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July 2013Vol 4, Issue 7

President Bev


What a great Installation dinner we had at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Julie made the arrangements at the Club and Joyce coordinated the attendance and dinner selections. Barbara served as Installation Officer. Those who missed the dinner did miss a great evening. Janet flew in to join us and we had District 2 Director Liz Marzaian join us.


Now we move forward to the next year with our Planning Retreat. I will be sending information soon so everyone can be prepared. If you are dying to serve as a Chair of a particular committee be ready to volunteer soon. Teresa and Jessica have made their desires made known already. Please also plan to bring the plant you received last year or at least a picture of it. We will see who the gardeners are!


Once more I would like to thank SILA for the efforts in each of our programs and events making it a great year. Joyce and I have already met once to discuss next year and how we can be even better and how we can share our successes with SIA and Camino Real.  We know how we can make small changes to accomplish even greater events with the help of everyone.


Thanks for a wonderful year and let's move ahead next year. See you August 10th.


President Bev

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Save These Dates
Installation Dinner
Cooking for 100
SILA Travels to Philly for SIA Inauguration
Ginger for Governor Elect!
Busy Lives....
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2012-2013 Board


President: Bev Johnson
1st VP (Programs): Joyce Jacob
2nd VP (W&M): Jessica Washington
Secretary: Daphyne Howell
Treasurer: Janet Elliott/Teresa Harvey
Director 2011-13: Joan Johnson
Director 2012-14: Diane Vernon
Contact Information


For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:


President Bev Johnson at or 818-563-3775.
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438; Co-Editor Ann Read at or 626-919-9202

Save These Dates



Friday, July 19:

Picnic at Ferndell in Griffith Park to celebrate SILA's 91st Birthday! Watch for an Evite from Joyce and RSVP soon.


Saturday, August 10:

SILA Planning Retreat at Hollenbeck Palms. Watch for more details.

Installation Dinner                                                 

Joyce & Bev at InstallationDid you know Teresa Harvey is such a thrill-seeker that she has bungee-jumped from a hot air balloon?

Or that Daphyne Howell is such an avid reader that she reads three books a week?

Or that Julie Mair's mother came through Ellis Island as a baby but ended up as an illegal immigrant?

These were only some of the interesting things-you-never-knew that were shared by members at the Installation Dinner at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on June 19.

Installing Officer Barbara JuryAfter a delicious dinner, President Bev Johnson recognized both outgoing and incoming board members with a beautiful array of fresh flowers. Bev gave special thanks to Joyce Jacob for her unending support and willingness to do anything as Bev's First Vice President.

Barbara Jury served as Installing Officer. She incorporated her personal knowledge of years of SILA history as she highlighted the history and accomplishments of the club before installing each new officer for the 2013-14 board.

Guests included Liz Mirzaian, District 2 Director, and several potential new members.


The new board members are Bev Johnson, President; Joyce Jacob, 1st Vice President; Jessica Washington, 2nd Vice President; Daphyne Howell, Secretary; Teresa Harvey, Treasurer; Diane Vernon, Director 2012-14; and Julie Mairs, Director 2013-15.


Congratulations to all!


2013 Board of Directors 

Cooking for 100                                                             by Diane Vernon

DWC CookingThe recipe for French Toast Casserole:
     10 loaves of bread
     8 dozen eggs
     2 gallons whole milk
     1 pound white sugar
     1 2oz bottle vanilla extract
     1 bottle ground cinnamon
     1 pack butter (unsalted)
The SILA crew, including Bev Johnson, Carole Oglsby, Pam Smith, Diane Vernon, and Jessica Washington, arrived at the Downtown Women's Center in downtown LA on Saturday morning, June 8, at 6:30am and got to work immediately.
DWC 2013They made French toast, fruit salad, and sausage links to serve 100 homeless women.
Carole started on the sausage links while Bev and Diane tackled the French toast. That is a lot of eggs to crack and mix! After the French toast was in the oven, everyone worked on peeling and chopping the fresh fruit salad. It takes a long time to peel and segment one orange let alone 30 pounds of fresh fruit!
With the expert guidance of Monica who is on the DWC staff, they managed to get it done in time to serve at 9am.
After everyone was served, SILA members joined the women and staff to enjoy their own cooking. SILA received lots of thank yous from the women.
As part of the Soroptimist Day of Service, SILA has prepared a meal at the Downtown Women's Center for the last three years. It's hard work, but fun and enjoyable at the same time. 
Cooking at DWC 

