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November 2011,  News
Volume: V   Issue: 8November 21, 2011
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Jeffersontown High School



The Principal's Notes

By: Marty Pollio


It is hard for me to believe that I am already closing in on the half way point of my fifth year as principal at Jeffersontown High School.  Over the course of the last five school years, some great things have occurred at J-town.  We have been able to make some great strides, and so much of what we have done is a result of the great people and groups that support this school on a daily basis.  The alumni association is one of those groups.  Every day at Jeffersontown High School, a student is touched in a positive way by the contributions of the alumni association.


A recent article in the Courier journal detailed the great successes that we are having attracting students to J-town.  In the past three years, more and more students from J-town are choosing to attend J-town over other JCPS schools.  Our enrollment has increased over 30% in the past four years.  At 1366 students, we have the highest enrollment since 1986.  Our projected enrollment for the 2012-13 school year stands at 1470 students.  We have had the largest freshmen class in school history over each of the past two years.  I believe this is one of many positive signs showing that our school is doing great things on a daily basis.


Although enrollment is an important sign of success, the most important data we can see is our state accountability scores.  I am pleased to report that the students at J-town continue to raise proficiency scores on a yearly basis.  While other schools around us struggle with state audits and re-staffing, J-town continues to lead the way in improvement in test scores over the past four years.  I believe this demonstrates not only the great instruction we have taking place at J-town but also the great students that continue to walk our halls on a daily basis.


Finally, I would like to highlight the great co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities we continue to offer our students at J-town.  Our engineering, welding, ROTC, art and music departments continue to grow in enrollment and quality.  As a result of our commitment to professional career academies and great instructors in each program, more and more students each year are getting relevant course work and also being challenged to become both college and career ready.  Also, it is worth noting that the 2011 Charger football team currently has a 10-2 record and is about to play in the first regional championship game in nearly 20 years.  We are truly proud of the great accomplishments of our students and athletes.


I would once again like to thank the work of our alumni association in support of our goals at Jeffersontown High School.  As we continue on the path to becoming one of the top schools in the state, we are proud to have a close partnership with the great alumnus of this school.    





By: Myra Fugate

 Marty Pollio 2011

Marty Pollio came to Jeffersontown High School in the 2007-2008 school year in his first role as principal. His impact was immediate. The faculty and staff recognized a leader who would challenge not only the students to strive for higher accomplishments, but also expect the faculty to ensure that each student was given the best instruction and the best support for future endeavors. His blend of discipline, educational leadership, and dedication to the total school community creates a leader who is special and rare.


For his many accomplishments, Mr. Pollio was presented the 2011 Russell Garth Leadership Award, an honor bestowed on the most outstanding administrator in the Jefferson County public school system. Jeffersontown High School is a fortunate beneficiary of his leadership.


By: Myra Fugate


STEWART THOMAS, social studies and French teacher, was one of two teachers from JCPS selected for an Educators Trip to Germany for a two week conference with political and educational leaders.


Jeffersontown High School received national certification for the "Project Lead the Way" program which provides a national standardized engineering and technology program with college credit.



JEAN LEECE, '11, was chosen for the All-County Symphonic Band, KMEA All-State Band, and the Concert Band. He ranks in the top 30 trumpet players in the state.


DEMYTREUS GIPSON, '11, was selected to the All-County Symphonic Band


ELIZABETH EPSTEIN, '12, and MATHEUS SILVA, '12, were chosen for the All-County Concert Band



TYLER BLACKWELL, '12, DAVION MCMURRY, '11 & MARSALIS THOMAS, '11, were invited to perform with the U of L Honor Band



MAJOR BRITTANY NIMON, '11, was selected by the Armed Forces Committee, from eleven different JROTC programs in the Louisville area, as the 2011 Distinguished Cadet.



LIEUTENANT CHRISTINA KNUCKLES, '11, was selected as this year's Louisville Armed Forces Outstanding Marine Cadet



Competing in the highest level of difficulty, the WOMEN'S CHORALE earned a proficient rating, and the MEN'S CHORUS was given a distinguished rating.



