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Fashion Files: November 2011
From Rebecca


Now that Halloween is over, you will notice a lot of Christmas catalogs coming out.  Look for "early Black Friday" deals on many websites.  Be careful though - only make the purchase if it's marked down at least 20% and you were planning to buy it anyway. 


November is a great time to get your sweaters in tip-top shape.  As you are pulling them out to keep yourself warm, you need to check a couple of things:


1.  Check for pilling - if it is minimal (under the arms, in small patches), you can use a depiller to clean it up.  If the whole sweater is covered, then it is probably time to say goodbye.  

 2.  If you have a small ridge of elastic at the bottom of your cardigans, look to see if it has shrunk.  I find that in these sweaters, the elastic part shrinks and the rest of the sweater either grows or becomes "roundy" around your waist.  You need to say goodbye to these- nobody needs a sweater to accentuate our tummies or create a muffin top when there isn't one there.

3.  Look for discoloration - this will generally occur under the arms.  Just as your white shirt gets yellow stains under the arms, this will also happen in a sweater.  The color may not be yellow - so look for a lighter shade of the color of the sweater.  Once this happens - you've got to let it go.    

4.  Have they lost their shape?  Some sweaters after cleaning, lose their shape.  Some can be "reblocked" to bring the shape back.  You can do this by washing the sweater and pulling it back to shape while it is wet.  Let it dry flat.  If they have stretched out - you can try to put them in the dryer to shrink them down - but beware and be careful.



Emily's Top 5

 1. If you missed Bill Cunningham New York at the MFA, go directly to Netflix and rent it NOW. The original "On the Street" fashion photographer for the New York Times.

 Bill Cunningham


2. Ann Taylor - Ponte Slim Trousers ($98) - Black. THE knit pant for winter...with flats, heels or boots. And the 33" inseam is a dream for tall gals!


3. NOW Coconut Oil - Great for those dry feet and hands that come along with the winter season. Or since we are in Texas, good on the mosquito bites... NOW


4. Suniva Belt from Anthropologie!!! ($58) What a wonderful way to spice up a LBD for the holiday season.

Sunvia Belt


5. Before the deluge of calorie-laded holiday parties, get on track at Define. This month Image and Style clients get their first class free AND a 15% discount on any retail items! Mention "Image and Style" to redeem. Do not miss the "Define Mind" class. Trust me.




We Can't Wait to Try

JCPenney's new line of evening wear from American Living. Special occasion dresses, all under $150. The lines are so simple on these gowns, just one can get you through the entire season with a quick change of accessories. Brilliant!

American Living


These adorable soaps as a unique hostess gift. Affordable ($19 for 3), cute and they feel amazing!

 Boy Scout Soap

While we wait for the weather to cooperate with our fall wardrobe, why not settle for a new pair of seasonal shades? Swap out your tortoise shell and white sunglasses for an olive green or other dark hue.


November Events

- In The Woodlands, the Junior League hosts their Holiday Market, Nov. 4-6 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel. Just $10 for three full days of shopping! 

JL Holiday Market 


- Saturday, Nov. 10th, don't miss Le Garage Sale, the ingenious event that allows downtown dwellers without garage space to offer their unwanted treasures. Lucky us!

- November 10-13th, Nutcracker Market. Need we say more? But follow the lead of the diehard fans who know the best night to shop isWednesday, Nov. 9th at the Preview Party!Nutcracker Market 






- Hemline! Expanding in November into River Oaks. A great little store in the Village, we're looking forward to frequenting the new locale!





"Building a well-balanced, versatile wardrobe takes time and thought.  It isn't a spring - it's a marathon.  Invest wisely and you'll always finish first." 
-- Nina Garcia, Fashion Director Marie Claire


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