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NEWSLETTER - June 3, 2014
30 May
What a May it was! After a very successful Opening, our May Newsletter kept us busy shipping until it was time to go to Rhinebeck, where we enjoyed our best show at that venue in several years. Our Magazine Antiques back issues sideline (see below) was especially active as well; we sent an inordinate number of issues to various parts of the US and had an order from a collector in Australia. At home we've found time to garden and work on a couple of long overdue landscaping projects. We're looking forward to a bit of rest in June, after the Elm Bank show.
In this month's newsletter we list a few fresh inventory items and offer a bit of advice to foreign travelers. Pippin is here as well, as is a random photograph taken while we were in London in March. We hope you'll spend a few minutes with us.
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Elm Bank booth
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How we fund our trips to Europe


Do you remember when Traveler's checks were a sine qua non of foreign travel? Well, those days are far behind us.

It has taken us years to figure out the new parameters of getting money to another country, and on our past trip we learned to our shock that banks are apt to change the rules without notice. In this newsletter we'd like to share some surprising financial facts with readers contemplating a visit to Europe. Click the ATM keypad above to read more.
 Magazine Antiques
We're in the market for back issues of Antiques 
Each week we receive requests from collectors and dealers all over the world requesting back issues of The Magazine Antiques. We have become the most reasonable and reliable source for these valuable publications and, as a service to the trade, we do our best to keep up with the demand.
Despite our inventory of nearly 12,000 individual issues, there are a few holes in our inventory. We'd like to ask our readers to help us fill some of them. Just click the picture above if you think you might be able to help.

Pippin's Page



Click Pippin's nose for this month's picture. 

The Back Page


A curious new arrival to Trafalgar Square -

photographed during our recent visit..


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