Therapy Dressing Project Update                                                 July 2014
Humanitarian aid doesn't just happen.  Someone has to make a decision to pitch in and lend a hand.  The Therapy Dressing Project is meeting an acute need for people who lack economic resources and has come to fruition through a series of people "pitching in and lending a hand."   Please click here to see how project responded to July 12th local tragedy

"Lifting Up Through Learning" has been the theme of the W/NP Learning Center Program, and the current project of providing garments to burn victims could not be a better example of why the Learning Center Program exists. The sewing skills obtained through the Learning Centers have given the Nicaraguan women and men an exceptional opportunity to come to the aid of burn victims in a very special way, improving their physical and emotional conditions.

"I have recently joined the group of therapy dressing volunteers, I feel very well to be supporting people who have suffered from burns. I have shared my knowledge with the whole group and have put into practice what I know when we make the garments for patients. I like to talk with the patients when they visit us for the second time, and see about their health improvement. Also I like to know from the patients how the garments fit and be sure the garments are comfortable enough. I appreciate the opportunity given to me to participate in this project to help people who need it most." - Petronila

Note: Petronila is also one of the Chica Nica seamstresses, please take a moment to visit the Chica Nica website to learn more about Petronila and the other women who make the dresses.  The sale of these dresses helps provide much needed income for their families. 

Currently, patients from all over Nicaragua come to the W/NP office in Managua on Tuesdays and Saturdays to be measured and receive physician directed garments to help in the recovery process of their wounds.  The May 11th explosion near Nueva Guinea has proved a mobile unit is necessary.  Eight of the surviving people from the explosion traveled 11 hours to get to the W/NP office, a long trek in good health, and even more challenging during the painful burn recovery process.  

Below are photos from July 12th, 2014  Therapy Dressing volunteer staff spent 7 hours measuring and making custom fit garments for the people who suffered severe burns in the explosion mentioned above.  Your help is needed to share with others who don't know about this much needed project. It's an amazing example of combining compassion and skills.  



Nicaraguan news articles covering July 12th event at W/NP Office in Managua 
Link to El Nuevo Diario news article Cloth garments made for burn patients 
Link to La Prensa news article  Second skin and hope

When people come together for the good of others, it's a win/win for all involved. 

The Therapy Dressing project and especially the services provided on July 12th are possible because many caring, compassionate people know humanitarian aid doesn't just happen, it takes a decision to become involved and contribute as you are able to.  Special thanks to volunteers who have made individual financial donations, volunteers who give of their time and skills, groups or businesses who have provided support or contributions in various ways; Altrusa Int'l of Marshfield, Sewing with Nancy, Gottfried Medical, Singer Sewing Company, Partners of the Americas Venters Fund, Ministry Health Care, US Embassy Mil Group, Alfinsa, the Lyssa & Andrew Schmidt Charitable Fund, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Funded Transportation Program, US Southcom, Crowley Liner Services, Onvoy/Badger Plug Co., Moodie Trucking,  and to all of you reading this newsletter for taking time to learn about the work of W/NP.   

Laying the foundation for the Therapy Dressing Project

Lynda Pracht probably had no idea her decision to get involved with W/NP would lay the foundation for the Therapy Dressing Project.  Lynda's dedication and compassion for helping women in Nicaragua improve their lives is why W/NP has a burn project today. She was instrumental and relentless about developing a sewing machine repair component that would align with the Learning Center Program.


W/NP passed the 2,000 mark of # of sewing machines sent to Nicaragua in the last months of Lynda's life. She knew if you are going to send sewing machines you better know how to repair them! Today we are so thankful for Lynda's foresight, and the advanced sewing techniques and tailoring she shared with the women.  Click here for more on Lynda


Lynda and Nancy Lynda showed us the value of sharing time, resources, skills, and to not let obstacles stand in your way. When she set her mind to do something, she did it, somehow/someway! Her example will live on and help us to not underestimate the importance of reaching out to those around us in ways that we are able to.  


CLICK HERE to check out Nancy Zieman 's blog, she did a wonderful job highlighting Lynda's work with the Chica Nica project.
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"This is truly an organization that encourages involvement on whatever level you are interested or able and accomplishes amazing small and major projects. It is an outstanding example of Wisconsinites and Nicaraguans connecting in meaningful ways to make all of our lives better." - Patti    


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