December 2014 
Happy New Year's Eve from Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners 
A very special thank you to our dear friends who graciously have given of their time, talents and resources in 2014. 

Every action is important and has immense value.  Some projects are BIG and require significant financial backing and coordination, while others are SMALL, requiring more personal sacrifice and time.  All result in a very unique and special impact.  

W/NP is grateful to facilitate a very broad spectrum of activities and for the support from a very broad population both in Wisconsin and in Nicaragua that makes it happen.  People to people is what we are all about.   Thank you, and all the best to you in 2015!

Lending Library Updates 
April 16, 2006 marked the opening of the 1st W/NP Library in Tipitapa, Nicaragua.  Rosa promised to make it a success, and that she did.  Photo to the right is the Christmas festival in the community of Villa Japon. 
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(Note, the community of Villa Japon has great need for a library - contact us if you are interested to help make it happen ) 


Nov 28, 2015 marked the opening of the most recent library at the Erlinda Lopez Learning Center in Managua. Many women from different barrios around Managua come to the center to learn hand crafts, sewing or jewelry projects and often bring their children along.  The coordinators saw the need to have something to motivate the kids while their mothers were occupied in the activities.  


Various people in Wisconsin have been donating books (and bookshelves) to support the existing libraries and help new ones begin.  The WI Rapids Sunrise Rotary fund raiser for an educational project could not have come at a better time. 

Erlinda Lopez LC Coordinators Aura Isabel Arauz and Luisa Arana, were really happy to see their dream of having a library at the center come true. They had many plans in mind already to make it functional and will probably be taking the books in a box when they go to the different barrios so other kids have the opportunity to read as well.   


On behalf of the Erlinda Lopez Learning Center, we extend our gratitude to the donors who made this library possible, and to those who will help to build the collection of books in 2015.  


Click here for more photos of the library 

Thank you to all the volunteers who help make meaningful things happen