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Food. Water. Shelter.
Photo of a bobcat by Richard Popovic Conserving land for the wildlife

Tucked away near Surry Mountain in Gilsum, N.H., sits a small, beautiful valley. It has fields and meadows, and Hammond Brook runs through it. The surrounding forests connect to a 6,600-acre block of land unbroken by roads.
These elements make this place highly desirable habitat for wildlife, in fact it's ranked among the best in the state.
But what if...
"The sightings and sounds of wildlife are really wonderful."  - Catherine Skove, Gilsum, N.H.
Cabbage -- from harvest to table
Photo of a cabbage head by Katrina Farmer
A new recipe to try this season

With cold weather returning to New Hampshire, nothing satisfies quite like a delicious, warm dish made with locally grown ingredients. This recipe for Polish cabbage, potato and bacon casserole, courtesy of Tracie's Community Farm in Fitzwilliam, makes for a delightful blend of savory and tart flavors that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Photos from the field
Photo of mushrooms by Emily Hague
Using a camera to journal

You never know what you'll find when out in the woods. Each year our team of volunteer land stewards traverses hundreds of miles to observe and document changes to the land. "Sometimes I see a really neat mushroom and I take a picture of it," Norman Spicher says. Check out some of his pictures from this year's monitoring visits.

Tips for using a trail cam
Photo of a trail game camera by Rick Brackett
Get better images, more results
Whether you want to learn about wildlife on your land or are homing in on a prized buck, a trail camera could provide impressive results (click here to view recent footage from a local game camera). However, properly setting up a trail camera takes preparation and practice. For tips and tricks to help you get the best shot, check out this article.

Ryan Owens
I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for loving the Monadnock region as much as you do. Every year, families and communities from around the region contact us about protecting their land.
It's because of the ongoing and growing support of people like you that we continue to make land conservation dreams come true. Thank you so much for caring about our beautiful New Hampshire woods, wildlife, clean water and local food.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens
executive director
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Photos by Anne McBride, Richard Popovic, Katrina Farmer, Emily Hague, Rick Brackett and Emily Hague.
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