CHRISTIAN KINNARD-AGNEW, '12, has been selected for the Kentucky Music Educator's Association All-State Choir. He is only one of a few hundred from the entire state to be included in this prestigious ensemble which will perform at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in February.



STEPHANIE STONE, '11, has for the second consecutive year won a National Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Her work will be recognized at the National Awards Ceremony in New York City at Carnegie Hall.



KENDALL LAWTON, '11, won a Gold Key award making his work eligible for national honors.



CARLY SALLEE, '11, won one of five "Emerging Artist" awards presented by the Fund for the Arts and the Louisville Visual Art Association.


KENDALL LAWTON, '11, was one of five finalists in the Congressional Medal of Honor Art Competition. He received $2,500 at the Frazier Museum.




THE GOVENOR'S CUP TEAM, qualified 10 individual to compete at the regional level, winning its first district title since 2004.


 JAMES BROWN, '12, placed 1st in district and 4th in the region in social studies allowing him to compete at the state level.


KEIAN HARDY, '12, won 1st place in both mathematics and science and 3rd place in social studies.


ANGELIQUE LONG, '11, won a 2011 Scholastic Writing Award for her short story, "New Haven."


ALEXIS MUSINSKI, '11, won the Leadership Skills competition in welding.


SAMANTHA KILLERBREW, '13, won the CADD event.



NICK DOUGLAS, '14, and MATT FRYE, '14, won 1st place in Speed School's Balsa Wood Bridge competition.
 Only three JCPS teams scored more points in the state tournament.


CiVAUGHN GREEN,'11, finished 4TH in state.



KENDALL LAWTON, '11, was one of five finalists in the Congressional Medal of Honor Art Competition. He received $2,500 at the Frazier Museum.


By: Myra Fugate 


MARY JANE INMAN died June 3, 2011. She taught Spanish at J'town from 1972 until she was transferred to Male High School. She was known for her world travels, many times including students. She worked with Mother Teresa's nuns, taught English in China and Poland, and visited South America, Europe, and Africa. She is survived by two daughters and nephew Greg Maddox, and niece, Susie Maddox, '77.


MARY ELIZABETH (BETH) KINNEY, school secretary at JHS from 1971-1973,  passed away on June 22, 2011. She is survived by Susan Kinney Smith, '84 ; Richard, Martin.,'80 ; and Mark, '83 .


CRAIG MUDD, class of 1976, died on Dec. 19, 2010. He is survived by his mother, Mary Ann Mudd; brother, Kevin Mudd; and sisters Carla Conklin, Mary Beth Mattingly, and Ann Mudd.


GEORGE HAROLD YANKEY opened Jeffersontown High School in 1967 as the Boys' Counselor and then became Assistant Principal in 1972. In 1974 he was asked to open another new school, Carrithers Middle School, this time as principal. In 2009 he was inducted into the Mackville High School Hall of Fame, and in 2010 he was inducted into the Jeffersontown High School Hall of Fame .He passed away on Dec. 31, 2010. He is survived by his wife, the former Mildred Oakes; daughter, Pamela Cheek, class of 1973; and son, Harold D. Yankey, class of 1977.


NEDRA LEE WETHERBY passed away on Sept. 8, 2010. She graduated from the original Jeffersontown High School in 1941. She is survived by her daughter, Karen Wetherby Welsh and sister Marilyn Frentz.


CHARLES W. "BUDDY" TRAVELSTEAD, JR. died on June 20, 2011. Buddy was a 1973 graduate. He is survived by his mother Mary Sandra Walter; sister, Gail Steele; and brothers, Neil "Doug"; James,'76; and Paul, '82.


TERRI PROCTOR SMITH, class of 1973, died on Sept. 7, 2010. She was a Chargette for three years and later married Richard Smith from the class of 1972. She is survived by her sisters Carole, 1970, and Jackie, 1976. Also surviving Terri are her sons Matthew and Wesley and her daughter Lindsey.


SHARONNE NICOLE BULLARD-JACOBS, class of 1990. died on July 19, 2011. Sharonne was a member of the JHS pep club. She is survived by her mother, Deborah Sanders; father, Wallace Bullard; and brother, DJuan Watkins.


