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Fashion Files: May 2013

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May 2:  Houston Panhellenic Luncheon, Jr. League of Houston


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May 2-4: Spring Extravaganza at Brookwood Community in Brookshire

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We want to help you!

Let me and my gals help you clean out that closet and help you shop.  What is holding you back?  

Here are the top 5 issues I hear when I tell people what I do...


1.  I would be so embarrassed!  Don't worry - we have seen just about everything!  You can't shock us!

2.  Everything is so old - It means so much to me.  We can help you decide what to keep and how to manage the rest.  There was a time for everything, but it may not be now.  

3.  It is such a mess!  This is EXACTLY why we should come in!  We can do it a lot quicker than you can.  It's kind of like pulling off the bandaid.  It may hurt a little, but the result is worth it.

4.  You are going to give away everything!  I have never given away everything in someone's closet.  There are redeeming qualities in there that we will find and help you fix.

5.  I need to lose that last 5-10 pounds before you come!  If you have been trying to lose that last amount of weight for more than a year, you may have settled in.  This may not be what you want to hear, but wouldn't you rather have your closet full of things that fit and that you like?   Your confidence with sky rocket if you let us fix it.


We can make your life so much better!  That closet space is where you start and end your day.  Make it one you are proud to show off!


We can do gift certificates for all of our services.  We charge by the hour.  And you can buy a certificate in any amount. 

Contact Rebecca to find out how we can best help you.


Emily Elliott's Top 5
Mother's Day is coming up and as a Mother of Lucy (7) and Byron (4) I get a random mix of gifts.  Everything from handmade love tokens to special crafts.  I love these treasures - however here is what is on my "wish" list.

1.  Clutch (L: Elaine Turner, R: H&M)
        2.  Perfume (Bond)

3.  Bath Robe (Hanro)                           4.  Jewelry (L: J. Crew, R: Zara)

5.  Scarf (L: Calypso, C: H&M, R: Stella & Dot)

Natalie's Mix
Some great ideas for the Graduate in your life...

  This  custom case from is only $39.  Upload their favorite pic and they will put it on the case.  Order now to get here in time for graduation.

Kate Spade necklace $128 at  Great first set of pearls for that special girl.  

Give your favorite guy this durable Dopp kit from Tumi.  Known for being rugged and stylish, this is a must have! $135 (

Emily Curry's Notes

Here are some great ideas for Mother's Day from Stella & Dot


Rebecca can get you fixed up on the fly!


Light and airy...















Fun and chunky...









Mother's Day Gifts

We can get you a gift certificate pretty darn fast!  Email Rebecca at

We can order anything from Stella & Dot.  
Go to to see the entire line. Great selections for jewelry, scarves, and now great handbags and totes! 
Rebecca's favorite bag of all time..

   This bag goes 3 ways. It's over the sholder, as a cross body and as a clutch.  Great leather - in black and brown.  Just $258.  I know it might seem pricey- but it is the ONLY bag I travel with.  This leather from Stella & Dot rivals any from Coach or Burberry!

"Elegance Does Not Consist In Putting On A New Dress."

-Coco Chanel


Rebecca  713-444-0313

Emily  Elliott 713-447-5879

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