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NEWSLETTER - August 12, 2014

2014 Tax Holiday Sale Issue
September Morning
Our annual
Tax Holiday Weekend Sale
will take place this weekend
August 16 & 17 

Everything discounted by 20% or more

Our big news this week is about our annual Sales Tax Holiday Sale, which will take place this weekend in our shop AND online. 

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Thanks to all who wrote to commiserate with us during our septic tank crisis last month. The episode has caused us to redefine a familiar word.


Flush. v.t., to send undesirable water to a septic tank.


Flush. adj., What you're no longer after paying for a new septic tank.


We're in much better shape this month. The grass is growing in again and all systems are operating as they should.


Click here for a picture of the aftermath.

That's it for this month.

Look for an email about our sale, arriving around 6:00 on Friday evening.


John and Jan