SILA Travels to Philly for SIA Inauguration         by Ginger Cole                               


Sheila Tatum, SIA Pres Cheri Fleming, Ginger ColeSILA members Sheila Tatum and Ginger Cole recently traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Inauguration Dinner of SIA President Cheri Fleming on June 22.


President Cheri is a GEM (Governor-Ever-More) of the Camino Real Region. Her home Club is SI of Greater Santa Clarita Valley.






CRR reps at SIA Inauguration


Sheila and Ginger were among the more than 20 friends and family who flew in from California to witness Cheri's swearing in.


Additionally, Soroptimist friends from states up and down the East Coast came specifically to see President Cheri. In all, there must have been more than 30 guests there just for President Cheri.


The event took place at the Loew's Hotel in the historic Philly area and was held prior to the Governor's Round Table (Leadership Training).


Governors and Governors-Elect from the 19 countries in the Federation were present for the Inauguration Ceremony. SILA presented a monetary gift to SIA on President Cheri's behalf. Camino Real visitors also joined President Cheri for receptions both prior to and after the inaugural dinner.


Entry to SIA Headquarters


Additionally, Sheila and Ginger had an opportunity to tour SIA Headquarters while they were in Philadelphia.


It is a beautiful building - four floors of materials and archives, including a bust of first president Violet Richardson, pictures of all SIA presidents - including SILA's own Muriel Morse, and a time capsule on the wall of the Board Room from the 75th Anniversary which will be opened on SIA's 100th birthday in just eight years.





Ginger with Bust of Violet Richardson SIA Board Room




Ginger for Governor Elect!                                      


Elections Ahead


Did you hear?


SILA member Ginger Cole is going to run for Governor Elect of Camino Real Region.


Ginger is currently serving as CRR Secretary and was formerly SILA President.


Go Ginger!! 

Busy Lives....                                


Here is what some SILA members have been doing this spring and their plans for the summer:


London Theatre TourDiane Vernon spent a week in May atttending the theatre in London. Highlights included seeing Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and the Tempest at the Globe Theatre.


Carole Oglesby was in Doha for the annual meeting of the International Working Group for Women in Sport (broke a toe wandering around the hotel room in the middle of the night); went to Oslo in May to celebrate the retirement of a wonderful colleague at Norwegian Institute of Sport (in a walking boot); now has a badly wrenched knee and will be "limping/gimping" around Beijing mid-July for the International Society of Sport Psychology Quad Conference. 


Jessica Washington and husband, Greg, are traveling to DC and then motoring down to North Carolina for a wedding. They are taking time to just do some sightseeing which they usually can't do because they are usually working when they travel.


AZ BiltmoreJulie Mairs and husband, Roger, spent four nights at the Arizona Biltmore in Scottsdale. Frank L. Wright was a consultant on the resort and they saw his hand everywhere. On September 14, they travel from Seattle to the ice treasures of Alaska via the 7th deck of the Holland America Westerdam. Looking forward to travel in a hotel!


Babara Jury is our oldest member and most active in the LA area, volunteering at Barlow's gift shop on the weekends, KUSC music programs, and activities with her family and friends. Additionally, her summer plans are to work on the history of California Hospital School of Nursing with Jonathan Tran, a first year nursing student at Long Beach State University. They are a team! -scanning historical pictures and then Barbara provides names and years on each picture for the website.


Joyce Jacob will be staying busy with family and friends; going to Palm Desert (even at 112 degrees!) - they head to Idylwild or the Tram or the movies to keep cool. Also plans to work on the reading list that SILA members put together.


As Joyce says, Enjoy every day - they go quickly!


happy summer