December 2014 
W/NP will be having an Open House at the Stevens Point office in place of the 3rd Thursday of the month Warehouse Packing Day.(Click here for details and see below)
Due to various issues including but not limited to...overcrowded warehouse, extreme cold temperatures (remember warehouse is NOT heated), we ask that you kindly hold off bringing donations to the warehouse until the Spring when we resume the shipping operations. 
(Photo compliments of Evelyn - thx!)
W/NP Stevens Point office Open House November 18 

Why continue to ship needed items from Wisconsin to Nicaragua? 
Correspondence from Nicaraguan volunteer who requested a wheelchair from W/NP and saw to it that this man received it explains why we continue amid the challenges: 

.....the wheelchair is a perfect fit for his size and weight and is being using almost daily. The leg-supports are very helpful. As is frequently the case in the USA too, my hospice patient is having significant improvement since being sent home to die. I couldn't believe how well he is doing now after a week of not seeing him due to my own sickness. "Yes, with God and your help Maria," he said, "I am doing MUCH better."

This man who was gasping for breath to say 5 words, yesterday talked and talked, and walked unassisted 150 yards for me to take him to centro de salud to have his (healing nicely) foot sores tended to. He told me he walked 3 blocks to his church Sunday because he so misses being there, but that 1/2 way there he realized he was overdoing. He persevered, then somehow made it home again.

This is why we do what we do, day in and day out.

Thank you to the person in Wisconsin who donated this wheelchair and to all of you for supporting the work of Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners, including Laurence who commented, "When I am there I make it a point to do what I can to help people out with seed money to start a business or to improve there lives in small ways. But you guys are the real deal!"  
Annual Fund Drive and Annual Report 
The Annual Report was published a few weeks ago, below is a link, please take a look to see the wide array of projects your support makes possible. Amazing to see how people who come together for the good of others can really make a difference!   

How to support the work of W/NP  

Purchase Kwik Trip gas and gift cards
at the office, 10% goes to W/NP

Include W/NP in your estate planning 

Support the Music and English classes 
(recorders are $1.78 each)

Contact for more info 

Thank you!!