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Spring Opening 2013
Our 2013 Spring Opening was held on the weekend of May 4 & 5. We're happy to say that most of our regulars came to shop, as did a few newcomers, and by the end of the weekend our sales were as strong as at any opening in the past few years. In all, more than one hundred objects found new homes. We feel that this is an extraordinary total, in any economy. Once again, we're flattered and humbled by the support of all who came to share our excitement and our bounty. Many thanks to all who made this another memorable weekend.
While many pieces left for new homes, much remains. In this newsletter you'll find descriptions of much of the best of our current new stock - furniture, jewelry, paintings, and smalls. We're listing more than two dozen fresh pieces. We hope you'll find something of interest.
This Month's New Listings
Although sales were brisk at last week's opening, there are still more than one hundred new objects in our shop, including the box adorned by this carving. We've listed a few of the best in this newsletter.

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Saturday and Sunday, May 25 & 26


at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds


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Our Fall Opening
 - a few pictures -

Occasionally, one or another of our readers will write to express disappointment at being unable to attend our semi-annual openings. these emails often suggest that we make some of our new stock available online at the same time. While we'd like to put the openings on the Internet, there's really no way to do it without disrupting the excitement generated by the buyers who make the trip to Conway. We feel strongly that this excitement is what makes all the difference, and we have taken great pains to guard it carefully.

But now that the weekend is past, we'd like to share a few photos of the shop as it was when our guests arrived on Saturday morning. The new listings in this newsletter are only a few of the pieces still in the shop, so if you see something of interest in any of the pictures, please don't hesitate to inquire.

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The Back Page
Those who've come to our semi-annual openings know that we're obsessive about keeping our new stock secret until our doors swing open on Saturday morning. So, you might imagine our surprise and chagrin to look out of our barn window on Friday afternoon - nearly a full day before the opening - and see THIS.

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John and Jan