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NEWSLETTER - July 22, 2014
Septic tank
Since last month's newsletter, we've been experiencing what one friend called "country troubles." When our May electric bill was nearly three times the average, we knew that something was not right. After a series of misleading and costly investigations, we discovered the problem: an aged effluent pump being overtaxed by a leaking septic tank. Now, after nearly a month of excavation, demolition, and installation, which included two weeks without running water (inflow was no problem; outflow was another story) and a weekend deluge that threatened our home and caused us to cancel our first show in thirty years, the yard has nearly been returned to normal, but for the leveling of two large piles of topsoil and replanting of grass.

This month's somewhat abbreviated newsletter contains a picture story of our visit to Montreal's Jardin Botanique and an announcement of our annual Tax Holiday Weekend SaleThe Massachusetts legislature, in another brilliant display of political log-jamming, hasn't yet agreed on a date, although the two possibilities are both less than four weeks away. Our plans are taking shape, however, and the sale will take place on the date that finally emerges from Boston. Because of the upcoming sale, we have listed no new inventory this month, but Pippin's Page and The Back Page are both on hand, as usual.

We hope you'll have a look. 
Our annual
Tax Holiday Weekend Sale
August 9-10 or 16-17 
Everything discounted by 20% or more
Tax Holiday
We're still waiting for the state legislature to agree on the date, but our plans are taking shape. As soon as we have a firm date, we'll post it on our website. Final details of the event will appear in an email on the morning of opening day.

In the meantime, click the picture above for more information.
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A visit to Montreal's Jardin Botanique

Click on the photo for a few images taken during our recent visit.


Pippin's Page



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The Back Page


A whimsical creation encountered while climbing Mont Royal.


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That's it for this month.

The shop will be closed during the first two or three weeks of August, as we prepare for our August sale. Start saving your pennies!!


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