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March 2013
Fields Hill
Pumpkin Hollow from Field's Hill

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In this month's newsletter . . . .

The three areas of our barn that we've kept warm in the winter months - our office, showroom, and workshop - each contain a direct-vent kerosene heater. These efficient devices have kept us warm during the past dozen or so winters. This year, when the cost of kerosene threatened to exceed five dollars a gallon, we made the decision to close for the winter and move our office inside, heating only our workshop, where we store liquids and chemicals. This is the fourth newsletter written in the comfort of our second-floor den. It's nice to be warm and snug.
Although our shop hasn't been open, our business certainly has. We've done only two away-from-home shows in 2013; our third will be Rhinebeck, which won't happen until late May. Nonetheless, we've been doing business online, saving a great deal on gasoline, as well as kerosene.
February saw our first exclusively online event, our Presidents' Week Online Sale, which was even more successful than we  had hoped. Planning the event and designing the vehicle for its presentation presented an engaging challenge which, with minor bugs, was very gratifying. We thank all of our readers who had a look at what was on offer and especially to those of you who contributed to its fiscal success. You'll find a link to a story about the sale later in this newsletter.
You'll also find New Stock Listings, including several additions to our Paintings and Jewelry Galleries. Our new feature, A Look Back, offers a reprise of two stories about a great piece of oak furniture we sold (three times!) a few years ago. And, of course, Pippin's Page and The Back Page will be down near the bottom.
We hope you'll have a look.
This month's new listings
January Snow
Featured this month is a varied grouping of paintings and other artwork, including seven landscapes by Dennis Sheehan. There's also a particularly appealing selection of period jewelry, a seventeenth-century oak coffer, and a painted child's bed - one of the most attractive pieces of antique furniture in our recent sale, and the only one that didn't sell. Click the above painting by Rachel Grainger Hunter to see these new listings.

Our Presidents' Week Event

guest room

When we decided to turn this upstairs chamber into a bone fide guest room, one of our most pressing concerns was what to do with the Connecticut Valley furniture and the dolls and toys that helped to give this space its charm.
(Click the picture for a report on the sale.)
A look back
Stories and pictures from past newsletters
The Sixty-three Inch Court Cupboard

Court cupboard
This story appeared in two installments in our March and May 2005 newsletters. We've edited them together into a tale we enjoy reliving. Click on the picture if you're interested in doing the same.

What's happening
Our shop will continue to be open by appointment through the month of April.  We'll re-open on May 4 & 5 for our annual Spring post-England weekend, and then will keep regular hours on Sundays. If you'd like to stop in, just give us a call.

Pippin's Page

Click on Pippin's nose for this month's photo.

The Back Page

During the weeks prior to our Presidents' Day Sale, we teased our readers with a picture of the room from which most of the sale items came. Now that the sale is over and we've finished the transformation of that space into a guest room, we thought that a before/after shot might be timely.
Click here  if you agree.
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