March 2015 - In This Issue:

Bike Austin is thrilled to take part in Amplify Austin - a community-wide day of giving this Thursday, March 5th, 2015. The event, organized by local non-profit I Live Here, I Give Here, will raise $7 million for local non-profits, including Austin's premier bicycling and walking advocacy organization!
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The Easter Hill Country Tour, hosted this year by Bike Austin, is clearly the best cycling deal in North America:  three days of fully-supported cycling in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country from only $45.  Current registration is already almost 500!  We are delighted that we shall be featuring sponsored rest-stops with a "Best Rest-Stop" competition. That, together with the optional dinner/dance on Saturday night, will make this year's Tour truly exceptional. For full details, explore  Also, please "like" the Tour Facebook page



Last month, Austin City Council approved a proposal to fund Austin's first dedicated bicycle signals (aka stop-lights) and detection hardware. The bike signals will be installed at 12 high bike traffic intersections, including some intersections  at 3rd and 4th streets and the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. The detection equipment will discern when a bicyclist is at a stop light, spurring the light to change when no cross-traffic is coming. Both of these improvements will make bicycling safer and more convenient, and help send the message that bikes belong on Austin's streets.


Council members Garza, Renteria, Casar, Kitchen, Pool, Tovo, and Gallo, along with Mayor Adler, voted for the proposal. Please take a moment to write them a thank you note for their leadership by clicking on the name of your council member (or on the mayor's name,  if you don't live in one of these Council Member's districts).



The Compost Pedallers are a 100% bike-powered organics recycling program that makes it simple and rewarding to start composting.  Using a fleet of cargo bikes, we collect organic waste like food scraps and coffee grounds from central Austin homes & businesses and pedal them to nearby gardens to help grow more local food.


Like Bike Austin, the Compost Pedallers firmly believe that bicycling has the power to transform community. And that's not just fluffy rhetoric. Sure, cycling for fun or transit is a great way to stay in shape. There are few experiences as thrilling (or affordable) as flying down a big hill on a beautiful day, and building a connected road system that is convenient not only for motorists, but pedestrians, transit users, and cyclists alike will lead to less congestion and a healthier, happier Austin for decades to come. Through our commitment to pedal-powered collections, the Compost Pedallers have already saved over 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel from being used and burned over 1,500,000 calories for our rockstar Pedallers!    

 Check out their website

As per our Bylaws. Treasurer, Patricia Schaub 


Bike Austin made it through 2014 in one piece, after starting out the year as two separate nonprofits, Bike Austin and the Austin Cycling Association. Last March, we filed new articles of incorporation with the state and became an affiliation of two nonprofits with two different tax designations: Bike Austin, 501(c)(4), and the Bike Austin Education Fund, 501(c)(3). The merger and the subsequent administrative reorganization made it a challenging year financially, with more overall expenses than overall income, which drew down our assets.

Here is a brief report of the financials for the year:

Bike Austin 501(c)(4)
EIN 77-0107548

Profit & Loss, January 1-December 31, 2014

Total income: $56,330.15

Total expenses: $46,208.86

Net income: $10,121.29

Balances as of December 31, 2014

Total Assets: $13,319.44

Total Liabilities: $2,241.96

Total Equity: $11,077.48

Bike Austin Educational Fund 501(c)(3)
EIN 74-2225661

Profit & Loss, January 1-December 31, 2014

Total income: $47,354.24

Total expenses: $72,832.73

Net Income: -$25,475.49

Balances as of December 31, 2014

Total Assets: $6,018.02

Total Liabilities: $12,045.29

Total Equity: -$6,027.27

We are on the rebound in 2015, thanks to the hard work of our staff and generous supporters and members. Next on the agenda for 2015 is making our name change official with the IRS. For example, Bike Austin (c4) still appears under the name of our previous incarnation, League of Bicycling Voters, in Guidestar and other publications. We also plan to make our financial documents available on our website, such as our history of forms 990, and we look forward to next year, and a much more robust report for 2015. If you have any questions or would like more information about Bike Austin's financial condition, do not hesitate to contact our Treasurer, Patricia Schaub at