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NEWSLETTER - June 2013
Elm Bank booth
Our booth at Elm Bank
With Summer just around the corner, we'l like to report that it's been an exceptionally busy Spring for the two of us. Our two most recent away-from-home shows were among the best in recent memory. At Rhinebeck we saw many of our old friends from that part of the world, and we had our best New York show in quite a few years. In the subsequent weeks, a few shoppers who'd been considering pieces decided to act on their feelings, which made the weekend even sweeter.

Two weeks later, we exhibited at Marvin Getman's Elm Bank Show in Wellesley and, despite heavy rain and damaging winds during Friday setup and overnight, when the sun came out on Saturday and Sunday, we enjoyed sales that exceeded those at any "away" show in three or four years. The picture above shows our booth just prior to opening on Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, two important pieces of furniture, most of the paintings, and many jewelry and smalls items had been purchased.

Our online business continues to keep us busy. Last week we had inquiries from England, Holland, and China, as well as several from various parts of the United States. We seem to be visiting the post office almost every day. We are very grateful to customers and friends who continue to reward us with their custom and their good wishes. We are fortunate, indeed.
At home, several projects to improve our living space have been consuming all of the hours not devoted to our business. Freshly painted walls are the tip of the iceberg, as we continue to re-fit our home for comfort, convenience, and economy.

Since our activity in the shop and on the road has made significant dents in our inventory, we're including a score of new listings in this month's newsletter: furniture, paintings, jewelry, and smalls. Below, you'll find a link to these, as well as additional links to other regular features. We hope you'll have a look.
This Month's New Listings
In addition to several new jewelry entries, these twelve pieces are newly listed this month. Click the picture to be taken to a page filled with thumbnails of everything. Then click on the thumbnails of your choice for additional pictures, descriptions, and prices.

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Thursday, July 4


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A Walk in Kensington Gardens
Kensington Park
The anticipation of a Spring that seemed unwilling to arrive has prompted us to recycle this picture story from April of 2007. (Those who suspect that we simply haven't had time to create anything new aren't far from the mark.) We hope that these pictures will help you to believe that more seasonable weather is on its way. Just click the sidewalk for some pictures of a lovely Spring morning in London.

Pippin's Page




Click Pippin's nose for this month's photo of our snow leopard. 
The Back Page
A few months ago, we decided to offer an incentive to our customers who live far away: FREE SHIPPING on many of the items on our website. Our decision appears to have been a factor in the increase of online sales, and we're investigating sensible ways to expand the offer. As you browse our site, look for THIS GRAPHIC.

Well, that's all for now. We hope you've found something enjoyable this month. And thanks for being a subscriber.


John and Jan