W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day - April 16 
Come join in this Thursday at the W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse we'll start about 9AM .... stop out, pack a box, have a snack, bring a snack, stay awhile or simply learn more about the process of shipping from Wisconsin to Nicaragua!  pic from April 2014

***There are some items needing transport from the W/NP office to the W/NP warehouse, please contact wnp@uwsp.edu ***

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with the April shipment, Click here for pics  We are especially grateful to Wisconsin Lift Truck for the in-kind donation of a forklift for loading day, a tremendous help!

A  Forklift Fund has been started for the day to day forklift needs, the Hyster has certainly served us well for 20 + years.  We will continue to nurture it along for the time being, and are on the look out for a replacement.  

Summer Travel Group
Please contact wnp@uwsp.edu for more information about the summer travel group, June 15 - 23, 2015    Only a few spots left 

W/NP travel groups are designed to expand global awareness and deepen the participant's knowledge of the international community, especially international development efforts striving to meet human needs.  Through voluntary service with Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners, this travel opportunity contributes to a person's internationalization and general education through direct exposure to cultures outside the U.S. 

2015 post travel survey response:  The activity/events I enjoyed most were  "...the contact with citizens of the country, never had so much in any trip I've taken in the past 55 years!"
Backpack Project 
As the school year comes to a close, it's that time of year to gather up items still in good condition or perhaps not even used. 

Left: Dino picking up clean (filled) recycle bins placed at area school to collect school supplies. 

Please invite your teachers, students, and other school groups to join in and realize how their participation can impact another's education. 

"Thanks once again to all donors (especially Kaylee and 4-H Youth leader Cathy Schumaker) and volunteers who help with packing and filling of the backpacks. There is no doubt these supplies are greatly needed by poor Nicaragua children. There is a good percentage of parents who cannot afford to buy a backpack or even the supplies that go with it so these kinds of donations do make a difference for students who come from families of scare resources." 


We are super thankful for the excellent collection and distribution, it takes many, many volunteers on both ends to produce such a positive impact. 

W/NP reaches 50 years in 2015
( Please note, next Quarterly meeting date:  August 8, 2015 )