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    September 2014

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Proceeds Benefit Bike Austin
Oct. 8 @ 7:30 pm
Alamo Draft House - Village
Join Austin Flyers for special screening of
Half the Road, a documentary about women's professional cycling. Anyone who races or rides a bike or knows someone who does, will come away inspired. 

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Drivers Put Down Your Phones
No hand held electronic devices while driving. It is now the law in Austin (starting January 1, 2015).

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Sept 21
BikeTexas 3 - 6 pm

Sept 23
Bike Ambassador Training - BA offices
Sept 24
Bike Austin Board Meeting @ 6:30 pm

Sept 25
Urban Trails Master Plan to City Council

Sept 28
YBP District 1 Forum
3 pm 1216 Webberville Flyer

Oct 8
7:30 pm Half The Road
Flyer's Movie
Benefits Bike Austin

Alamo on Anderson

Oct 25
BIkeTexas Bike Fest

Oct 26

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A special Thanks to
Fred Meredith for his years of dedication and work for Austin Cycling Association and for the ACQ. 

It is a very busy time for bicycling education and advocacy in Austin. Take a look at our recent work enacting our new strategic plan. If you haven't already, please consider volunteering or becoming a member.
article1We Must Pass Urban Trails
Sept 25 @ 4 pm (item #158)
City Council Public Hearing
Travis County Commissioner's Court, 700 Lavaca

How You Can Help

Send an email to city council

Attend on Thursday:

 - Help fill the gallery 

 - Sign up "in favor"

 - Sign up to speak

The Urban Trails Master Plan details a cohesive, connected network of multi-use trails that also connects and integrates with existing and planned on-street bike facilities. Together with the Bicycle Master Plan, it provides a city-wide system of connected bikeways. It is a far superior approach to ad hoc proposals for individual trails. 

Arguments that the plan destroys vegetation are spurious: any road or trail does that, and the urban trail system does far less damage than a single motor vehicle lane. The plan specifies materials appropriate for given settings and usage requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This plan helps the city to "Imagine Austin". Please show your support for this plan by emailing city council today or consider attending on Thursday. 

Article2Ambassador Training
September 23, 2014 | 6:30pm
Bike Austin Office, 1000 Brazos Street, Suite 100

Bike Austin Ambassadors are special volunteers that go out into the community to provide information on Bike Austin and resources to interested folks on cycling in Austin.  At this training, we'll provide you with all the information, resources, and tools you'll need to volunteer to staff tables at events and encourage others to join us in the movement.  

Topics will include Bike Austin's current programs, the history of Bike Austin and Austin Cycling, current cycling issues, and how to promote membership/recruitment.  We'll be rolling out a new membership package soon, along with some great new educational materials, and we need your help to get the word out!

Sign up for the training 
Questions?  Email
Article3ACL Volunteer Challenge

B-Cycle has posed an intriguing fundraising challenge to you, our most dedicated supporters, and all you have to do to raise $10,000 for Bike Austin is ride a bike! 


At this year's Austin City Limits Festival, B-Cycle will be working furiously to re-circulate their bikes as thousands of Austinites ride to Zilker Park and back each day.  B-Cycle needs volunteers to ride their bikes from the festival to a re-circulation station a few blocks away, and then walk or run back to grab another bike.  That's where you come in.   


Sign up for a shift on the first weekend (Oct 3-5) 

Sign up for a shift on the second weekend (Oct 10-12)  


B-Cycle will make a donation to Bike Austin for each person who signs up for a four-hour shift. We can earn up to $10,000! All volunteers will be entered into drawing for a brand new Fairdale commuter bike.


Each time you volunteer, you'll be entered to win the bike - so the more you help out, the better your odds!
Article4I Bike I Walk I Vote 
Yellow Bike Project District 1 
City Council Candidate Forum
Sunday Sept. 28th @ 3 pm
in collaboration with Bike Austin and Ghisallo Foundation.

The I Bike I Walk I Vote campaign officially kicked-off this week. At our campaign launch, Austinites from all over the city came out to brainstorm effective ways to engage our neighbors, local businesses, recreational riders and social media to mobilize pedestrian and bicyclist voters this fall.  
The campaign has a goal of identifying 5,000 bicycling and walking voters, and mobilizing all of them to vote before election day.  To date, we've already collected over 1,000 Voter Pledges!
Over the coming weeks, volunteers will be setting up commuter outreach stations along key bicycling corridors and speaking with business owners to collect even more Pledges. 

Check the Bike Austin calendar to meet up with volunteers in your neighborhood. Email Campaign Director Miller Nuttle at if you'd like to volunteer. There is plenty to do, from talking to your neighbors on the street to office work at our headquarters.
If you don't have the time to help out, but want to spread the word, please share the link to our voter pledge through social media and email:  
And last but not least, check for information about the elections, and our upcoming endorsements of candidates in your neighborhood.
Article5Fall ACQ Cancelled For Now
Stanton Truxillo, Past President
The fall issue of Austin Cycling Quarterly has been cancelled, and future issues have been put on hold. This is a hard pill for many Austin cyclists to accept; one of BA's "parent" organizations, Austin Cycling Association, has published a print newspaper since the 1980's. That newspaper, called Southwest Cycling News, was 16-20 pages of newsprint, with a professional editor, Fred Meredith. When this writer (Stanton Truxillo) moved to Austin in 1999, I encountered a bike club newspaper that was superior in content and professional standards to many small-town newspapers. But print media all around the country have been struggling in recent years in the face of competition from the Internet and free electronic media. We changed our paper from a monthly to a quarterly several years ago, but even that is expensive to sustain, so the summer 2014 issue will be our last, at least for the foreseeable future.

In response to much shorter lag times for electronic media than for hardcopy, ACQ began to focus on topics where time response is less important. The ride schedule moved to the website; announcements of other short-fuse upcoming events did as well. ACQ began to be more like a newsmagazine, with focus on longer-term perspectives, than a newspaper.


It is interesting that even though large newspapers all around the country are struggling and trying to find a viable business model, some small-town papers are thriving. The survivors seem to be papers that serve as a communication vehicle for their local community, actively engaging dialog in ways that Facebook and Twitter don't do. If and when Bike Austin can build a value proposition and business model for ACQ that promises success, we'll bring it back. Let's hope it is soon!

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