October E-News Part 2                      2014
Continued from earlier in October, thanks everyone for your support of W/NP!  Arlen said it well when recollecting on the process of getting the bulk milk tank to Nicaragua,
"Yes, it takes a lot of hands working together to make good things happen."  
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October Bike/Hike
Farmer to Farmer
Therapy Dressing Project
Cultural Event in Managua
Annual Meeting Nov 22
2015 Travel to Nicaragua
October Bike/Hike wraps up today! 
VERY special thanks to our wonderful sponsors in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua and all the participants of the Bike/Hike Event who helped bring joy to a lot of people this month!    

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There were events throughout Wisconsin and Nicaragua the whole month, and it was agreed by all what a great way to raise awareness about the opportunities available through W/NP. 

The students from Oak Creek High School joined the Bike/Hike Event for the first time this year and had a great turn out!  They also been making books for the W/NP Libraries for the past several years, CLICK HERE to see the video one of the students put together about their Spanish 4 Book Project.  

Thanks everyone for that extra mile and "Going the Distance!" with others in mind. 
Farmer to Farmer

The bulk milk tank, complete with accessories and air compressor that was donated by a farmer in southern WI has finally reached it's destination and will benefit 80 farmers, ladies and men organized in a cooperative.  28 women belong to the cooperative, the tank donation will allow farmers to store their milk, thus getting better milk quality and have more opportunity to negotiate a better price to the companies that are buying the milk in remote communities.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY



Therapy Dressing Project 

Follow up of explosion in southeastern Nicaragua near Nueva Guinea. 


May 11, 2014 about 20 people were having social family gathering, two propane gas tanks were in the in the kitchen, one of the tanks had a leak.  When a person in the kitchen lit a match, this triggered a major explosion and fire in the building. 4 perished including a nine month old child.  17 were severely burned, 6 in critical  condition.

Doctor Leandro Perez, Plastic Surgeon and W/NP Volunteer, was contacted by the physicians caring for the patients and asked to facilitate post initial treatment care for the survivors through the W/NP Therapy Dressing Project.   The patients traveled 11 hours to the Managua Office for their first visit on July 12, 2014 where the Therapy Dressing volunteers constructed  custom made garments to help in their healing process. 

 Click here for July visit report 


A second visit to the W/NP Managua Office was made possible on August 16th with assistance from the Juigalpa Hospital director and the Ministry of Health.  Dr. Quintana, plastic surgeon resident from Lenin Fonseca and volunteer with the Therapy Dressing Project provided assistance and evaluation. 


An interesting dialogue surfaced as the burned patients who live in the same community of Nueva Guinea do not see each other often as the nearest distance between them is 3 miles in very rural and mountainous terrain.  

The third visit is scheduled for November 22nd, same day as W/NP Annual Meeting, so the patients will join our meeting via SKYPE and share their experiences. 
Cultural Event - a great success!  (unlike the formatting of  the Constant Contact Program that does not seem to keep the photos where they belong... sorry, click on links and you will be able to see them all if they get cut off) 

W/NP in Nicaragua promoted a "Cultural Event" with the idea to raise attention and support for W/NP Projects, in particular, the Therapy Dressing Project (garments for burn patients).

The event provided a way for the audience know more about how the Therapy Dressing Project is working in Nicaragua, and at the same time advertising other projects carried out in Nicaragua by W/NP. 

Annual Meeting - November 22nd 
CLICK HERE  for meeting info and details   



  • Burn Therapy Dressing Project 
  • Learning Center Updates
  • Stove and Sports Projects
  • Literacy for Little One's 
  • Traditional Nica Foods  
  • Annual Awards
  • 2015 Travel Opportunities
  • Opening Doors and Bee Project
  • Special Nicaraguan guests
We will be joining via SKYPE with the Managua Office and meeting the patients Dr. Leandro Perez has been treating, including those that survived the May 11th explosion in Nueva Guinea.   Please RSVP to wnp@uwsp.edu so we can plan accordingly.  THANK YOU!
2015 Travel to Nicaragua 
Juan Carlos

January 6 - 22         Physiology of Disabilities  

January 16- 26        Martin Eyeglass Project  

January 22 - Feb 1 Appleton Partner City Group

Feb.26 - March 7    Learning Center Trek

Feb. 19 - March 1   WI Lions Eyeglass Mission

June 15 - 23            WI to Nicaragua Youth Exchange


Please contact wnp@uwsp.edu for more information or to make a reservation, space is limited so sign up early to ensure a spot. 


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