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Mid-summer is now upon us, but important work within the landscape remains. In this edition, we'll highlight important cultural practices to keep your lawn looking its best. We'll also address the importance of pruning shrubs at the proper time of year in order for them to thrive. 

ND recommends several cultural practices to keep your lawn looking great.
A magnificent lawn requires more than just fertilizer, proper watering, and good mowing practices to keep it staying full and green. 
Core aeration is one of the most important practices to maintain a healthy lawn. 

This process involves the use of a machine to remove cores of soil from your lawn. It also allows for improved infiltration of water, fertilizer, and oxygen down into the root zone where it can be properly utilized, improving the growth and vigor of the turf. Core aeration can also reduce soil compaction. In turn, the grass plants become better equipped to withstand the stresses of drought due to a deeper root system. 

Since this process disturbs the soil and open areas where the seed can come into good soil contact, it is usually recommended to over-seed at the same time.  

Another component of lawn renovation is called slice seeding. A machine with a series of blades disturbs the soil so that the seed it dispenses has a good seedbed for which to grow. This is often used to fill in especially thin areas of the lawn that may need additional preparation than just aeration to ensure good seed-soil contact.  

It is recommended to core aerate your lawn at least every other year to help the lawn stay healthy. If you have not had your lawn aerated recently, give us a call. Our sister company, GrassMaster Plus, would be happy to provide you with a free quote for this service. 
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Article By: Vicki Raffle, Ph.D., MCA
Employee On Staff
Now is the time to prune certain evergreens and spring flowering shrubs.

Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Andromeda are just a few examples of shrubs many plant  for their stunning spring color. Pruning at the wrong time of year can cost you next year's flowers. Furthermore, pruning particular evergreens at the  wrong time of year can result in damage or death of new growth due to frost. 

These are just some of the reasons you should let a professional prune your shrubs. Not only will they be pruned at the correct time of year, but they will be handled properly to encourage new growth resulting in an overall good form for the shrub. The outcome will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also allow for good air flow through the crown, reduce insect and disease issues, and become less prone to winter damage. 

Article By: Vicki Raffle, Ph.D., MCA
Employee On Staff

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