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April 9, 2016  
Upcoming Events  
Tuesdays, March 29-April 26th -- Landscape for Life Course

April 16 -- 14th Annual Oyster Roast

April 17 -- Bat House Workshop, 1-3 PM

April 23 -- River Cleanup, 9-Noon

May 7 -- First Spring Bird Walk at Pleasure House Point

River Cleanup 

Saturday, April 23rd


9:00- Noon

For more information or to register, contact

or call 757-962-5398



Native Plant:

Mountain Laurel 

  Mountain Laurel
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Pearl Home

Tip of the Month:
Are our sunny spring days making you think about your garden again?


As you start to plan for this year's garden, think about removing some of your turf grass and replacing it with a planted bed. 

Mulched beds with native shrubs, perennials, and colorful annuals will add beauty to your landscape.  At the same time, they allow rainwater to soak into the ground rather than running off into the storm drain and into our rivers and lakes. 


In addition, native plants are designed for our climate conditions and once established should not need irrigation or fertilizer.  This is an added benefit to our rivers and lakes. 


Fertilizer runoff is a major cause of excess algae and dead zones in our waterways. 


For more information, visit the Pearl Home section of our website,


Mary Paul Callis's Pearl Home


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So Many Opportunities to Get Involved in 2016. 
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14th Annual LRNow Oyster Roast
Order your tickets today
Oyster Roast 2011 3

Join the fun!
Delicious Beach Bully BBQ
Lynnhaven Oysters
Beer, Wine, and Finlandia Cocktails
Oyster Shucking Contest
Silent Auction and Basket Lotto
More Perfect Jones Bluegrass Band
Gorgeous Location on the Lynnhaven River 
There are several ways to order your tickets:
1.  Go on our website,, and follow the link on the home page.
2.  Return the RSVP card in your invitation to our office at 3663 Marlin Bay Drive, Brock Environmental Center, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.
3.  Call our office at 757-962-5398 to place an order.
4.  Email and she will respond to your request. or
5.  Stop by our office at the Brock Environmental Center to purchase your tickets in person. 

 See you at the Oyster Roast!
Oyster Roast 4Oyster Roast 2011 2
Build A Bat House
Natural Mosquito Control Workshop
Sunday, April 17th, 1-3 PM
Brock Environmental Center 

Did you know that each Little Brown Bat can eat 1,200 mosquitoes per hour?

Build and decorate a bat house to help our local bat populations, and learn about other ways that you can help control mosquitoes naturally!

We will provide all materials, tools, and instructions for installation.
Cost is $50 and you will take your bat house home the same day.

To register, call 757-962-5398 or email  Spaces are limited.  Prepayment is required to hold your space.
Thank you.

First Spring Birdwalk

Saturday, May 7, 7:30 AM

Pleasure House Point

Join LRNow staff and Audubon Society guides for a birdwalk at Pleasure House Point.
We will meet at 7:30 AM, Saturday, May 7th, on Marlin Bay Drive for a pleasurable and interesting walk at Pleasure House Point. 
The walking pace is gentle with frequent stops for viewing and photography.  Total walk is less than three miles
This is a good opportunity to join knowledgeable birders at Pleasure House Point whether you are experienced or a beginner. 
For more information or to register, contact or call 757-962-5398.
April Native Plant of the Month:
Mountain Laurel

Kalmia latifolia


Height: 5-15 feet
Spread: 5-15 feet
Prefers part shade and
moist, acidic, humusy, well-drained soils
Flower color: rose to white with purple markings
Broadleaf evergreen, shrub or small tree
Limited quantities are available.
$55 for 2-3 gallon size
To order, contact or
call 757-962-5398