W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day - October 16th
The 3rd Thursday of every month is dedicated to packing and sorting donations at the W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse - we start about 9 am and continue until done..... stop out, pack a box, have a snack, bring a snack, stay awhile or simply take in the vast process of shipping from Wisconsin to Nicaragua!  

4 containers were shipped in May, 2014 
4 more containers in September, 2014

A lot of work goes into preparing the donations before loading day, working together is really how it happens.  

Thank you for your help in being part of the multifaceted shipping process.....   
Stay tuned for October E-news Part 2 for the story on the Milk Bulk Tank soon to be in use benefiting 80 women and men farmers organized in the cooperative Lirios del Valle in Wiwili, Jinotega. 

Click here  to see what the Learning Center on the Island of Ometepe is doing with donations received from shipments this year. 

Upcoming Events - Oct 18   (Wisconsin)
Visit Crafticopia  this weekend in Stevens Point, October 18

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners is one of the vendors at the Crafticopia event, all items are made in Nicaragua - the wooden bowls, jewelry, the pottery and pine needle baskets. The doll dresses are made by the Nicaraguan women and fit any 18" doll including the American Girl Doll. 
Upcoming Events - Oct 19   (Nicaragua)

October Bike/Hike in Full Swing! 
Sign today if you have not already!  Remember the event runs in BOTH Wisconsin and Nicaragua the WHOLE month of October. 

Here is your chance to get out and tell others what YOU know about W/NP - thank you everyone for your participation. 

Working Together, We Make a Difference :-) :-) :-) 
2015 Travel to Nicaragua 
Juan Carlos

January 6 - 22         Physiology of Disabilities  

January 16- 26        Martin Eyeglass Project  

January 22 - Feb 1 Appleton Partner City Group

Feb.26 - March 7    Learning Center Trek

Feb. 19 - March 1   WI Lions Eyeglass Mission

June 15 - 23            WI to Nicaragua Youth Exchange


Please contact wnp@uwsp.edu for more information or to make a reservation, space is limited so sign up early to ensure a spot.