MARK McCARTHY, class of 1982, passed away unexpectedly on August 24, 2011. He played baseball at J'town High School and Bellermine University. At the time of his death, he was an Account Executive with Johnson Controls in Loveland, Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Janet, and his three children. He was predeceased by his sister, Betsy McCarthy.


OFFICER CHARLES BRAD KINCAID, class of 1991, passed away on September 14, 2011. He was a police officer for L.M.P.D. and a Marine Corp veteran. He is survived by Abigail Pinson, also a JHS graduate, and four children.


GRACE STRAIT WETHERELL, a graduate of the first Jeffersontown High School, died on October 30, 2011. She later attended Stratton Business School which led her to a secretarial position before marrying Charles J. Wetherell with whom she travelled the world.


EMMALENE HOWARD passed away on October 15, 2011. She taught math at Jeffersontown High School from 1975 until her retirement in 1992. She was a member of Who's Who of American College Students while a student at Western Kentucky University. She will be remembered for her demanding calculus classes and her love for her students.








In 1975, choral director, Jean Batts, invited students to join her in door-to-door Christmas caroling. Little did the group know but this would become an annual event, adding more J'town students each year.


And the tradition continues! Now they have added a special surprise -- a C.D. of their favorite Christmas songs!



Many of us remember the fabulous music from JHS and now you can hear those same voices, including Jane Rose; Scott Bradford; Debbie, Starr, Pell & Debbie Blakeman; Julie & Tony Pantoja; Kirk Fougnie; and Howard Payne to name only a few.


JHS Alumni Christmas CD 















The JHS Alumni Hall of Fame was established in order to recognize, promote, and celebrate the success and achievement of JHS graduates and faculty. So many of our graduates have become outstanding members of society through professional achievements or contributions to the community. Those post-high school accomplishments distinguish you and / or your classmates as excellent candidates for the Jeffersontown High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame.


The deadline for nominations is January 1, 2012, for the induction ceremony which will be held in April.


Nomination forms are available

on the alumni website at ,
or by contacting Alumni Vice President, Susan Reynolds Thurman


Submit completed nomination forms to:

Susan Reynolds Thurman

1134 Blackthorn Road

Louisville, KY 40299



We encourage you to consider nominating yourself for the Hall of Fame, as we may have no other way to know about your achievements. Don't be shy about sharing your success and accomplishments!


Eligibility requirements and guidelines include:

  • Nominees must be age 35 or older
  • Nominees must be graduates or faculty members of Jeffersontown High School
  • "Near graduates," including those who entered military service early or those who were bussed for desegregation purposes, are considered eligible as nominees
  • Nominees must complete an information profile and provide letters of recommendation ( provided by the committee at time of nomination)
  • Nominees must attest that they have never been convicted of a felony
  • Posthumous nominations will be accepted on behalf of those alumni and faculty members who are deceased
  • Self-nominations are both accepted and encouraged


Take the time to showcase your own accomplishments or acknowledge one of your classmates by submitting a nomination today!

Jtown Old Friends Night 

By: Traci Roederer Tyler

If you happen to be in Louisville for the Thanksgiving Weekend please join some old friends for cocktails & catching up at Louisville Pizza Co., on Ruckriegel Parkway Saturday the 26th at 8PM. Please feel free to pass this invite on to your friends as well. The more the merrier. The band on that night is Dishman & Ballard (J-town Boys). Should be a fun night.           Facebook Event Link - Click Here 


If you can't make it that night then please have a wonderful holiday season.... The J-Town Alumni Association. We also have a new Group on FB. It's called Jeffersontown High School Alumni. Please join so we may keep you up to date with the latest info going on with our Alumni Assoc.

Jtown Alumni Facebook Page - Click Here

Join Us ! Make a Difference !


Come out, join us at the JHS Alumni Association meeting, which is held on the second Wednesday of each month, at Johnny V's Restaurant on Gaslight Square in Jeffersontown.


We are making a difference for the Jeffersontown High School students, faculty, alumni & supporters. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday night to join the fun !!


Let us know you are coming, email us at .

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