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NEWSLETTER - February 11, 2014
We begin another decade
When we published our first eNewsletter in February 2004, we promised to continue monthly listings of inventory, activities, and opinions. We're proud to say that we haven't missed a month in those ten years. It hasn't always been convenient, but we've gotten the job done. An increasing number of readers have done their part, too, opening our mailings, reading the parts that appeal to them, occasionally sending us comments, and helping us to change our business model as the antiques business has made a sharp break with its past. We appreciate our readers (Yes, you!) and we thank you for your continuing interest in what we do.

In this month's newsletter, you'll find a brief listing of new inventory, a few photographs from our visit to Ghent last October (photos from Bruges will come next month), and the usual features. Enjoy!
New Stock Listings

This month's listings include a small lot of jewelry, a few diverse smalls, and three joint stools - one old and two not so old. Just click on the photograph for a look.
A Visit to Ghent

Hubert and Jan Van Eyck's extraordinary altarpiece drew us to Ghent, and we'd like to share the experience with our readers. Photography wasn't allowed, but it's OK to click on the altarpiece. Go ahead; try it.
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A look back 
Stories and pictures from past newsletters
This morning I came across this story from our April 2008 Newsletter. We'd like to share it with you. It's called: 

Getting our three cents worth!

Click here for the story.

Pippin's Page



Click Pippin's nose for this month's picture. 
The Back Page
We had a great Wilmington show last month. We filled our twenty-foot booth with furniture and paintings, and took a lot less home than we brought. Again, our thanks to Marvin Getman for bringing in the buyers. Click here for a picture of our booth as the show opened.

That's the end of our first issue of our eleventh year. We hope that you've enjoyed it. Remember, our shop is open at any time; just call or email. We'd love to see you.


John and Jan