trees by past presidents in Fern Dell at the entrance to Griffith Park. Grace Stoermer is to make the presentation and members of the Park Commission will formally accept the gifts of the club.

Less serious festivities will follow a picnic supper, when a fat women's race is to be staged--the winner to receive a set of scales from Mayme Matthay.



Members of the Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles will celebrate a number of important events in its 28-year history Sunday. It's their Charter Day Breakfast, an annual event since the club's founding in 1922. To make it more significant, the affair will take place in Soroptimist Grove in Fern Dell, Griffith Park. The day marks the 18th anniversary of the dedication of that grove.


SILA will continue the tradition with a picnic at Fern Dell on July 19, 2014. Come join in the fun!


Vancouver Bound                                       


Ginger Cole and Sheila Tatum are going to Vancourver, Canada, to attend the 43rd Bienniel SIA Convention from July 23-26.

The Convention will focus on the power of girls and include many informative speakers and workshops.

Watch for updates on Ginger and Sheila's travels and news from the Convention.

Member Update: Joan Johnson                                      



Long-time SILA Member Joan Johnson is turning 85 (?!) this year and is celebrating with a party in July.

She'll also be celebrating her new home at Villa Gardens in Pasadena, where she recently moved after living over 50 years in her house in Alhambra.

Happy Birthday, Joan!