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NEWSLETTER - September 9, 2014

  First mowing

Fall has returned. This morning's temperature was a crisp 47 degrees, and our thoughts are turning to washing and installing our winter windows. Despite unexpected household inconveniences and expense, it's been a great summer. Below, we've written about some of these highs and lows. Thanks to all who made our August sale a grand event and those who've emailed or come to the shop to add new antiques to your collections. We hope that you'll enjoy our September offering.

Feature Story


Our Water and Wildlife Summer


It's been a very unusual summer, with weird weather, an embarrassingly scrawny tomato crop, and a couple of large, unanticipated expenses. Yet, Pumpkin Hollow seems to us more beautiful than ever. In the late afternoon and evening the light accentuates the layers of woodland that cover the surrounding hills and intensifies the three-dimensional landscape on every side.


Living in the country, we share our world with other creatures, and this summer has been particularly rich in this regard as well. This month's feature story tells of a few of these encounters. Click here to read it.

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September 2014 

I see you!  We weren't the only ones to notice an unusual visitor in the meadow. For a closer look at what's captured this crow's attention, click the picture.

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