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Fashion Files: May 2011
Image & Style Events
May 4:  Strake Jesuit Mother's for Others Luncheon and Style Show
May 8:  Mother's Day.  Treat Yourself!  Request a Mother's Day Gift Certificate for our services!
June 7:  2011 Susan G Komen Impact Awards Luncheon and Style Show
Local Events
May 7th & 8th:  Houston International Festival Celebrates Asia.  Great music, food and crafts.  Check out for schedules and ticket information.
May 22:  Art Car Parade runs along Allen Parkway and Waugh.  Pack snacks and arrive early for good viewing. For more information visit
May 25:  Nordstrom Half Yearly sale for Women and kids. Check out the great deals on spring merchandise.

Please refrain from the jumper/romper look this summer.  I know it looks updated and cool - but if you are over 30, it is a no-no!


Bright neon nail colors are really popular right now.  Don't try it unless you want to draw attention to your hands when you talk.  It can be very distracting.


Are you planning on attending any weddings this summer?  Here are some tips on how to make the best impression...


  • Beachfront - wear a sandal instead of a flip-flop
  • Backyard - don't dress like you are going to a BBQ and watch heel height - you may dip into the grass.
  • Church - a bit more conservative and formal - bring something to cover your shoulders during the ceremony.


Fashion News

More Than You Can Imagine at 2817 Westheimer has a great selection of Cocktail and Formal dresses for all your Spring Events.  They also have Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags with the tags still attached.  Call Vicki at 713-668-8811 for an appointment.


Ann Taylor is offering a few pieces for girls in a limited edition line called Little Ann.  The collection will be available online at and in select stores with 60% of the proceeds benefitting St. Jude Hospital.   

Target has some new offerings in their Calypso line of clothing.  Get on line for the best selection.  It might be worth the shipping price to get your size and not drive all over town looking for it!  It makes me want to be on the beach!
Do's and Don'ts

This month we are focusing on Mother/Daughter trends.  Are you confused or wondering who gets to wear what?  Here are the answers.


Trend: Florals For Mom

  mom floral do         mom floral don't

DO try floral in small doses          Floral + Ruffles = Bad Decision


Trend: Florals for Daughters

daughter floral do                  girl floral don't

This is bare but covers up top!                This is a NO...looks like grandma!


Trend: Abstract Prints for Moms


      mom print do                mom print don't

Great print because it's not all over          A bit too much pattern on the chest!


Trend: Abstract Prints for Daughters

  girl print do                 girl print don't

This print falls in the right places                   This print doesn't


Trend: Ruffles for Mom


  mom ruffled do              mom ruffle don't

This adds great symmetry            This is too short and boxy


Trend: Ruffles for Daughters

Girls ruffle do                            girl ruffle don't

 Be sure and keep this buttoned       This looks like something is eating your shoulder!

for a fitted look.



What to buy this month

     Athletic clothes are on sale this month.  My favorite stores for this are Target , Lucy and Lululemon. 


target top      lucy jacket                 lululemon top

Target top: $14.99               Lucy jacket: $88.00                    Lululemon top: $52.00

News from Rebecca

I will be taking most of the summer off.  Call Emily for Closet Consultations and Shopping.


Emily is also making special appointments to help our young ladies who are headed to College.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to teach your daughter the fundamentals of dressing.  Emily will focus on dressing age appropriate, on a budget and offer appointments to help specifically with dressing for Rush activites.


"Fashion is only fashion

when a woman puts it on"

Oscar de la Renta



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