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What is quality and why is it important? There are many inferior products sold today. They break, fall apart,  stop running,  pose a danger,  harm the environment, etc. But, quality is not only a measure of the product but the people and companies that deliver them.
EmbroidMe  starts with people. Our staff members have been fully trained by people who have been in the industry for many years. One way the we can assist you to build your brand is to implement a marketing strategy with quality brand names.
Name brands not only provide quality, but they also provide you an opportunity to grow your brand by co-branding with brands your employees and customers trust.  EmbroidMe delivers quality by providing top-name brands such as Liz Claiborne, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Dickies, Adidas, Carhartt, Champion, Columbia, Rawlings, Wolfmark, Devon & Jones.
We look forward to meeting with you to discuss co-branding for your next marketing program.


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You Will Overcome is AVAILABLE NOW! 
You Will Overcome 
I've mentioned in previous notes that I'm a co-author in a new book entitled "You Will Overcome."  The ebook was released previously and can be ordered from here.   If you order the ebook version prior to May 31, 2010, I will send you the printed copy AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! 

Networking: It's An Overlooked Opportunity            by Joanne S Black

Networking is by far the most essential skill for building a business or sales career -- and the one most often overlooked. Networking opportunities exist everywhere -- business meetings, professional associations, alumni groups, sports groups, community groups, weddings, parties and any place people come together.

The trick to maintaining a successful internal network is to keep in touch: don't call someone only when you want something. Sure it takes time and effort to keep those connections warm -- but remember Woody Allen's old adage: "Eighty percent of life is showing up." The more often you show up, the more people will get to know you. That will increase your opportunities.
The same concepts apply for internal networking -- set goals for the people you plan to meet with each week, get to know them, exchange ideas, volunteer for special projects. If you are in a senior position, find opportunities to encourage, support, and help others develop themselves. Whether you are new to an organization or a veteran, your activities are the same. More

Upcoming Networking Events in Metro Detroit
Mastering The Four Bases of the Sales Diamond
Join Minesh Baxi on Friday, May 21 to create a simple but powerful plan,
full of effective strategies and detailed action stepsand get the clients you deserve!  "Friends of Craig" may attend for FREE! Find our more information regarding the seminar here.  To take advantage of the free registration offer, contact Craig directly.
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber - Business After Hours 
This event is open to members and non-members.  Join us on May 19 from  5:30 - 7 p.m. at Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro - 155 S. Bates St.  $10 Members, $20 Nonmembers prior to May 18th, after $20 Members, $30 Nonmembers.  Click here for more information.
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber - Member Coffee
This member-only event is scheduled for May 27, 2010 from 8-9a at Autometric Collision of Troy, Inc - 1728 Maplelawn Dr., Troy.  Find out more information here.
  Generate Customer Referrals Using  Promotional Products
Promotional products not only help advertise & generate goodwill but they help encourage users to provide you with the names of friends and associates whom you can contact in the future.  A recent study by Baylor University found that customers who receive promotional products are more willing to provide these leads than customers who don't receive promotional products.

Generate Referrals

This study was conducted with 20 Mary Kay beauty consultants, half of whom distributed promotional gifts (imprinted lint removers) to customers; the other ten offered no promotional gifts. Both groups then asked customers (200 in all) to refer the names of acquaintances. More Information on the findings.
What Co-branding Says about YOU
Your logo.  Your company name.  Your brand.  You're proud of it.  You've invested a lot into it.  You want to maximize it as much as you can.
So what if you could take your brand name to the next power?  Amplify it?  Magnify it?  Just by ASSOCIATING it with another top brand?
Yes, we ARE judged by the company we keep.  Who we mix with.  Hang with.  Blend with. 


It's the same with marketing.  If we mix OUR good brand with another well known name brand, all the feel-good, warm-fuzzy, big-budget Madison Avenue marketing brand attributes that were touted in their campaigns, spill over into YOURS.  Their personas reflect on yours.  Intertwine with yours.  
Learn More

Sales Tip:    The Five Best Openings    By Mike Brooks

Sales Tip
"How are you today?" Nothing defines you as a telemarketer or salesperson more than that opening delivered in an obligatory, insincere way (the way 80 percent of your competition delivers it).
If you want to separate yourself from your competition and actually connect with your prospect, use any of the following after you give your name and company name.   MORE
Upcoming Events  - Spotlight
Calendar Image
Thousands of organizations and Presidential Proclamations set aside specific days, weeks and months for political, cultural and historical events and causes. Many of these occasions offer you an opportunity to promote your business, organization or product. View more upcoming events.
August 3  National Night Out   Looking out for your neighbors
National Night Out programs encourage residents of neighborhoods to get out of their homes and onto their front porches as a means to deter crime.  Help out local community in this effort by being a neighborhood sponsor.  Provide T-shirts and flashlights with your company logo.  

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