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January 2014Vol 5, Issue 5




I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and one filled with the joy of service to Soroptimist International of Los Angeles and the many other organizations to which we belong. May we come forward with renewed energy and ideas to have successful and meaningful results to our projects. Let's redouble our efforts, focus on the tasks and rejoice with the completion of well done work.


Our January 15th meeting will be a business meeting with the major focus on the awards luncheon not too far in the future. We also have a collection for "Clothes the Deal" with a focus on men's clothing for the work place and interviews followed by our breakfast preparation at the Downtown Women's Center. For that event we will make a collection of clothing for the women at DWC, clothing for the workplace and interviews as well as lightly used items for their store. What a busy couple of months but I know everyone is up to the tasks.


Special thanks to Jeri for her direction of the 1736 Christmas project and to Joyce for her two programs, one on internet security and the other on Godparents organization.

President Bev  





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Remember These Dates for 2014
Holiday Spirit Comes to 1736
A Wonderful Addition to the Houses
Inspiring Update
Award Applications Due January 15
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2013-2014 Board


President: Bev Johnson
1st VP (Programs): Joyce Jacob
2nd VP (W&M): Jessica Washington
Secretary: Daphyne Howell
Treasurer: Teresa Harvey
Director 2012-14: Diane Vernon
Director 2013-15: Julie Mairs
Contact Information


For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:


President Bev Johnson at or 818-563-3775.
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438; Co-Editor Ann Read at or 626-919-9202

Remember These Dates for 2014



Wednesday, January 15, 6-8pm: Business Meeting at Taix Restaurant 


Friday, February 14: "Reading is FUNdamental" at Hollywood Primary Center


Wednesday, March 5: Collection of job interviewing clothes for women and MEN for Clothes the Deal.


Saturday, March 8: Kitchen Duty! Preparing breakfast for the women at the Downtown Women's Center


Saturday, March 29: Gala Awards Luncheon and Silent Auction at the Los Angeles Athletic Club 

Holiday Spirit Comes to 1736


 On SILA members brought their annual Holiday Boutique to the women and children staying at 1736's domestic violence shelter on Saturday, December 21. For the eight mothers and three single women, there was a beautiful array of night wear, robes, scarves, jewelry and cosmetics. Older children could "shop" for their moms, while SILA members assisted the youngest children. Each mother also got a framed photo of their children by the Christmas tree.

Thanks to Jeri Durham for organizing the gifts holiday, to Julie Mairs for the picture frames, and Pam Smith for putting together bags for each of the children.

Following the work at 1736, members had a great time at lunch at El Cholo. There were donations of stuffed animals and toys which Joyce Jacob delivered to Children's Hospital plus a gift exchange. The most prized gift seemed to be a beautiful set of wine glasses which Sheila Tatum took home.




A Wonderful Addition to the Houses                                              by Joyce Jacob


On December 17, SILA was invited to a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for EXPLORE NATURE CENTER at second step shelters of 1736 Family Crisis Center.


This was a very special day, which included presentation by 1736 and the sponsors of this Center; the Mary Kay Foundation from Texas and Arbor Day Foundation from Nebraska. They were warmly greeted by the staff and mothers and children. And of course, the people from out of state enjoyed the warm California weather.


What a beautiful addition by providing a music center, climbing and curriculum programs about nature on the site of 1736 houses.


SILA received special recognition by all participates for the generous donation of the houses to 1736.


Inspiring Update                                                                 by Joyce Jacob                            



Tanya Walters, founder of Godparents Youth Organization since 2005, and former SILA Ruby Award winner, gave a heartwarming presentation of her accomplishments at the December 18 program meeting.


 For the month of June she takes students who have improved their grades in school (middle school and high school), submit an application and then are approved to go on a once in a life time adventure throughout the South and Washington DC. Each day the students have a curriculum to follow and assignments to complete.


Over the years there have been strong connections with local communities and churches, where they meet the bus and provide food and tours. This has expanded to include students outside of California. The motivation of this program has provided many positive stories of students going on to colleges, military academies and are a proven asset to their community.


Tanya shared pictures and the curriculum of this adventure. Now SILA Members want her to have a program for adults. They all want to attend!


Award Applications Due January 15       


The application deadline for three key annual SILA awards is the business meeting on January 15.


The Women's Opportunity Award is given to a woman who is the primary earner of her family and seeking education and/or skills training to enhance her job opportunities. Contact Teresa Harvey for more info.


The Violet Richardson Award will be awarded to a high school student who has already demonstrated outstanding community involvement through volunteerism. Contact Bev Johnson and Pam Smith for more info.


And the Soroptimist Ruby Award which honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work. Contact Barbara Jury for more info.


The recipients of these awards will be honored at SILA's Gala Luncheon and Silent Auction on March 29.